Brad Pitt is a chameleon

January 27th, 2006 // 81 Comments

I know they say that dogs start to look like their owners and all that, but I didn’t know it also applied to human men. We should all be thankful that he never hooked up with Rosie O’Donnell, because I don’t think a 300 lb angry lesbian Achilles would have been quite as convincing in Troy. Or would it? No, no it wouldn’t.

Thanks to the sexy Sonia for the tip.



  1. jugsgirl

    funniest photos ever

  2. jugsgirl

    first comment ever

  3. Devil Is Chrome

    That kind of man would drive me feckken crazy…
    Stand up and be your own man – ugh!

  4. GirlyGirl

    That is kinda funny, but Brad Pitt is still hot. I’d do him AND Angelina.

  5. SuperSpence

    Does every chameleon get to put his penis in such nice places? Because, if so, sign me up for some of that.


    I don’t care, I want to marry both of them, or at least Angelina.. Whoa

  7. HeeHaw

    Wonder what Ange thinks after seeing that? ;) When he was with Jen, they had matching hair too, and he picked up her smoking habit and persued his bland architecture “hobby.” Now he’s with Ange, and he looks like her and has adopted all of her hobbies and interests as well.

    He has no personality of his own. Seems like one of those bland, empty shells who just latches on to those around him. And that pic in the middle with Gwyneth….scariest pic of him EVER. SO GAY. Compare that to how he looked in Fight Club!

    Superficial forgot to include the wedding pic of him and Jen where they have matching highlights. ;)


  8. sammygirl

    Totally p.w.’ed.

    J.Lo. is the female version of Brad Pitt. She’s morphed into every boyfriend/husband/fiance she’s ever had.

  9. Tink

    I think it’s partially the lighting…

    Any one ever notice that Brad seems to be with the IT girl of the moment?

    Gwenyth was hotter when they dated
    Jennifer was on a hit TV show when they were married
    and now Angelina…
    hmmm someone likes the popular girls for an ego stroke, than tosses them aside when they’re not so cool anymore…

  10. amma

    That is so weird! Its like he is human tofu and picks up the characteristics of whomever he is with…Reminds me of the character in that movie Zelig…What’s going to happen after a few years hanging around the kids? Can you say diapers and mohawk???

  11. sinistersister

    I’m only commenting on this because it annoys me when people rattle on when they don’t know what they are talking about. Brad Pitt has been interested in architecture since college and has always smoked (well, at least since he was a teen).

    As for the photos…veeerrryyy intersting. I would love to see him sporting the mohawk and diapers.

  12. I had been wondering lately, what with all these pix of B&A, what’s with this dark hair on Brad? But looking at your great composite, I can see it’s even more creepy than I had thought!

  13. Mariev

    Pretty funny! I never realize this :)

  14. sukikat

    I just hope they don’t find any pictures of him looking like Juliette Lewis!

  15. asenath7766

    That IS weird.

  16. April

    Same here, GirlyGirl. They’re both sexy.

  17. MCNinjaJesus

    This news item is the same exact thing gossipdude Lloyd Groves wrote in the NY Post around the new year, along with similar photos. He swears off one celebrity a year and this year chose BP because of being a shapeshifter. Although, I think Groves was kinda mean about it…I never read his columns but for some reason, I did that day…they’re a snoozefest.

  18. Bridget Jonesing

    that’s not so surprising; people often pick up long-lasting characteristics from the people they’ve had relationships with. i think that’s why, every once in a while, steve martin still shows up in our family’s corn field, waiting for the space ship to come take him home.

  19. HughJorganthethird

    This could have been titled “Brad Pitt is a Pussy”. Because he, as the pictures show, is trully a wuss. And unlike Russell Crowe I would say that to his chick looking face.


  20. Fjacky66

    blow the pictures up and offset the color and bang Andy Warhol

  21. mags

    Can’t wait for my Asian husband to start looking like me!

    (Yeah, I’m not Asian)

  22. GirlyGirl

    LOL Bridget Jonesing! That is effin hilarious

  23. SMF121490

    Maybe Brad has some type of psychosis that everything has to match. Kind of like a obsessive compulsive thing.

  24. Binky

    #14 Check the ‘source’ link. Scroll down. There’s a pic with him with the same hair syle as Juliette Lewis.
    This is a bit weird. I think Brad needs a few more interests…or something…

  25. Scout

    he has Billy Bob sideburns now too…is there anything he won’t do for her

  26. J.B.

    Is Brad’s hair really that dark now, or is the lighting in the picture? I haven’t seen any pictures of him for awhile, so forgive my ignorance.

  27. jka

    “Human tofu” is a perfect analogy (thanks, amma (#10)).
    That’s just really creepy and weak. I’ve never been a BP fan (except when I first saw him in Thelma and Louise). This certainly doesn’t help. I have to believe Angelina is going to get tired of that really fast. She seems to have varied taste in men (and women), but all her previous paramours have had strong personalities. Sooner or later, she’s going to find his clingy, me-too routine repulsive.


    Haha…I agree. He does tend to morph into his women. As much as I like Brad and Angelina, I just hope he’s not rebounding. Now there are children involved. From Paltrow, he rebounded with Aniston. From Aniston, he jumped right in with Angelina. I guess he doesn’t like being alone. I don’t care if his relationship with Angelina fizzles out. His relationship with his children better be a lifelong commitment.

  29. bafongu

    “Shapeshifter” I love it! Watch as he morphs into Spock and Ange calls in Staan to scratch her “Seven Year Itch”..! He’s banging the hotties of the moment, and of course, I would toss them all out of bed… NOT…..

  30. HollyJ

    Damn. That’s scary. How is it that no one noticed this before?

  31. moomoovacaroo

    So he’s adaptable, what’s wrong with that? Brad Pitt is fucking beautiful no matter what he looks like, and I think that as a straight guy. Damn I wish I looked like him. I tried wearing the Brad Pitt halloween mask to a club but I couldn’t pull chicks. Then I realized it wasn’t a mask of BP, it was Richard Nixon.

  32. Jayne


    I don’t find him attractive anymore though…

  33. squidtits

    Another pic of Bland feeding off the life force of his latest host, the luscious lipped Vagalina:,,2-2006040460,00.html

    (Scroll down to 2nd pic)

  34. BadGoat

    Ahhh! The sign of a good man, he assimilates and does what he’s told. Like a good dog. Sit… Stay!

  35. TheMorplebury

    Angelina Jolie called. She wants her look back.

  36. Creeeeeeepy.

  37. wackitabaki

    I used to love BP … but no more … the site of him makes me ill … can’t wait for AJ to grow “tired” of him (and she will) and leave his ass. She doesn’t stay in relationships long.

  38. taniableu

    It’ll be fantastic once he straps on a fake belly, or better yet, grows his own. Brad with a beer gut, mmmm.

  39. Bo_Smith

    Let’s just say all you guys (and girls maybe) wish you had dated Gwyneth, Jennifer (and don’t forget you all loved her before Brad dumped her) and Angelina and leave it at that.

  40. convictchick

    ive always thought brad has picked women who look like him. hes so intensely arrogant its like gazing at himself all day long. total bliss no doubt.

    ps- i really fucking HATE angelina. but i want to stab her in the that wrong?

  41. ESQ

    Monkey see, monkey do…next we will be hearing that they wear the same underwear…is Brad a closet fag?

  42. trophywife

    come on people, he’s an ACTOR… he changes his look alot for the roles he plays…. think of pics of him in his “vampire” look, when he had that nasty bum look for a role, this latest dark stuff is for that jesse james movie. give the guy a break.

    and you cant tell me that “normal” people dont do the same thing somewhat. i can honestly say i look completely different now than i did when i was married the first time, it’s all about attitude. my hair isn’t the same color it was back then, it’s trashy trophy wife blonde vs the dumbass naive college girl look i had the first time around… ;)

  43. I’m with the trophywife. Brad’s changes in style have, generally speaking, been associated with movie roles he was attached to at the time. The dark hair now is for the Jesse Jame role. His hair in that pic of him and Gwyneth was possibly from the same time frame that he did ‘Cool World’ and ‘A River Runs Through It’, which would account for both the hair color and the cut. Who knows. Just playing devil’s advocate. Maybe he IS modeling himself after his current loves…

    And yet, somehow, the world still rotates on its axis.

  44. BadassFred

    Wow, he’s twelve years older than her. Huh. That’s not really a huge gap but I had never noticed that before now. ANYWAY!

    I’m glad he’s not with Paltrow anymore. That picture is just fricking scary.

    And no, I didn’t like Jennifer Aniston before he dumped her (or she dumped him, whatever). I’ve always hated Friends.

  45. popcornsuite

    Hahahaha! That’s too good.

  46. Grope For Luna

    Trophywife is right and you’re all a bunch of jealous luzers.


  47. jka

    Trophywife is right, and I am too. Everyone evolves and adapts with each phase of life, and particularly with each partner. What creeps me out is the DEGREE to which BP morphs into his current flame. In photos, he even seems to be mimicking the posture and mien of his current girlfriend, to such an extent that it makes me think he lacks character. Yeah, sure, I’m reading a lot into it, but it’s my prerogative. Peace.

  48. zena marie

    trophywife et al are in denial.

    and i thought BP was just having a mid-life but now it’s clear he’s got that wierd neurosis where his identity shifts according to the significant other who he fixates on.
    Didn’t his whining about kids start about the time he was in pre-production for Mr. & Mrs. Smith? zeroed in on AJ and *blammo* “i wanna have a bunch of k-i-i-i-ds. waaaa”.

  49. Michael1

    yeah zena marie and he also suddenly got concerned about African famine victims, morhping into a UN ambassador.

    I can’t wait until he falls for Naomi Campbell. rotflmao!!

  50. No_Angel

    Did he leave his spine in Cambondia or something?

    It seems to me that BP takes on these whims of personality. I actually thought it was cool of him to be into architecture and designing houses, and he seems to have lose his passion for that.

    Instead, he’s taken up Jolie’s passions (her kids) and and stepped right in to babydaddy mode. Adopting kids is hard work, and anyone who does so should understand and take seriously the responsiblity of these fragile little lives. My husband adopted (now) two year old twins internationally, but there are no cameras at my door proclaiming what a ‘goodwill ambassador’ I am for having done so. I just wanted to be a mom.

    As for AJ, I can’t stand her. She’s seems determined to give them a rootless existence by dragging them all over the world with her and a cadre of nannies. I’m sure she’s not a hands-on parent.

    People adopt kids every day. It’s a wonderful way to build a family, but it’s not a step to sainthood.

    I used to have a lot of respect for BP too, but now he just sickens me. The way he treats the women in his life (all of hollywood, anyway) is adolescent at best. Of course Jolie will give him the bitch slap/reality check he deserves, eventually, and then we’ll be reading about the ugly visition/custody schedule in a few year’s time.

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