Brad Pitt photographed nude, now sue crazy

brad-pitt-nude-sue.jpgBrad Pitt’s lawyer has issued a letter threatening legal action against anybody that publishes recent shots of him on the balcony of his Los Angeles home, leading some to believe that he was caught in the nude.

BRAD Pitt just might be the latest celebrity caught with his pants down. Pitt’s lawyer, John Lavely, has sent around a letter saying that pictures of the star were taken while he was on the balcony of his Los Angeles home. The letter threatened legal action against anyone who publishes the shots. We can only imagine what Pitt was wearing – or not wearing – to warrant legal action.

Naked pictures of Brad Pitt may have been appealing five years ago when he was hot, but his rapid descent into hairy wrinkly-leather-skin man has squashed any desires that may have been there. I’m not saying that he’s old, I’m just saying that if he was grape juice, he’d be really old grape juice. Or wine or something. Whatever, I’m not very good with the analogies. I am, however, very good with the sex with supermodels.

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