Brad Pitt and Anglina Jolie give money to Africa

May 30th, 2006 // 145 Comments

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt celebrated giving birth to their first daughter by donating $300,000 to Namibia to help other impoverished babies. Additionally, they also gave $15,000 to construct a school and community center for the city of Swakopmund.

“We want to contribute to Namibia and the people who have been so gracious to us at this time,” a government statement released yesterday quoted the couple as saying.

Considering nobody had ever heard of Namibia up until this little incident, it seems like the government should be paying them instead of the other way around. Sure they got a little privacy, but Namibia got to kick reporters out of their country and make up stories about their government officials naming the child. They’re like the pathetic friend who brags about how they get to buy the cool kid lunch and do their homework for them.



  1. Cheekymunkeh

    that would have been my first first…alas…yeah so good on em for being so wonderful and generous *barf*

  2. SpecialAgentWind

    Rumor has it Angelina gave Brad the herps. Guess he’ll be dating Paris soon.

  3. Linnea

    I think they’re going to buy a little Namibian child to pull their car and fan them.
    And then they can just be like, “STFU, we’re saving the world!” whenever anybody tries to stop them.

  4. chryssy11

    I love Angelina. Hey everybody….she’ll be the big 31 on Sunday. We should all raise some money so I can go wish her a very personal Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  5. gammanormids

    Well, at least they do better with their money than buy expensive fugly handbags and leggings…

  6. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    What would have made it truly charitable would be if they hadn’t gone and bragged about it after. “See, we’re so generous, bow down and lick the Namibiam mud off our toes”. Pff. And what’s $315,000 to Brangelina? Chump change.

  7. ptprez

    more “look at what i did” celebs…

    the money never gets to the ones who need it anyway…

    …they should save that money for the valtrex scrips…

  8. BarbadoSlim

    There’s something really wrong about this but I’m not sure what.

    On a more positive note it’s an almost sure thing that Jennifer Aniston got Angelina’s herpes via Brad and that makes me laugh uncontrollably, seriously.

  9. Feed_Me_Chocolate


    Uh, no. And since when is it “the big” 31? BTW, have you noticed that we’re not exactly fans? Ha.

  10. PapaHotNuts

    They are gonna donate $300,000 to help the impoverished kids, then send them to a $15,000 school? No wonder them Namibians are so fucking stupid. The average SAT score for a Namibian high-school kid is exactly one handful of sand. Except most die from famine or disease before they reach high school age, so the tests aren’t really that accurate.

  11. Italian Stallion

    I donated once to “Baltimore The City That Reads” and I still have no idea what these stories say, Stallion just like pictures……

  12. ptprez


    last year i had my BIG 44, this year i had my BIG 45, and next year i’ll have my BIG 46…BFD…

  13. pinky_nip

    I donate a few bucks to the guy next door every once in a while and he thanks me in reefer.

  14. Feed_Me_Chocolate


    Maybe #5 is European, since those ‘tards use the metric system and kilometers and all that stupid shit, so maybe the odd numbered years are the “big” ones.

  15. Dr.Rokter

    Addtionally, the couple donated the trailer Jolie rested in during “Taking Lives” to serve as a gymnasium at the soon-to-be-glued-together “school”. In a follow-up statement, the couple indicated that the school will focus on training African children in careers as pitiful-looking extras.

  16. TaiTai

    $315,000 is the standard fee that Third World countries charge to let you be in charge of granting visas and having reporters kicked out. It’s a rule, look it up.

  17. they should pass a few bucks my way aswell :)

  18. Fisher55

    looks like brad’s hitting the wall, hard…he looks like a game show host

  19. ptprez


    could be…those euros are the only ones who give two shits and a fuck about bradjolina anyway…they should stay in africa, go on a safari, and be trampled by a charging herd of rhinos…

  20. Fisher55

    i heard shiloh came out half black, and brad is not happy about it

  21. 86

    I’ll bet Shiloh is better at faking a British accent than Angelina.

  22. chryssy11

    Send it straight to my PayPal account! I’ll be sure to send postcards…..if they make them there…..or at least more updated pics than the Superficial has….

  23. Linnea

    14. Ahahahaha.

  24. 86

    Christ Fisher he DOES look like a game show host!!!

  25. Jacq

    Can you say The Derek Zoolander for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Want To Do Other Stuff Good?

  26. pinky_nip

    I can’t believe this brat already has a movie deal.

  27. fukusan

    15 Not to be pedantic, but it is the metric system which is based on multiples of ten, that would be best suited to emphesize 10, 20, 30 as the ‘big’ years. Where as in America it is a little more arbitrary 12″ to a foot, 3 feet to a yard 220 yards to a furlong etc.

  28. BarbadoSlim

    @19 …no kidding

    And NOW the host of Tic Tac Dough: BRAAAAAAD JOLI …er PIIIITTT!!!

  29. ptprez

    pitt does look a bit haggared…good for him…he’s being punished for being a himbo…fucking pig…

  30. tarjamarja

    #15, Feed_Me_Chocolate, even with our metric system and kilometres, there’s still nothing “big” in 31. Well, except the fact that it’s a bigger number than 30.

  31. Fisher55

    these greedy african kids are ruining brad’s fuckability factor. he’s starting to get that scary luke wilson jawline thing going…

    fatherhood’s the pitts (get it?)

  32. vanya_k

    They should help the people who caught United Nations troops using women in several African countries for sex slaves and to make porno. U.N. ambassador for what, now Angie??

    Easier for busy celebs like them to throw money at a country and let us little people worship their sainthood (like hell).

  33. chryssy11

    You know what? I love you guys too…. I was wondering how many posts I would have to write to finally get a response….now I can get on with my life….well maybe not yet…you guys are fun. Anyway, to me all birthdays are the “big” one, and no…I am not from Europe…..and the only celeb I care about is Angelina…..I am a straight married female, but I’d do her….and I am sure I am not alone. Anyway, its all in good clean fun. Keep up the celeb and post-er “people who post” bashing, because there is some funny shit occasionally.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  34. 86

    Show the loser what he’s won, Brad! …. a lifetime of living in the shadow of a slut!!

    Next, they’ll use Brad’s architectural prowess to build the city of Namibia from scratch. It will be like Extreme Home Makeover, only it will have Brad with his shirt off using a circle saw, not Ty Pennington.

  35. 86

    Extreme Namibia Makeover – everyone will cry!!!

  36. ptprez

    …is that the chryssy from three’s company?

    i love people who don’t know i hate them…


    you can’t do that? damn!!

  37. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    28 & 31

    It’s not that I didn’t know that, it’s just that I don’t care. It’s fun to make fun of Europeans. And please don’t lecture me about the metric system, you’re not my teacher, and I don’t have to listen to you. *sticks tongue out*

  38. BarbadoSlim

    If Brad had dark hair he could pass for that dirtbag Benicio Del Toro.

    ps: Benicio is a wonderful actor he just looks like a dirtbag.

  39. ptprez


    please don’t do that…*sticks tongue out*…

    i’m recently divorced and it’s been awhile…

  40. katie

    feed me chocolate…..i saw your pics, the last thing you need is chocolate.

    also, you are actually pretty fucking annoying. i am not european, but you calling them tards is pretty amusing considering you have been married since you were 20 and didnt even have the good sense to go on birth control and ended up popping a little crotchturd out a la britney spears when you were way too young. go back to your trailer.

    your comments suck and you aren’t funny.

  41. It’s hush money. The kid came out looking an awful lot like Angie’s bro, with an extra head thrown in for good measure. They “donated” the product of incest to a nearby lion sanctuary and bought a nice, healthy Kosovo baby as a replacement.

  42. Jacq

    #39 – Does this mean that I can’t spank you with a ruler?
    #41 – Sorry to hear that. Can I extend the above offer to you, as well?

  43. notalotjellytot

    this news disturbs me and Im not sure why. they have got to be the most irritating couple in the world. For people who supposedly like their privacy, dignity in silence is lost on the media benefit of cash donations. why tell everyone? it just makes me think they’re being stingy in the amounts donated. 15k for a school in one of the worst poverty stricken countries in the world, donated by quite possibly the richest couple in the world. wooopie dooo. pocket change.

    Brad needs to sort himself out pronto. How did he lose his looks so damn fast. He looks like her poor relation made good as her bouncer.

  44. Italian Stallion

    Did the “Wu Tang Clan” help them name the baby?

  45. Ari

    Once upon a time, Brad was supremely fuckalicious. Now, he’s just tired and sad looking.

    Feed_Me, you have yet another fan…

  46. Feed_Me_Chocolate


    Hello, lamebananas.

  47. Feed_Me_Chocolate


    What is it with some people? Geez, lighten up.

  48. notalotjellytot

    maybe its the cash payment for a local baby to replace that cushion shes had shoved up there. nobody and i mean nobody looks that good pregnant. I bet her and Brad are just having a laugh and watching Jen’s latest reactions hoping praying wishing for a nervous breakdown. they’ve got some twisted game going on. Namibia was a good choice to play it in. They probably dont even know who the Jolie Pitts are. You could tell them anything.

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