Brad Pitt gets a mohawk

April 14th, 2006 // 141 Comments

It’s weird to style your hair after your 4-year-old “son” but apparently that’s what Brad Pitt is into. Remember when he would show up in a room and all the women would literally explode because he was so hot? Well that doesn’t happen anymore. Now they just point and whisper, and wonder if the leathery-skin looking guy with a mohawk is going to sexually assault them later.



  1. meganx

    maddox is always a good guy to look up to! i guess only if ur asian tho..

  2. Mary45

    Maybe looking like the kid will get him back in Angelina’s bed. Whatever!

  3. Suzi-Q

    God, Remember when Brad Pitt was hot?? What the hell has happened to him since he hooked up w/Angelina??!!! It’s sad, just sad! I’m thinkin the blood vials around the neck are like a day or 2 away!!

  4. domino

    woo. fourth.

  5. asmith

    Yeah…I saw this about 7 hours ago – I now have to go to other sites to get the latest in gossip. Superficial is NOT on top of things anymore!!!

  6. Mr. Fritz

    Yeah, Brad’s looking a little overcooked and freaky lately. I am sick of hearing about him and the former Mrs. Billy Bob.

  7. Can anyone say mid-life crisis? Or perhaps its for a movie role, maybe Brad is playing a gay Pawnee in the Brokeback Mountain sequel? More than likely he has the Mohawk because Angelina likes the way it feels when he’s kissing her ass…

  8. LookAtME

    After Angelina gave him his black eye, she shaved his head while he was sleeping. Bitch is having MAJOR hormonal issues. But then again, she is pregnant, so I guess it’s okay.

  9. CoJo

    Perhaps Angelina is trying to get him to look more like Jenny Shimizu.

  10. The Mad Scientologist

    Brad Pitt has a mohawk. Whoop-de-dildo-doo.
    If this is the best you can come up with today, I’m gonna have to put a noose around my scrotum and hang myself for amusement.

  11. Dr.Rokter

    Also reported: Brad Pitt throws like a girl.

  12. boogaloo

    this has become tiresome. now it is time to dance.

  13. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    They got it all wrong – he’s not trying to style his hair like Maddox, he’s trying to style it like Angelina’s pubic hair. Sometimes referred to as the “Hitler” or the “Dusty Trail”.

  14. LRonHoover

    He’s gonna be stayin at the WHYYYYY EMMM CEEEE A!

    In other news… Tom loves the cock…

  15. Ali

    I’m thinking this guy is a major follower. He gets the same haircolor, sunglasses, etc. as the person he’s hooked up with at the time.

    So, if he has a mohawk, does this mean he’s seeing Mr. T on the side?

  16. In the past, Mssr. Pitt always imitated the look of his current lover. Now he’s resorted to looking like his adopted kid. I like the copycat on the Staples commercial, but I don’t like copycat Brad Pitt!!! >=O

  17. Pictures in this weeks Heat Magazine (the British equivalent of US magazine) shows pitt with a ton of grey hairs in his beard. he probably just shaved off his hair to disguise the greys…
    Angelina is sucking the life force out of him….

  18. beatrix

    I’D HIT IT!

  19. CoJo

    Angelina MUST be bored with this tool already…now it’s like, well, he’s my baby’s daddy. Now I have no choice but to have him around…

    Take a note from this ladies…if you get knocked up, and they end up tools, you have no choice. They will always be hanging around acting a fool.

  20. Oh my god. Proof the Brad is just Angelina’s 3rd adoptive child. He didn’t sound this dumb on the Fight Club commentary track. Maybe David Fincher was feeding him interesting lines to say..

  21. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    MeganHarris, you would watch the Fight Club DVD extras. You probably listen to Radiohead and PJ Harvey too. God I hate you.

  22. bigponie

    brad and tom would make the perfect couple

  23. EvilFiend

    Even with the Mohawk he still fucking Jolie…

  24. enfilade

    When you are banging Angelina Jolie, you just don’t have anything left to prove.

  25. Dr.Rokter

    He looks like “Street Tough #3″ in a circa 1985 Marvel comic where four guys start picking on an old man walking down the sidewalk, calling him things like “old geezer” or “grandpa” while stealing things out of his grocery bag.

  26. boogaloo

    dammit oshkosh, why can’t you just say what you are feeling?? repression really bites back when you are on x.

  27. LookAtME

    Obidiah: I love that copycat too… MEOW!

    MeganHarris… ugh

  28. mYslead

    25 = the truth.

  29. Carolina

    COULD IT BE????

  30. Jacq

    He had to leave some hair for Jolie to grab when she penetrates him from behind.

    Megan, sounds like you’ve got too much time on your hands. You should try masturbating until you go blind and can’t navigate the internet.

    The ‘seagull manager’ banner – that’s me wanting to hang myself at my desk today, except the girl in that picture is fat.

  31. Grphdesi23

    I’m sorry ladies, but Brad was never that hot.

  32. Pixiestixanthrax

    My boss would be very unpleased (is that even a word?) to know that I spent 90% of my work day catching up on an internet fight…
    In other news:
    Ez-Eeee = hot
    He gave me the HIV (and that would be pronouncing it not as initials, but as a word, hiv) but I still <3 him
    P.S. What does Tom Cruise love?

  33. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    31 – Yeah she looks like a pregnant Rosie O’Donnell but fatter. All of her fat goo is causing my browser to slow down. Disgusting.

  34. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Is it wrong that Maddox makes me all wet?

  35. Jacq

    I just noticed that the decking and furniture behind them looks like it is fashioned out of beef jerky. Are they still in Africa? I thought we had taken all of their food away.

    I’d probably be happier if he was mauled by a lion and looked like ‘Massive Head-Wound Harry’. And #32 – I have to disagree. The guy from Thelma and Louise? Yeah, I would have loved to see him at the foot of MY bed.

  36. Italian Stallion

    Is that Kevin Costner with a mohawk? They are filming “Field Of Dreams 2″ on a beach? Since when? If you shave it she will cum….

  37. Taximom

    What’s that red spot on his chin? Did she beat him up again?

  38. biatcho

    when will this pock-marked loser get an identity of his own? He always looks like the person he’s with, and now emulating a 4 year old…well, that’s just pathetic. Next thing you know he’s gonna pull his scalp back too so his eyes looks all Asian.
    I wonder if he ‘hawked his pubes too.

  39. Phoenix

    Does this mean he’s dating Maddox now? I know Angelina likes to keep it in the family but I didn’t realise Brad did too.

  40. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Ashley Judd is smug cunt who wishes she was born in New Hampshire instead of Kentucky, and her movies suck bear dick, and her teeth are yellow. I know this has nothing to do with Brad’s landing strip, but I thought we could use something fresh around these parts. [insert picture of Ashley Judd here, flashing her dingy smile and cross-eyed guppy face]

  41. Genevieve

    Fact: Tommy was originally slated for the part of Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain, and he fought tooth and nail to get that role too, since it’s practically the only way he can bend over for a guy in public without having to come out with denials and lawsuits.

    But he was replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal when Ang Lee realised that Tom Cruise loves the cock – more than he loves to act that he loves the cock.

  42. Genevieve

    Oops, so sorry, that was meant for the Tom Cruise post. *covers head and runs away in embarrassment*

  43. txb

    is today a slow day for the celebrity latest gossip? (which i doubt since they can’t run they’re own lives) or is the superficial having margarita fridays? what’s this about brad? who cares? give us something better then this, like angelina is mad at brad for not getting a tatoo of the family and drinking his son’s blood.

  44. LookAtME

    Apparently the Superficial bloggers are all at church cleansing their souls on this Good Friday… since the best we can do is Brad’s “lastest do”… What is this, Entertainment Tonight?

  45. Kelly

    WTF he is still hot. And the fact that he is with Angelina makes him super hot. The fact that he loves her children, hella supper hot.

  46. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    #40 – LOL you are SO right!

  47. bjpack

    What’s the deal with the guy on the left part of the picture that Brad and the kid are watching as he takes a leak?

  48. biatcho

    Oh boy #46. Due to the extreme boredom on the Superficial this afternoon I fear you’re setting yourself up for some serious assrapings for the whole “brad pitt is hella hot for supper” shit.

  49. biatcho

    #48 if that guy is taking a leak his dick has got be about 3 feet in diameter, look at where his wrist is for christs sakes. That would be the cock of all cocks.

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