Brad Pitt seems kind of creepy to wait on

The big story lately is Brad Pitt buying a shit-ton of artsy furniture for him and Angelina Jolie’s new French chateau. Apparently, people expected them to shop at Pier 1, I dunno. Anyway, after his shopping spree, Brad stopped for lunch, and the restaurant staff “served up” (I <3 puns!) some details about his dining experience to Swiss newspaper Blick:

After the furniture shopping, Pitt reportedly enjoyed lunch – a tuna burger and two Coke Zeros – in the Art Collectors Lounge. “He looked deep into the eyes of the staff,” his server, Erna Zürcher Lüscher, told the paper. “His charisma is just super.”

Fun fact: I used to wait tables and looking deeply into the eyes of your server while they’re writing down your shit is a one-way ticket to “Holy crap, I just made out with your sandwich.” That said, who the hell orders a tuna burger and Coke Zero? Outside of serial killers and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I don’t really have any evidence to back that up, so let’s just say it’s true and I’ll give you a real fact at a later date. Possibly before Christmas. 2015.

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