Brad Pitt loves being interviewed

September 21st, 2007 // 123 Comments

Brad Pitt currently stars in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” I guess there’s no real need to see that movie after that title. Thank you for saving me $10 and two hours of my precious time, movie-title-making guy. While at the premiere, Brad seemed to be totally enthused to talk about the experience, according to the Daily Intelligencer:

When a perky MTV producer threw him the standard softball, “What did you learn from doing this movie?” Pitt didn’t swing for it. “I didn’t learn shit, really,” he said.

Absolutely riveting. Brad Pitt you have mastered the art of the interview. I look forward to your next film, when you’ll tell reporters that the experience taught you how to “go f— yourself.” Don’t ever stop evolving as a master conversationalist, sir. You’re so close to the zenith of human communication.

NOTE: For the record, I hate MTV and wish Brad Pitt would’ve broke the producer’s face with his super-human abs. Did you ever see Fight Club? Brad could stop a Mack truck with those puppies. As for me, well, I don’t like to brag, but I’ve been known to squash a tank like a tin can with mine. It’s something I do to pass the time, and to let the government know I’m not paying those back taxes so they should just give up already.


  1. I hate celebrities


  2. god shes GORGEOUS

    her face is so fucking beautiful

  3. nadin

    I don’t care what anyone says, I’ll always admire Brad Pitt! Gah!!!

  4. PrettyBaby

    Brad, can interview me. See, he’ll hold the “microphone” and I’ll “talk” into it. “Whisper” into it at first, then start to really “gab”. Then he’ll “engage” me and we’ll “erupt” into laughter…. Ahhhh fun, huh?

  5. Madame Curel

    I want to swing Brad around by his tie, force him to his knees, whip him till he cries my name. Oh yea.

  6. whatever i worship them

    they are so cool and beautiful. best people on the planet. and i am serious. maybe not the best people on the planet. but they are up there

  7. she could be pregnant

    she looks semi healthier.

  8. angies face

    angie’s face = hot brat doll
    manistons face = ugly dustin hoffman

  9. Hastings

    Fucking those little scrawny geeky interviewers to hell. They never have good questions.

  10. Carissa

    @6 I agree!!

  11. It is refreshing to see such honesty

    The movies producers aren’t too pleasee

    But he does need to put on airs at this point in his career

  12. lola

    then when #4 is done interviewing with Brad it’ll be my turn….to “whisper”, “gab” “engage” then hell, I’ll “erupt” into hot kisses !!! Hey, #4 you had your chance and you only laughed…yup, you blew the chance….BIG..

  13. cowgirl

    Brad is so eloquent and polished. I want to have his 10 kids (no not really).

  14. miggs

    That’s the thumbnail that slits his anus.

  15. PrettyBaby

    #12 I “blew” the chance allright! ;-)

  16. they makes me happy

    my favorite celebrity couple

  17. Taylor

    She has the Best Nose Job in the business..

  18. veggi

    Well what a fucking stupid question. “uh, brad, whad’ya learn from dis hur movie?”
    Fucking mtv retards suck dick for coke.

  19. Aura

    Brad Pitt is pretty intelligent actually. A stupid question deserves a stupid answer.

  20. yes #17

    this is true.

  21. zombie hat

    Lol, 17. Those lamewads from MTV need to be kicked by mules in the face.

  22. the true Mrs. Pitt

    I saw Brad Pitt recently when he was in Chicago and granted he has a great body but under his eyes he looked old and weathered. Angie is aging the poor bastard……

  23. I am so sick of these 2 … someone make them go away.
    Daily babes and retro-video-games

  24. Matt

    Jolie is an annoying freak, but to be fair, she’s in a different league than Aniston, looks-wise. Jolie is beautiful in an exotic way (which she’s trying to ruin by disfiguring her body with tats and weight loss), while Aniston has the classic girl-next-door look. Play your cards right and you can fuck the girl next door, although her presence would become annoying quickly. Jolie is from another planet, so you don’t fuck her, you mate after she spins a web and spits paralytic toxins at you (then you age rapidly, apparently).

  25. paco

    …i find his retort very amusing…i’ll bet that producer does’t ask a totally mindless question like that again. and i agree…mtv sucks and has lost its relevance in todays world.

  26. they are both art. speaking of art check out mine at

  27. lg

    Hell, I thought Brad’s answer was great. I’m sure he’s sick to death of being asked the same inane questions over and over.

  28. horace walpole

    Stupid MTV and their stupid little questions. I will get them all. Muaaahaaa.

  29. according to Cunningham

    angelina jolie has THE ideal feminine face, while anniston has the opposite of that. in case anyone is studying aesthetics.

  30. Sean Connery

    Goddamn this is sad. Brad used to be hot and manly as hell, now look at him. Guys, this is what happens when you allow the woman to be in control. Liberals might whine about it, but there’s always a time and a place for a good solid backhand across the face. Keeps the wife in line and keeps you young.

  31. I hate celebrities

    Wel I finally came Frist. Yeay me.

    I can’t believe people think this douche bag is eloquent. Get off your fucking high horse and answer the fucking question you mindless little bitch follower.

    So being asked what he learnt on the set of a movie makes him cranky. Fuck you acne scarface. Yeah he has a really tough life being asked annoying questions like that. I mean other people have to deal with questions like “how did your child die?” or “how are you coping with having cancer?” or “how do you support three kids on that little money?” but being asked what you learnt making your latest multi million dollar movie, man that is fucking heart breakingly cruel. Oh Brad you poor poor man what a hard life you lead.

    Fucking asswipe I would kick him in the balls with a nice sharp stiletto if I ever saw him and it would be wortth getting arrested just to see the little girly man cry.


  32. Supafly

    Now he is the ugly partner in the group. Normally, Brad makes is girl look like dirty donkey nuts on a hot August day. Jennifer, Julia, Gwyneth. Now this is an upgrade.

    Either the sex or those 20 kids are bleeding the life from him. Look at that poor tired face. She looks wonderful.

  33. Quincey

    I never found Aniston special. She’s boring and so is her acting. She’s always got this horrid expression on in movies, like in Derailed. Her eyes are widened, her face frozen, she looks like a merry clueless moron — like a retard who just got hit in the face and doesn’t understand what happened. Almost all through the movie she had the same fuckwad clueless expression. And when she didn’t she was gasping or terrified. Lame. I want to scream at her … constantly.

    Well, now that I’ve finished my rambling I feel much happier, so I’ll finish by taking a swig of beer and saying Angelina and Brad are the celebrity couple I most respect and Aniston makes me want to smash shit around.

  34. LL

    Stupid softball questions are standard in the biz, unfortunately, and I think Brad gave the question the amount of thought and effort it deserved. If I could ask Brad questions about the movie, here they be:

    * How long do you have to ride a horse before your balls start hurting?
    * Admit it: you’re intimidated by Casey Affleck’s raw sexuality
    * Does an extra-long movie title mean the movie is extra special?
    * Did you consider playing Jesse James as if he were Keith Richards?
    * Are you worried about Jesse James’ relatives bitching about how you portray him in the movie?
    * Are you nude at any point in this movie, and if so, how far into the movie is it?
    * Did you rob banks and stagecoaches to prepare for this role?

    I am the next Barbara Walters (except I have a soul and a tiny bit of decency).

  35. Griffey

    At least Lorena Bobbitt had the decency to cut it off quickly.

  36. jrzmommy

    Hey, at least he was honest and didn’t numb our minds with, “Oh, I learned that I’m in a really good place right now…..” like all the other mindless nitwit answers we are fed by the celbutard class.

  37. Cindy

    I hope he leaves Angie and starts dating Kim Kardashian. I want to see him grow a giant butt.

  38. Zelda

    I don’t care if Brad looks older. I don’t love him just for his face, but for his whole person. :)
    Getting old is a fact of life. It might be sad but you have to face it, and if you can then you deserve a lot of respect. The saddest thing is seeing aging people quivering in terror from each wrinkle they get, shooting themselves full of steroids and spending their days trying to look 20 years old instead of relaxing and taking things as they come.

  39. #32

    I agree.

  40. LL

    And jesus, for all those bitching about him looking old: he’s 41 or 42 years old (maybe a little older, not sure). That’s what happens when you age (unless you decide to freeze your face into an immobile, frightened-looking mask), you actually look older than you did, say, a decade ago. Get a clue, retards.

    Considering he’s been married twice now and has a shitload of kids, he looks pretty good. I’ve never thought he was that good-looking, but I’d hit it.

  41. Colin Farrell

    Brad, Brad, Brad…Brad. Brad. Brad! Wake the fuck up, dude. Time to pull out of the dive. You forgot the secret to a long and happy life for a guy: spread ‘em & forget ‘em. Ditch this praying mantis lookin’ bitch before she bites your head off and uses your body as food for the kids.

  42. Talian

    Those are good questions, 34. :)

  43. so whoever said

    with that jen aniston post some people said ” JA blows angie out of the water ”
    ” aniston over jolie anyday” i want to shoot you for being so stupid. you shouldn’t exist. or your eyes should be gouged out because they don’t work anyways.

  44. hey #44

    hes 43! he is so beautiful. so is she.

  45. Jennifer Aniston

    He never looked this bad while I had my penis in him.

  46. Pam

    Jolie is toxic.

    Jen is whiny and boring. And a man.

    Nice choices, Brad. I hear Courtney Love might be available…

  47. I hate people

    Brad Pitt loves being interviewed.

    Does he also love being ugly as shit cause everytime I see a pic of him there he is covered in butt fucking ugly. He must buy his ugly at the same store Paris hilton does.

    I love how he tried to show a some tough guy shit with the interview douche cause we all fucking now Brad doesn’t ever speak up at home.

    “Um honey” … (thinking how to say I don’t really like when you pull my balls up over my face during our monthly dry sex)… “um nevermind I’m good. I love you and you are the hottest, smartest, best mother on earth and the greatest humanitarian of all time and I never miss the simpler times with that dog Jen… uh did I say it right this time”
    *handfull of hair ripped from base of miniscule hamster penis
    “You forgot to call me your sexy hot sister, BITCH! …Now go back to the basement with Shiloh.”

  48. tylerdurden

    Why do they always look like wax models in every picture?

  49. I hate celebrities

    What a dickless little bitch. Don’t try acting like Mr. Big man when your the most wipped little bitch on the planet.

  50. Spanky

    Yeah they are both hideous. i sure wouldn’t want to wake up looking like Brad thats for sure. or next to Angie. God forbid.

    Who cares if they are the beautifull people. They really didn’t have much to do with it. It’s all genes and a roll of the dice people. I mean have you ever seen Demi Moores kids? How the fuck did that happen?

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