Brad Pitt drinking a lot lately. I wonder why…

Seen here arriving in Tokyo this morning, Brad Pitt maintained his amateur bootlegging streak Sunday night by smuggling beer from a SAG Awards after-party, according to the NY Daily News:

“Brad took off after the awards with a bottle of beer in hand,” says a second eyewitness. “But before he could drive off with it, the beer was taken from him. He was really gracious when his ‘road soda’ was taken, though.”

Man, what is driving Brad to drink so much? What could be hanging from his neck causing him to seek refuge in a bottle? I just don’t understand, but dammit, I won’t rest until I figure it out. Fetch me my magnifying glass!

EDIT: Also, this is apparently Knox and Vivienne’s first public debut. So whatever that means to you.

Photos: Splash News