Brad Pitt photographed nude, now sue crazy

December 28th, 2005 // 26 Comments

brad-pitt-nude-sue.jpgBrad Pitt’s lawyer has issued a letter threatening legal action against anybody that publishes recent shots of him on the balcony of his Los Angeles home, leading some to believe that he was caught in the nude.

BRAD Pitt just might be the latest celebrity caught with his pants down. Pitt’s lawyer, John Lavely, has sent around a letter saying that pictures of the star were taken while he was on the balcony of his Los Angeles home. The letter threatened legal action against anyone who publishes the shots. We can only imagine what Pitt was wearing – or not wearing – to warrant legal action.

Naked pictures of Brad Pitt may have been appealing five years ago when he was hot, but his rapid descent into hairy wrinkly-leather-skin man has squashed any desires that may have been there. I’m not saying that he’s old, I’m just saying that if he was grape juice, he’d be really old grape juice. Or wine or something. Whatever, I’m not very good with the analogies. I am, however, very good with the sex with supermodels.

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  1. Lynette Carrington

    Actually, Brad and I were engaged in a super hot game of chess when we were caught by the aforementioned stalkarazzi. Yes, we were nude but I had him at checkmate, he started flailing around and I’m not even going to mention what we did with the rook chess pieces. If those photos ever get out, Angelina’s gonna go Lara Croft on my arse….

  2. OrwellsRevenge

    Pictures of Brad Pitt naked have been on the net for years. Pictures of him and (then) girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow surfaced showing the two sun bathing naked. I have several.

  3. prideofchucky

    “Naked pictures of Brad Pitt may have been appealing five years ago when he was hot, but his rapid descent into hairy wrinkly-leather-skin man has squashed any desires that may have been there.”

    Ahhhhh yeah right Superficial. Brad Pitt is not even remotely appealing cuz his skin isn’t as soft as Adrinna Lima’s. This comment is as ass-brained as the lets hope Michael Jackson is ok post not too long ago.

  4. fatgirl

    I’ve seen those nekkid pics of Brad. He just wants no one to know how small his little winkie is…or he’s just mad about it. So, sue away Brad.

  5. well if they’re anything like the jude law pictures i rather set my eyes on fire and bury them

  6. hongkie2003

    well, i wanna see some…show me or at least tell me where i can go get some!!!…

  7. Nurse Kellie

    My eyes my eyes!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Binky

    He’s bound to be a little touchy after he found out Angelina “plays at both ends of the street” and she seems to be unconcerned if Ken doesn’t join Barbie.
    It’s also hard to compete with those new cordless multi-speeds – well, so I’ve heard.

  9. PKClover

    My 1996 Playgirl with the published photos of Brad and Gwyneth show he is endowed quite nicely, and she has a flat Paris Hilton ass. No cheek whatsoever. I know he still has the body, so I doubt that area has changed much either. Why when you know you have stalkeratzi lurking behind every branch are you walking out on your balcony naked? And Jennifer Aniston is sunbathing topless? I don’t think these are coinsidences. If ya got it, flaunt it. No tee hee shyness after the fact.

  10. xd

    He is soooo FUCKING HOT and gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  11. xd

    And so is Angelina;)

  12. xd

    And I’m so glad he’s with a girl that is actually good looking and worth him (and so I’m glad for Angelina to be with a guy who’s worth her, but I’m sure she’s got a great taste and any guy she gets it’s because of something;). I think all the other girlfriends Brad had were fugly and unattractive as hell.

  13. derekd

    It would just ruin the fantasy to all you females(and fags) if he had a stubby. I think thats why he is so adamant about not having those photos released. Maybe (Austin powers voice) HE’S A WOMAN BABY!!!

  14. tuesdayup

    He’s trying to make Jude Law feel bad about himself.

  15. fatgirl

    PKClover said:
    My 1996 Playgirl with the published photos of Brad and Gwyneth show he is endowed quite nicely

    UHHHH, NO! He is endowed like a gnat. All those pics in Playgirl are airbrushed. Maybe a few more celebs, like Rachel McAdams should consider airbrushing out things, like for instance, NIPPLE HAIR.

  16. Tania

    I’m naked on my balcony all the time and nobody ever wants to take pictures of me. Oh that’s right, I’m not famous. Maybe Brad Pitt should just assume that there’s a good chance a photographer is outside waiting for this very moment. I guess it just makes too much sense to wear a towel or a banana hammock at the very least.

  17. maggie p

    What, Brad doesn’t want the tabs to publish a picture featuring the letters “ANGELINA” tattooed across his back?

    Just a guess.

  18. BadGoat

    I suppose if you’re naked in public view chances are someone will see you and if you are a celebrity they might care?

  19. Captain Awesome

    Angelina’s clit is bigger than Brad’s Pitt-o.

  20. Linnea

    I think the pictures were probably more along the lines of Angelina whipping Brad with an exotic snake and saying, “Call me mama, prettyboy!!!!!”

  21. Tania

    Of course he was naked. We already know he has a penchant for being photographed naked in public and then suing for publishing the photos. I’m pretty sure that Jenny Shimizu has a bigger penis than Brad. But who am I kidding…I’d still let him hit it.

  22. sugarplumbaby

    I have seen the pics of Brad on the net (stumbled across them accidentally, ahem) and he looks absolutely nummy to me! I don’t care how old he is, he is a NUMMYFEST.

  23. clacy569

    The pic’s in the 1996 Playgirl are not airbrushed by any means. He in no way posed for those photos. They appear to be taken by a true amature hiding out in a tree in Pitt’s yard or something. Some how they ended up in the hands of Playgirl, were published, on the shelves for like 3 days then removed from the shelves by court order. I do own this Playgirl and I must say, he ain’t all that bad. He’s not HUGE..but he’s no shrimp either.


    I saw the nude pics. Yeah, he’s hung. Hot, ripped and hung at age 42. Damn. No wonder Angelina is pregnant!

    Note to Aniston: You might want to burn your whole house, cuz you ain’t never getting a piece of this meat.

  25. LaydeeBug

    If ya don’t want to be caught nude, don’t walk on yer balcony naked. DUH. That works for regular guys who don’t have cameramen posted outside their buildings. My ex-boyfriend used to do that. But he was just a regular shmoe.

  26. airmint

    I have searched around and seen these pictures posted!!! They are on: and!!! SUE THEM!!!

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