Brad Pitt seems kind of creepy to wait on

June 5th, 2008 // 37 Comments

The big story lately is Brad Pitt buying a shit-ton of artsy furniture for him and Angelina Jolie’s new French chateau. Apparently, people expected them to shop at Pier 1, I dunno. Anyway, after his shopping spree, Brad stopped for lunch, and the restaurant staff “served up” (I <3 puns!) some details about his dining experience to Swiss newspaper Blick:

After the furniture shopping, Pitt reportedly enjoyed lunch – a tuna burger and two Coke Zeros – in the Art Collectors Lounge. “He looked deep into the eyes of the staff,” his server, Erna Zürcher Lüscher, told the paper. “His charisma is just super.”

Fun fact: I used to wait tables and looking deeply into the eyes of your server while they’re writing down your shit is a one-way ticket to “Holy crap, I just made out with your sandwich.” That said, who the hell orders a tuna burger and Coke Zero? Outside of serial killers and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I don’t really have any evidence to back that up, so let’s just say it’s true and I’ll give you a real fact at a later date. Possibly before Christmas. 2015.


  1. Hash

    Lol tuna burgers

  2. justbitchn

    this kids gong to be so messed up when he gets older…

  3. Hash

    1st btw :3

  4. Hash

    Everyone’s messed up, #2, some are just richer.

  5. Anexio

    Nice limp wrist.


  6. Poor little guy’s probably in his 20s… they don’t get very tall you know.

  7. wookielove

    Does anyone really care?? Moving right along. Fish, give us something humorous to wrap up the afternoon. Or nearly nude men. And they have to be at least as attractive as Patrick Dempsey.

  8. He should’ve just gone to Ikea, they have hotdogs for like $0.50!!!

  9. David Aames

    #9 – MICRO-hotdogs : (

  10. Hash

    I like those cold salmon “tacos” they got there better

  11. Captain-Insano

    I guess Angelina is too much of an uppity bitch to iron Brad’s shirts for him.

  12. jabbawakki

    Coke Zero is tasty….

  13. Vince Lombardi

    RE Pic #6: “Look lady, I know I’m cleverly disguised beneath this Bing Crosby fedora, Sophia Loren sunglasses, and this Cambodian midget, but I *AM* Brad Pitt, dammit!”

  14. Just Sayin

    Brad Pitt “IS” creepy !!
    Wussy little nancy-pants
    Angelina didn’t ask him if he wanted kids ….. SHE TOLD HIM HE DID !!!

  15. fuck you all

    #11 um, you’re holding your boobs- didin’t know if you knew

  16. I’d love to let my middle leg explode inside that yummy Cambodian.

  17. m

    @18 please go hang yourself. or a nice shot-gun in the face. no better, cut off your dick and bleed to death!

  18. Barack Obama

    Mah Third Order of Bidness:

    I be puttin’ all my homies in my cabnet. Tho I don’ know if dey all fit, I haven’t seen da size a da cabnet yet.

  19. Veroonica

    I waited on Brad once, and found myself quite annoyed. I ended up screaming “I don’t mind the deep gaze, good sir, but kindly remove your finger from my asshole.”

  20. HuckyDucky

    That ain’t Jimbo.

  21. Leverage

    You love puns?

    Is that a Maddox reference? (no puns intended)

  22. Cougar Texas

    His staff can look deep into my EVERYTHING.


    Maddox is such a cutie!

    #20- get a fucking life. Your jokes are lame. Like yer lil peter!

  23. HuckyDucky

    You ain’t be thinkin’ mah jokes lame when all da Seeket Serrvus whips got rims on ‘em!

  24. HuckyDucky

    God damn fucking trolls.

  25. Auntie Kryst

    Hey Max, nice fauxhawk you fuckin’ douchebag!!

    Yeah, I went there. It was a preemptive “fuckin’ douchebag” for when he turns 18.

  26. Nice goatee and ear plugs you idiot. My God, are there 2 more annoying people than this smelly loser and his crazy bitch wife?

  27. Hucky Ducky

    I gotta admit. The guy is looking good. I had a gay experience once in high scholl while my girl was away one summer. I had first started drinking and I guess I didn’t know what I was doing. But this guy makes me feel that way again.

    Now that the Demz are gonna be in charge I would imagine I can stop all the phony macho right wing bullshit.

    I luv Bradd Pitt!!!!

  28. bob 0

    $5 to anyone who can tell me where he is.

  29. snarky

    Sounds like waiting tables would be the perfect gig for Tom Cruise, considering his crazy mesmerizing stares…loooook into my eyesss…you love Tom Cruise, you want to be a scientologist…you will go see my next movie….
    (Ok, I know, that was kinda lame. Sorry, had to try).

  30. ferlo

    sucks. too bad angelina will probably leave him for a more exciting sexual escapade, furthermore extravigant lifestyle, after she gets bored with the 24 hour daycare bs.

    she’s a boss bitch. feminism at it’s finest.

  31. Simoncelli

    #30– Watching Rossi destroy Pedrosa et al at Mugello. How do I collect mah dough?

  32. Valentino Rossi

    Why show all these pix of Pitt at the Mugello MotoGP race but don’t even mention the friggin RACE??? Pitt was there to see Rossi take his 7th straight win!

  33. shibuya_jones

    white trash overated okie midwest bible belt hickoid.just got lucky.hes so very special FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!!

  34. Lola

    LMAO… oh my GOD this is freaking hilarious….. yea maddox is like 45 yrs old… hey brad, you pussy whipped faggot, you should write a book about what it’s like to be a woman’s bitch…. that bony crazy bitch angelina put her tiger-clawed pussy on your limp dick and had you hooked…. here you are taking care of all these fucking kids who don’t speak english, and all you want to do is stare deeply into waiter’s eyes…. you retarded fawk

  35. Lelan

    I can not believe that people actually write such terrible thing about people they do not even know. I think it is wonderful for Brad and Angelina to find themselves evidently she is doins something right as he is. After all, she did not need him they wanted each other.Next time remember that when you are being so rude and disrespectful.

    By the way”If you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say anything at all”

    You remember that ole’ wise tale. Practice it!!!!!

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