Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie collect another one

February 23rd, 2007 // 107 Comments

reports Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are planning to adopt a Vietnamese boy, and have already filed the adoption papers. The two visited the Tam Binh orphanage in November and Angelina returned alone last month. A source says:

“Angelina and Brad have filed papers with the US Citizenship and Immigration services to adopt a boy from the Tam Binh orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City.”

Pretty soon they’ll have collected enough to finally challenge Ash Ketchum to a Pokemon battle to the death. They can even store them in the little Pokemon spheres, and when they open one up to attack, Zahara or Maddox or whoever will roll out onto the floor, most like suffocated, crushed, or starved to death. And then Pikachu will electrocute them and the whole gang will laugh and laugh because Pokemon is fun times.


  1. Erin


  2. Erin

    Sweet, that was the first time I was number one… anyway, who cares about Jolie?

  3. danielle


  4. The Jenny

    Chimpokomon! Gotta buy a ticket gotta buy one gotta buy buy buy

  5. The Jenny

    I feel a Beneton ad a-coming

  6. alaskanchicsickle

    Fish man watches pokemon, that’s kinda cute, lol.

  7. Mr. Goat

    Oh, can I have that Tam Binh like a 6 or 7… not too hot. Thanks, and water is fine with me too.

  8. Italian Stallion

    Someones gotta cook the rice……….

  9. RichPort

    This latest one matches her earrings… all the others one just clashed. She was sick of hearing “Why are you wearing that African baby with those mother-of-pearl inlays?” Brad of course kept thinking Zahara never matched with his black loafers and Tumi handbag.

  10. Another Oriental? WTF!! Angie must be racist against Hispanics. A South American or Mexican baby would naturally compliment the mini United Nations she’s cultivated. How long before Brad pulls a Woody to Angie’s Mia and bones one of his adopted daughters? Hopefully at least 18 years.

  11. RussianMafia

    This is becoming a compulsion. Some psychosis must be involved.. She was on drugs once, all addicts simply find a replacement for their compulsions.

  12. sassi_chic

    What? We are talking about someone other than Britney?? I’m lost…

  13. rmeno

    Adoption is a good thing but not to the extent that this is coming to. It’s about QUALITY not QUANTITY…when you have too many kids it’s like having too many have your favorites and the rest get pushed to the side…that’s obvious with Angelina Jolie’s comment about “sort of” resenting her own child (Shilo)because she has had an easy life and the “other” children need her more than her own child does…WTF, she’s already setting this kid up to have complex issues for something that Shilo had NOTHING to do with..if Angelina wanted to go around saving orphans, then she should have kept her legs closed and not “forget” to take her birth irresponsible is that??? I’m sorry but a woman who admits that her first french kiss and “make-out” session was with her own brother and that she would have married him if he wasn’t her brother..needs help…not more kids to tote around!

  14. BoognishRising

    They need an eskimo kid to complete the collection.

    Oh and 13, suck a dick and choke on it.

  15. Mr. Goat

    Referring to Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie, us, or the endless buffet of children they buy?

  16. 23apples

    #6 I agree.. aww I can just imagine him watching saturday morning cartoons on the couch in his pj’s (probably a pokemon design) eating a bowl of cereal!!

    But seriously, that whole last paragraph made me laugh – A LOT.

  17. BoognishRising

    Not you 13, the one that was deleted just now.

  18. This is the only think keeping Jolie from out-crazying Brittney Spears.

    That woman is a loon. She must have diamonds in her vag to keep Brad from going off and sleeping with one of the nannys

  19. sk8trgurl69

    all i can say…is from the looks of it…they are both good parents…have you seen the pics of maddox and pitt…looks like they got something going on there…

    people have alot more kids than this, and still have close-knit families…so in this case quantity doesn’t effect quality…

  20. sk8trgurl69

    all i can say…is from the looks of it…they are both good parents…have you seen the pics of maddox and pitt…looks like they got something going on there…

    people have alot more kids than this, and still have close-knit families…so in this case quantity doesn’t effect quality…

  21. Alice Ann

    Do you think this couple will ever consider leaving their passports at home and adopting some of America’s poor kids? They’re jetting all over the world and forgetting the babies right here at home that desperately need help.
    I saw one article already where Jolie admitted that Zahara was her favourite child. Not too cool a thing to say.

  22. Where's Waldo?

    @1 and 2, you must be so proud of yourself that for your first time in the #1 spot the best you could come up with was “COMMENT”. i think that might be even worse then people who post “First”.

  23. RichPort

    Excellent… just a few more and the Fight Club will live anew…

  24. alaskanchicsickle

    I wonder if they ever play Spin the Globe to decide which country they will adopt from next?

  25. Where's Waldo?

    these two are complete fools. the only possible redeeming thing about their parenting is that they are loaded with so much money and they use that money to benefit the kids to give them a better upbringing. but don’t try for one second to say that either of them are good parents, or that they remotely deserve to get to adopt these kids. the only good thing about them is that they pay good money to hire good nannies to make sure the kids get raised healthy and are taken care of. these two are just jerkoffs with too much money.

  26. Mearl

    Seriously, who fucking cares about the Jolie’s? They can adopt 40 kids from Long Duck Dong and move into the most impoverished country in the world and they’re still full of shit and full of themselves. Angelina will still be a stupid twat; no matter what. If she really cared about people she would start passing that ass out to poor men in this country. First me. Thomas Russell SF rules.

  27. summerbaby73

    i guess american kids arent good enough for her, some fuckin humanitarian.

  28. biatcho

    Jesus cocksucking christ, I have a bad day and retail therapy for new shoes & a fun outfit followed by some booze is in order… this bitch just goes & buys babies. Fucking loon.

  29. jesseeca

    a lot of people seem to care too much about these two adopting from other countries and not America. here’s an idea, close your legs and adopt your own american kid! oh wait, you want your own biological kid? so you don’t really care all that much. It’s easy to criticize others for things you won’t even do yourself. get over it.

  30. veggi

    I wish they would adopt me.

    Daddy, Can I Sleep With You Tonight?

  31. Jenster

    she needs to stop. seriously.

  32. crestlin

    There are far less qualified parents (without the resources) that have more than four kids. These two have the time, money, and most importantly, the dedication to raising these children. So if they want to adopt a few more kids, that’s up to them to decide. Also, the reason they are adopting from countries world wide and not from the US is to raise global awareness for orphaned children.

  33. kidpahl

    got a life, now back to baby talk and ang.

  34. Pikachelsea


  35. lolabeat

    @30 Hahahahahahahahaha

    The same for me!

  36. Ugh, I HATE defending them, but on this subject I have to.

    Has anybody tried to adopt an infant in America? Good Luck, their aren’t that many, and if they DID adopt one, the press would be all over them because they would be accused of jumping in line ahead of other people. (Normal adoption time for an infant in the U.S. can be a 5 year wait) Remember all the shit Rosie O’Donnell went through when she adopted.

    So, I STILL think Angelina is a self absorbed nutcase and Brad pit is her lapdog…but on that ONE issue I’ll defned them. (I feel dirty now)

  37. deborah

    I have the answer to all the problems…let Brad and Angie adopt Anna Nicole’s kid – and then offer then a 2-fer special – throw in both of Brit and KFed’s kids….everyone ends up happy!! Problem solved.

  38. Wow Just Wow

    These two are just creepy. And their kids will be too.


  39. mrs.t

    #37-that’s a wonderful idea, but they already have a white one, and they don’t seem to like it as much as the pretty colored ones.

  40. Wow Just Wow

    36 No adoption agency in America would give these two pinheads a kid. Hence the overseas kid grab.

  41. shit, let her adopt me…id breast feed until i was 40 – maddox’s big brother

  42. deborah

    And now for my next ground-breaking problem-solving idea…getting Brit and Howard Stern together as a couple…

  43. Where's Waldo?

    @37, LOL that’s a brilliant idea haha!

  44. Truthseeker013

    Maybe she’s campaigning to be the next Un SecGen, showing her ability to unite tyhe world’s diverse cultures by doing so in reality. That, or she’s some sick freak.

  45. Stink

    Just a few more kids and Pitt can call himself Captain Planet.

  46. Libraesque

    #25, what are you basing your assesment of their parenting skills and the number of nannies on????
    you know them personally?
    oh, you don’t, o.k. then you and every other douchebag on here need to shut the fuck up already
    and the people posting wah wah why doesn’t she adopt from the U.S, keep proving how fucking stupid you are with those comments, it’s really amusing
    here’s an idea, unless you KNOW what you’re talking about, you should probably resist the urge to look like a complete jackass

    CRESTLIN, you’re the only one who seems to not have your head up your ass, nice post

  47. renee

    The problem is, she’s always adopting infants because they are emotionally easier to take care of. If she really was concerned about rescueing some poor kid from a hard life then she’d adopt someone older, because lets face it, a newborn doesn’t understand a ‘hard life’ but an older kid understands that they are living in a poor country and have no parents. she should at least help them. Get some vintage in her baby collection and all.

  48. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    After Angie is done collecting babies, she fully intends to string them together to make a life-sized charm bracelet.

  49. Libraesque

    RENEE, that’s got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve read here.
    Do you have ANY idea what kind of organizations she has founded, and supports with not only time but millions of dollars?
    Oh, you don’t? then shut the fuck up

  50. jrzmommy

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