Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie lose baby photos

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are pissed because somebody has stolen a digital memory card with pictures from their private baby shower for Shiloh. Their lawyers have sent out letters threatening anybody who publishes the pictures, saying:

“Anyone who publishes, disseminates, displays or otherwise exploits” the pictures faces “legal action … seeking compensatory and punitive damages, statutory damages for copyright violations and attorneys’ fees,” says the letter signed by Yael Holtkamp of the top celebrity firm Lavely & Singer. The letter says police are investigating the theft and that any outlet that buys the photos “will be engaged in purchasing stolen property,” which is a crime. A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department said he did not know which law enforcement agency was probing the theft because it was unclear where and when the memory card was snatched.

It’d be pretty funny if a week from now Angelina Jolie was doing the laundry and found the memory card mixed in with her old clothes. Like one of those old guys who have their glasses on their head and start scouring the house looking for them, eventually beating their wife after concluding she must have hid them again. And after a good wife beating they maybe wander down the neighborhood in their underwear and start screaming at young people for haivng their rock and roll music.