Brad Pitt loves being interviewed

September 21st, 2007 // 123 Comments

Brad Pitt currently stars in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” I guess there’s no real need to see that movie after that title. Thank you for saving me $10 and two hours of my precious time, movie-title-making guy. While at the premiere, Brad seemed to be totally enthused to talk about the experience, according to the Daily Intelligencer:

When a perky MTV producer threw him the standard softball, “What did you learn from doing this movie?” Pitt didn’t swing for it. “I didn’t learn shit, really,” he said.

Absolutely riveting. Brad Pitt you have mastered the art of the interview. I look forward to your next film, when you’ll tell reporters that the experience taught you how to “go f— yourself.” Don’t ever stop evolving as a master conversationalist, sir. You’re so close to the zenith of human communication.

NOTE: For the record, I hate MTV and wish Brad Pitt would’ve broke the producer’s face with his super-human abs. Did you ever see Fight Club? Brad could stop a Mack truck with those puppies. As for me, well, I don’t like to brag, but I’ve been known to squash a tank like a tin can with mine. It’s something I do to pass the time, and to let the government know I’m not paying those back taxes so they should just give up already.


  1. LauraE

    She has a tatoo written in Arabic on her right arm, picture #7. I would like to know what it means ?

  2. Blondamnation

    She’s definitely pregnant. Look at her boobs, she was flat before.

  3. GOD

    #51. The tat actually means “worthless, pshyco, attention whore, who loves to rip out her partners manhood.”

    or is it “when I have collected the 24 child then every outfit in my entire wardrobe will have a matching color coordinated baby.

  4. i think she is #52

    or just gaining weight. she had gotten so skinny i didn’t think she could still have any. before she had a pretty healthy chest though. I saw it in ” taking lives” and “foxfire”.

  5. Uncle Eccoli

    “I didn’t learn shit, really.” I love it!!! My opinion of Brad Pitt has been elevated slightly.

  6. lambman


    Brad’s awesome, he always seems kinda funny and pretty down to earth….he’s not a crazy, alien worshiping ego-maniac like Tom Cruise.

    He’s just a regular old p-whipped pretty boy

  7. Cowgirl

    @4–Pretty Baby! You would give him an “oral” interview then? I’m good at that too. Ask me!

  8. *

    Back in the day the wealthy would but exotic annimals and take them away from their natural habitat and show them off. It was a statusd symbole of wealth. “Look at our gorgeous exotic monkey he’s from the jungle in Africa (shitfaces had no idea what country of course) isn’t he exquisite and you know it’s such a bad area down there his life will be so much better here”. Of course they could have used their money to protect the animals and make sure they could live freely in their natural habitat but how would that put the focus on them.

    That’s exactly what this baby adopting shit reminds me of, it’s so creepy for two rich white loosers to go adopting a bunch of kids from around the world to create their own expotic little family that of course will ensure them endless prasie and admiration as true humanitarians. If they really cared it would be less about them and more about helping the children and their community.

    Any action meant to be helpful that cannot work practically on the large scale is not usefull. Should all the richies and well off and even middle class families adopt kids from empoverished countires. Yeah great idea, that really solves the problem and it’s so good for the preservation of culture and the pride and growth of a country.
    These are two little rich brats who like to believe they care about the cause but it’s really all about them. Paris Hilton has a shit load of animals. Do you think it’s really because she loves animals and wants to give them a better life or because “oh my god it’s so cute I want it I have to have it right now “.

    If you say really care about the environment and you buy an island and build a big dome over it and create a clean beautiful green oasis for you and your family to live in are you really helping the cause or just yourselves?

    Their is something so disrespectful towards these countries to go and adopt their orphans and bring them back to live wealthy lives in America. Their not exotic birds, their children and they have a culture and a community that needs help so that there won’t be so many children in need. This is just the tuypical rich brats answer to a problem buit in reality it solves very little. How would you feel if America hit some reallty hard times and became very impoverished and then a bunch of rich euro trash celebrity couple s came and adopted a bunch of kids and brought them back to live in France and everyone thoughh t oh my god those people are saints they’re heroes.

    It’s a fucking jokle and the only reason people can’t see it is because they don’t take a fucking sdecond to look at the big picture. You want to help african kids help the communities there sponsor a child so that they can grow up in their home country which needs help to becaome stronger not a bunch of rich wities to adopt the orphans like friggin trophies of humanitarianism.

  9. Hey 49, I resent that remark. Take it back or I’ll get Demi!

  10. yeah 58. Don’t forget birth control. Can someone please hand a 3rd world country a big fat CONDOM and tell ‘em shut up!

  11. *

    fuck my spelling

  12. Brad

    When she said she wanted me to teabag her, I had no idea she was going to bite…please help me, I’m shrinking…

  13. I hope he takes his only real kid (Shiloh) and leaves Angie. Lying in a pool of her own blood. Surrounded by wailing slants and a mudder.

  14. Jesso

    She looks sick? Could she have cancer? I think she’s wasting away. Oh, nope she’s just skinny… skinny bag of bones.

  15. Do you really believe this hype?

    I can’t believe you gullible public. Have you heard Brad Pitful speak lately. His speech is so affected.. he thinks he lives in a “film”. Bleh. How far did he get in school? 8th grade. There is nothing and I mean nothing original that comes out of his mouth. He reads movie scripts and spits out whatever comes to mind. He is not a hottie hes a jerk
    sos his jerky ugly affected wife. Who do they think they are fooling? Stop going to see them and their stupid movies. Stop the money train to them and use it to educate yourself and your children dumb ass public

  16. sportsdvl

    His answer to that question should have been, “I learned you idiots keep paying me millions of dollars to appear in movies even though my acting sucks ass. Luckily I’m married to that kid-collecting attention whore and that keeps me in the public’s eye.”

    But, being with a blood sucking, brother frenching skank who has ripped off your nuts and probably fed them to some kid named Klick-Klack or something like that makes you a bit testy towards some poor guy making $30k/yr.

  17. PrettyBaby

    #63 Frist!! That is an EXCELLENT idea — and I will do my charitable work by inviting them in to my home (and Brad to my bed) muahahahahahahahahhahah!

  18. I hate celebrities

    #66. YEAY. LOL! Man I needed a good laugh, thank you. Glad someone sees the real picture.

  19. JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin

    Angelina is making him age. Brad used to be really dashing, and he’s a pretty damn good actor (Fight Club and Twelve Monkeys are my favorites of his). But all this tabloid attention and the bizarre antics of Angelina are taking their toll.

    Dump her, Brad!

  20. JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin

    Brad has that “please kill me” look.

  21. ssdd

    FUCK! It’s been a while since I really looked at a closeup pic of him!!!! .. He has aged 10yrs since he’s been with that whore.
    Hind site is ALWAYS 20/20 huh Brad? ..That pussy just turned out to be not at all worth it. Get a good lawyer… hold fast to the rights regarding your daughter … take your money .. and get the fuck gone!!!! ..

  22. lambman

    58 – Honestly, its so tiresome to hear people whine about celebs adopting baby’s as accessories. Considering the fact that Billy Bob divorced Angelina because she spent too much time with Maddox and not enough time with him I think its pretty clear she is devoted to her children.

    If you have millions and millions of dollars and several houses that are thousands of square feet and acres of property and your own jet and a staff of 20 you can certainly afford to adopt children, why do you have to try and make something positive into a negative?

  23. jacknasty

    71 – “take your daughter” um, he adopted the other kids too he is no more or less responsible for the biological child because legally he is the father of all the kids.

  24. There’s a reason his name is Brad Shit.

  25. Ted from LA

    Call me old fashioned, but I would have a difficult time reading the tattooed names of other men on my wife’s body while I made love to her. I guess it could be a good trick to avoid cumming prematurely, but aside from that, it would seem distracting. I prefer to think about baseball and Kathie Lee Gifford while going at it. Angelina is one of the only cases I can think of were I would leave her head exposed and put a bag over her body to hump her. I guess I am just an old fashioned guy.

  26. Aura

    #58. Agreed 100%.
    Angelina said in one of her interviews she wants to “racially balance” her brood and pick and choose children different races across the world. She got the kid from Vietnaam or something, so that Maddox doesn’t feel left out. “Racially balance” huh? That’s what a racist would say. How can a mother say she needs “racial balance” at home, unless she looks at her own children, and herself finds a racial imbalance amongst them!
    It’s like a zoo where each new species needs to have a mate, otherwise it dies.

  27. lulu

    man, brad looks really really tired. i think she’s wearing him out!!

  28. starscanfrighten

    God, I can’t stand these two.

  29. *

    Lambman you’re totally in love with these two so you’ll only see the positive. Unfortunately we will probably not agree on anything when it comes to them.

    Growing up in developping countries all over Africa and in a family who worked tirelessly to help build schools I happen to able to seperate true humanitarians from the fakes. You said it yourself they are exceedingly wealthy and have mansions and a private plane, which considering the poverty and problems in the world I find disgusting and inexcusable. Nothing prevents them from living a normal life in a normal sized house and really working for the causes they constantly brag about being involved in. Imagine what the money they waste on having a private plane and mansions could do for orphans in developping countries. Those who I knew who worked for these causes wouldn’t dream of having a mansion and trust me some of them could have but it would be inconceivable for them considering the truths they new about the world. It’s repulsive to me the utter gluttony that these and so many other celebs and useless rich people live in while people all over the world struggle and suffer and have absolutely nothing.

    I was a child and teenager when I lived in Africa and the people that my parents worked with would never dream of jetting off to some country and just adopting children and bringing them home to some mansion in L.A. They were immersed in the causes and they cared about thecountries and the culture. Their goal was and continues to be to help those countries to stand strong and be able to provide good lives for the people there. You don’t see rich africans coming and adopting American children and god knows there are so many who need care who are stuck in an abusive destructive life of musical foster parents.

    Can’t you see how incredibly pretensious and condescending it is to do what team Branglina do so rashly. These people have no concept of pacing themselves and we’re talking about children here not margueritas. There is a balance to this world that should be respected. African countries do not need idiot rich celebs to “take the children away from those good aweful poor place’s”. They need help so that kids can grow up and have the kinds of lives they deserve. Many organizations like World Vision(although it is irritatingly religious, nothing is perfect) are dedicated to wortking with countries, villages and people and building respectful partnerships to help the communities and the young get an education and have the chance at a future that so many rich brats in America piss away with absolutely no gratitude.

    For all the Brangelina lovers instead of seeing them as god like figure maybe educate yourselves while your swooning over their bullshit and then if you can afford it take 35 bucks a month and sponsort a child in Africa ( P.S. the kid will actually get to stay there surrounded by it’s own culture and people and by helping that child you’ll help the community too).

    I could give a fuck if people want to worship this couple just because they are socially attractive but when the drivel that comes out of their mouths and their idiotic behaviour contributes to the absolute copmplete and total lack of understanding that most people have about poverty and the complex problems of third world countries well then that’s a problem.

    So many idiots look to these two as the gold standard and the definition of what a humanitarian is. That couldn’t be sadder and further from the truth and it’s a real problem because so few people really get it and that spells a pretty shitty future for our world.

  30. J Misakian

    Is it my imagination, or do they always look like the unhappiest couple on the planet??!!

  31. MissGreen

    Brad looks so miserable in all those pictures…haha. I smell a breakup soon!

    Angelina is a gross trash whore!

  32. aqua6

    They don’t look together. It shows through the facial expression. Brad’s eyes show the tiredness and bitterness, something that bitterly unspoken. Years ago his photographs with Jen showed the confidence, fun and playfulness of him. Now all that are sadly gone. He can’t openly talk about his problems. Well, a lesson for a man that cheated.

    As for Angelina, she shows intense resenments inside her. A wolf that wears a sheep face will show her true self sooner or later.
    Both of them look miserable, so do the children. They never crack a smile. Notice that all the time the children put on that serious, miserable face. They are not family, they just pretend. There is something seriously wrong going on.

  33. MTV + Brad Pitt=fuck off.

  34. asdfsaf

    LOOKS like angelina got too much botox injected into her face.

    look how unnatural and rigid her face looks…..

    ……..almost like she smelled a piece of shit and held her breath.

  35. George

    These two are getting so boring.

    I’m sure they must be Mormons.

  36. Vitamin P

    31, you’re too fat to wear stillettos. They would be driven into the ground like 4 inch nails.

  37. I hate celebrities

    #86. Sorry P stains I weigh 100 poounds. Life must suck for you cuz you smell like a fatty.

  38. I hate celebrities


  39. raptor_egg

    Great answer.

    How come they aren’t deteriorating at a more rapid rate? I thought they’d be deteriorating more.

    Go Brad!

    F uck you, Z. Nigg er.

  40. B Locs

    omigod! look at her arm!!! and SPECiFiCALLY her WRiST!! holy jebus! she needs to stop giving away so much of her food! ;)

  41. Lexoka

    Well at least he’s honest and spared us all a moment of stupid talk about how making this film was a life-changing experience and blah blah blah…

  42. whatever

    Is there any reason Angelina has bar codes tattooed on her shoulder and back?

    Hmm.. real classy.

  43. lg

    Twelve Monkeys was his best piece of acting, and Fight Club comes a close second.

    And although I loved Meet Joe Black, you couldn’t by any means call what he did in that movie “acting.”

    As for her? I have seen maybe two movies, and I was so distracted by my hatred of her giant pouty lips that I couldn’t concentrate on the movies themselves.

  44. LauraE

    Doesn’ any of the contributors know Arabic or have a friend nearby who speaks Arabic ? The tat reads “Al – [e]azeema” – I know the letters but not the word. “al” is the article…

  45. LauraE

    ??????? = “firm will , determination , decision , intentness , resolve , resolution , backbone , design , will”
    I finally found the word on the internet, what a great tool, there is even a virtual Arabic keyboard
    I wonder why Angelina has “firm will ” tatooed on her arm…

  46. Hollywood Agent

    # 93 -

    “Meet Joe Black” was a remake of “Death Takes a Holiday” from the ’30s. I heard that the ’30s movie is really good.

    I did see the Brad Pitt version, and watching it was such a waste of time. Brad should go kill himself after being in that movie. He is such a dork. All he had to do was watch the ’30s version and copy the actors. But he is too much of an idiot to do that.

  47. edamame

    Brad is on my top five list, and it’s LAMINATED, people!!!
    Shut the hell up about my boy! ha ha! I love him even more after that comment.
    It was probably the 90th time THAT DAY that he’d heard the question.

    Mtv is so over.

  48. edamame

    Brad Pitt, Jr. on the way? Is she really pregnant again?
    I wish them all the best. They probably have so much good karma built up, that they could afford to murder a few folks and still be good.

    I’d much rather see these kind of people have alot of kids, than some crack whore in the projects, (or Britney), P. Diddy, or those fucking polygamists who have polluted their gene pool to such a degree that they probably have to smother 20% of their babies at birth, due to genetic malformations.

    Go Brad and Angie!

  49. Taylor

    79 September, I totally agree with all you said, thank you for being the voice of reason here.

  50. *

    Thanks Taylor #99. It’s realy nice to know I’m not alone in my feelings. It gives me some hope!

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