Brad Pitt loves being interviewed

September 21st, 2007 // 123 Comments

Brad Pitt currently stars in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” I guess there’s no real need to see that movie after that title. Thank you for saving me $10 and two hours of my precious time, movie-title-making guy. While at the premiere, Brad seemed to be totally enthused to talk about the experience, according to the Daily Intelligencer:

When a perky MTV producer threw him the standard softball, “What did you learn from doing this movie?” Pitt didn’t swing for it. “I didn’t learn shit, really,” he said.

Absolutely riveting. Brad Pitt you have mastered the art of the interview. I look forward to your next film, when you’ll tell reporters that the experience taught you how to “go f— yourself.” Don’t ever stop evolving as a master conversationalist, sir. You’re so close to the zenith of human communication.

NOTE: For the record, I hate MTV and wish Brad Pitt would’ve broke the producer’s face with his super-human abs. Did you ever see Fight Club? Brad could stop a Mack truck with those puppies. As for me, well, I don’t like to brag, but I’ve been known to squash a tank like a tin can with mine. It’s something I do to pass the time, and to let the government know I’m not paying those back taxes so they should just give up already.


  1. Lindsay

    #79, you’re such a loser. get a life. lol I bet you’re here 24/7.

  2. true friend

    Wow Lindsay #101 your name suits you perfectly your stupid as shit and obviously a fat ugly slut too. Someone’s a little jealous huh bitch? #79 wrote an eloquent intelligent post and that was your pathetic little comeback. Wow you must have done well in school. #79 could wipe the floor with your mentally challenged ass. You’re probably just pissed because your tiny slut brain couldn’t understand half the sentences in that post. Must suck being dumber than Britney and named Lindsay. Your poor parents, you must have been a mistake. Just like all the LOSER sluts out there.

  3. kitty_kat

    @ #79- Right on!
    @ #80- No, its not just you. Even when they go to red carpet events together, something about their body language suggests that they’re only together for the cameras. Of course, rabid Brangelina fans would die before admitting that…

  4. carolynlee

    Having read so many posts on different sites who condemn this couple for their humanitanism, foreign adoptions , her UNHCR work , and their many charitable functions , I believe that these people would have a more favorable opinion of this couple if they acted like the hollywood majority i.e. party , sunbathe , vacation , dress beautifully , live very well and selfishly , have their own bio kids (if any ) , have a big splashy wedding , he give her a 4-5 carat ring ,etc. You want people who are as shallow and as selfish as you . If anyone shows anything that reflects any depth of unselfshness you castigate them . You say you’re not racist but I find it hard to believe that you’re not , not that you care what I or anyone else thinks about your undeveloped sense of humanity .

  5. jan l

    Brad’s only been married one time. Angie is just his baby momma.

  6. we hate celebritards

    Hey 104 read #79 and try to think really hard and see of you can understand it.

  7. #79 - Stop Criticizing and Start Helping Instead


    I was born and grew up in a third world country, surrounded by floorless huts, malnutrition, miscarriages and deaths that were simply caused by lack of food or medicines. It’s sad that you could spend time writing such a long comment criticizing Brangelina instead of spending that time to help people. They may not give most of their money to charity, but she, at least, donated plenty. Bill O’Reilly one time researched this because he thought her involvement in such things was exaggerated, and had to admit that he learned that she donated 50% of her money to charity. Whether it was for publicity or not, at least someone can hopefully take advantage of that.

    Being female, if I had been unlucky enough not to be supported to move to and live in this country, I’d much rather have been adopted and raised “serially” by this couple than having to grow up in my “improved” fundamentalist moslem country. Before criticizing others, sweetheart, think first: it will take decades to improve a very impoverished and often corrupt country to make it suitable for children to live. Angelina already donated plenty towards that and, in addition, decided to adopt a few that she could help immediately. The way I, someone with the same background as her adopted children, see it: by the time the living condition became acceptable, those adopted children might have been dead. So at least she could help a few right away, than absolutely none.

    Bravo for bragging that you and your parents are the true humanitarians. Brangelina can afford a private plane and mansions. True, ideally maybe they should donate all of their money to all poor children and just live in a modest house. To me, however, something is still better than nothing. They probably earn much more than you and your parents combined, so their plane and mansions are probably just like your getting new shoes, new clothes or going out to a nice restaurant. So, sweetheart, the next time you or your parents decide to get a gift for a loved one or pay for college education, you should use that money to improve the condition of those poor countries for those children to live in, because, as a true humanitarian, you really should think that all of these expenses, which you can live without, can really mean a difference between life and death for those children.

    Without this type of sacrifice, you or any of your parents have no right to brag as a true humanitarian or to condemn others as fakes.

  8. *

    #107. It may seem impossible but I am actually able to leave comments here and have an entire full life supporting the causes I believe in. Guess it take some people all day to sit hunchbacked at their computer smashing their keyboard with their butter fingers trying to get out a few decent sentences while wiping away the pools of drool.

    Do you not see how black at white your thinking is? I do not believe in extremes. I believe in balance. Vows of poverty are not logical. Neither is the life of mansions and private planes. Charity is not just about what you give but how you live. Lifestyle is a moral chocie. I believe in living modestly. Something very few wealthy people can comprehend. Their greed makes it inconcievable to comprehend that even though they can take a giant slice of the pie maybe they shouldn’t, because there is only so much to go around. Again it’s a choice and your beliefs should be reflected clearly in the way you choose to live. Take for example Al Gore who encourages people to be modest with energy consumption and then lives in a giant mansion that cost $30 000 a year to run in enegery costs. He spends more in one month on energy than the average family spends in a year(this is well documented if you find it hard to believe). I expect him at the very least to be a little below the average in his energy use since he is the poster boy for green lving. He has no need for a giant home and it is absolutely pathetic that it hasn’t occured to him to actually walk the walk he so proudly talks and practicve what he preaches in his own home. Energy bills like Mr. Gore’s should be reserved for hotels, museams, schools etc… not private homes for hypocrites. So how should Mr. Green Gore live? Do I expect him to live in a shack in the forest and just use fire wood and candles? NO. Why? because I don’t believe in extremes. it’s all about B-A-L-A-N-C-E. I am pretty sure Al and Tipper could shack up in a reasonable condo where he could, you know, actually practice what he preaches.

    I talked about my parents to illustrate a point and yes I am incredibly proud of them. I never mentioned what I do. I was a child and young teen at the time, which if you read clearly, I did mention. I did not however mention how old I am or what I do in my own life. You have no possibility of knowing my income or what contributions I make and what causes I work for. I will tell you that I DO practice what I preach and I have followed in my parents footsteps. Like all people I am entitled to some leisure time. I enjoy wrting and leaving comments on websites like this one, it’s a fun relaxing thing for me. It also take me very little time so rest assured I still have time to live my life and work for what I believe in. I am not Paris Hitlon so it doesn’t take me 6 days to sign my name. Honeslty how long did it take you to write your long comment? Did writing it put your entire life on hold? My comment didn’t take me more than 20 minuites to write. Writing comments and sharing beliefs on websites is a pretty miniscule part of my life but it certainly does contribute more to society than sitting on one’s rear killing braincells infront of the television.

    I don’t believe in sugar coating things and I have no problem speaking my mind. Unlike the mindless masses who just worship those in the spotlight I choose to think for myself. When I see something I feel is morally wrong I will speak up about it instead of kissing the asses of the powers that be like so many others do.

    Just so you don’t worry that writing this comment has thrown my whole life upside down and prevented me from continuing my work and making my contribution to this world I have chosen not to proof read.

  9. Brad Pitt is almost, and I mean ALMOST, more annoying than Leonardo Decaprio.

    But enough about Brad, do you like Penny Stock Picks with a lot of promise?

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  10. Who Sees Black and White?


    It took me less than ten minutes to write my last comment because I’m an IT person and that I did while taking care of bills and personal paperwork as well. Do you know how many checks that I could have written to charity organizations to donate money in that amount of time? How many such checks could YOU have written in twenty minutes, the time you said it took you to write your comment, instead of posting what you believe in on a site called “The Superficial”? And of course I’m not even counting the time it took you to read others’ comments before posting yours. I read yours first, and very few others, because it was so long, so it stood out. And you said “websiteS”, so you could have helped a whole village of children with the combined amount of time writing such checks.

    If I were a black-and-white person, then I would have condemned Brangelina for still having a private plane and mansions, regardless of anything else that they have done or give, whether for publicity or not. So, you, sweetheart, is the one seeing things in black and white. Because of my background, I can’t help feeling guilty even buying an OK gift for a loved one because I know that gift does not make a difference between life and death for my loved ones, but the money I used to get it could for poor children. However, unlike you, I still would never call myself a true humanitarian or condemn Brangelina. Like I said, to me, doing something good is always better than nothing at all. If everyone believed in giving a little, or even very little, then the combined resources would mean a lot. If Bill Gates only gave $100 out of his billions, to me, that would still help one child for some time instead of none at all. And if I were that child, I’d thank him and would not condemn him for not giving more.

    I’d much rather not have spent my less-than-five-minute comment here to post something like this, but I did because I believe that if everyone gives, even very little, to help others, that the world will be a much better place. So, I will never condemn anyone for giving his/her time/resources to others in need, even though s/he also spends his/her time on luxury things that s/he can live without. The last thing I want to happen is for anyone who has given to feel not appreciated or to be called a fake humanitarian because s/he also spends his/her money on other things.

  11. Miguelito

    #110 — #79 is right. Please explain to me who out there is spending their every waking moment to charitable causes?

    Since I believe the truth is the only real charitable cause, I will take it even further. I’ll say that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are not only not helping, but they are HURTING the countries that they purport to benefit. This may also be true of #79. Because Africa is a lost cause. It is now a breeding ground of human maggots, and the entire world is about to follow suit. Why is this? It’s because Christianity is dying and has been replaced in the minds of the public by “humanitarian” charity. Yet what good is it to feed their bodies if those humans live useless lives on a compost heap?

    I know this sounds cold-blooded, but hear me out. I want a return to the pre-Audrey Hepburn days. To the days of CHRISTIAN PRIESTS AND NUNS who used to go to Africa, and who concerned themselves with both the spiritual and physical well-being of the needy, seeing to it that they respected marriage instead of following their overdriven sex glands around. Instead, we now have the U.N. uselessly throwing money at them. Do you know why the U.N. gives them money? So they can live a little longer, breed more, and thus create more of a foul overpopulated mess with which that very same U.N. with the other hand, can then sell them drugs, and guns to use in the constant political revolutions that they continually use their secret agents to stir up.

    Because for the U.N., and for the elite — the non-Christians — all of this chaos equals MONEY. The sickness, the disease, the war, is very, very profitable. They don’t EVER want it to stop. They may go on T.V. and pose next to starving children but I guarantee you it is all a charade, a magic trick. For proof, all you have to do is see what the white man has done to Africa just in the last two decades while claiming to help. They have destabilized every single legitimate government and funded ambitious, murderous leftist guerrillas like Idi Amin.

    So you see, all this humanitarian bullshit is just the opposite. It is inhuman, what you might call a soft genocide. A genocide that calls itself charity.

  12. Pearly

    Her arms creep me out. Ugh.

  13. redinkstain

    Angie’s face is cute, but her BODY? Ummmmmmm

    she has NO shape at all.

    Boxy hips, and broad sholders. And skinny as hell.

    White men like thier women to look like 12 year old boys with boobs. So I see why you guys like her.

  14. Pearly

    “I know this sounds cold-blooded, but hear me out. I want a return to the pre-Audrey Hepburn days. To the days of CHRISTIAN PRIESTS AND NUNS who used to go to Africa, and who concerned themselves with both the spiritual and physical well-being of the needy, seeing to it that they respected marriage instead of following their overdriven sex glands around.”

    Not only does it sound cold blooded, it sounds like about the most ignorant thing I have ever read. “Yes the heathens need Jeebus!!!” Give me a break…

  15. Newman

    MTV can stick it up their ass. They’ve been f@#*ing up our country’s morals and integrity since the early 90′s if not before. They employ a bunch of incredi-dorks trying too hard to be cool, and their “reporting” and “interviewing” leave a LOT to be desired. Their demographic of 12-20 year olds teaches way TOO YOUNG of children that whoring and getting plastered is cool, okay, and “everybody does it”. Hey, I’ve been there too, but let kids be kids and wait until college to experiment at least. Look at our standard clothing styles of pre-teens and beyond, while their slutty, 80′s whore, groupie, soccer moms drive their ricockulously gigantic SUV’s and talk on their cell phones to set up more Botox and breast augmentation appointments.


  16. zsa

    She has boobs again, she must be gaining weight. I really like her dress, she actually looks pretty this time.
    If I had done as many movies as Brad has I’d be giving that answer to that question too.
    And I can imagine plenty of things I could do in an “interview” with Brad. Or Angelina for that matter…

  17. zsa

    He does look tired though, and he’s aged tremendously since he got together with Angelina. Plus, they hardly ever, or is it never, smile in pics anymore. And who ever said she was classy?

    Still, if they’re happy, more power to them…

  18. George Clooney talks about fame in an exclusive interview with HELLO!: “I couldn’t put up for a second with what Brad and Angelina put up with… it’s crazy,” he says, describing the “fuss” around him as “fairly controllable.”

  19. a wise observer

    That look on Brad’s face is so recognizable – - –
    Brad’s fallen out of love…. AGAIN – (he’s not in love with the person beside him, no more….again).
    Everytime he’s through with a relationship, THAT’s how he looks in pictures with whomever is at his side.
    It’s just a matter of time. . . tick tock, tick tock…

  20. Nic

    Angelina is so beautiful…too much for words..And Brad..My god….they are stunning together…If anyone says that they are ugly..They would most certainly have to get their eyes checked…

  21. Kimberly

    I think 41 and 71 are really speaking the truth. Brad you and Shiloh should get out. Before it gets worse than it already is.

  22. Kimberly

    I think 41 and 71 are really speaking the truth. Brad you and Shiloh should get out. Before it gets worse than it already is.

  23. Kimberly

    I think 41 and 71 are really speaking the truth. Brad you and Shiloh should get out. Before it gets worse than it already is.

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