Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are better looking than you

December 12th, 2006 // 147 Comments

  1. allgravybaby

    i dont see the big deal, i think she looks like a drawn shrivelled lollipoop… not very stunning at all.. give her 5 years, wait til she start pullin the botox injections out

  2. ToiletDuck

    I want to watch her pee…

  3. allgravybaby

    fake & pruchased

  4. becky191985

    Johnny Depp is still the hottest man ever, but Jolie is beautiful, regardless of her theft of babies and collection of children and edious ‘quirky’ behaviour. And she’s rich. Sigh

  5. SumLikeitHoTT

    i love her and she’s beautiful
    but why the heck is she so skinny…i liked her tomb raider body…this is a lil too thin for me..
    and brad…ick ure looking more homely and jennifer these days…

  6. Cruzadas

    No one is better looking than me

  7. Boogie Monster

    She does look a tad too thin. But she is still gorgeous. Brad is starting to look really old. Bring back the Brad from Legends of the Fall. And i totally agree with # 17.

  8. melzarooo

    i really dont find her that attractive right now. she could be so beautiful if she tried, but her makeup isnt the right kind for her. and when i was looking at the pictures, i noticed her ears are really thin. i didnt even know people could have thin ears.

  9. RavenHairedBeauty

    Ditto to cole007 #88! wow what a site, god bless America

  10. Jessie

    Brad looks tired (which is another way of saying he’s starting to age). I hope he does so more gracefully than Redford. The gray stubble is not a good look with the blond hair, and that particular hair style does him no favors.

    As for Angie. She is beautiful. She can’t act much, but she is beautiful. (Dang.)

  11. NicotineEyePatch

    I saw a picture of their offspring today, and my retinas have not detached. Repeat: have not detached.
    She does have Jolie’s lips, but also Brad’s squint-eyes. BUT, Jolie’s eyebrows. BUT, again, Brad’s squint-eyes, and yeah, those trump great lips and eyebrows.
    Doesn’t matter, she’ll still get pushed in puddles for the 5 – 8 years of school because her name rhymes with Pile O’Shit.

  12. ZX10R_AC

    I don’t get the hype surrounding Angelina. She’s good looking, but, jeez, not all that.

    Mariah I would take in a heartbeat over her, but then again, I think Mariah Carey is one of the most beautiful women around.

  13. invictuspiritus

    Jolie is beautiful, but in these pics she makes nicole richie look fat. There’s a lot of girls that are way prettier, it’s just her position that makes everyone think she is hot. Hell, any of the girls in playboy are hotter. Pitt has never seemed that attractive to me, val kilmer was always hotter in my eyes, or Johnny Depp.

  14. Googolygoo

    Looks like her nose job is starting to collapse.

  15. Googolygoo

    Quoting Nicotine Eye Patch: “Doesn’t matter, she’ll still get pushed in puddles for the 5 – 8 years of school because her name rhymes with Pile O’Shit.”

    ROFLMAO!!!!!! Oh my God, I actually fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard! Bravo, good sir!

  16. backside52

    Put your hand over Brad’s mouth, his eyes only exposed… Downe’s Syndrome. Sorry, but he ain’t all that… AND why do these stupid idiots concentrate on foreign countries, to make headlines… !!! SINCERITY I THINK NOT.

  17. AmandaT5

    the pale alien and the squirrel nanny, same fucking dull expressions every time! Brad should run before she adopts a whole tribe..

  18. Skip Smith

    @99, Tracie, you are my new favorite person on this site. Damn, I love rants like that.

  19. kitty_kat

    #111- I think I saw the picture you did. She actually looks like Brad Pitt with Angelina’s lips. As weird as it sounds, Suri cruise is waaaaayyyy cuter.

  20. chicagogirl

    they have both seen better days…..

  21. Saera

    She has Arabic written on her wrist! :o

  22. killeristic

    i hate! HATE HATE HATE to admit it! but jolie is beautiful! brad looks so worn out.

  23. Megan

    ugh somebody please get her a sandwich

  24. renee

    For couple who’s prancing around 3rd world countries in a ploy to redeem themselves for being either a freak or a cheater….they don’t look very happy… or healthy.

  25. zena marie

    I love that look on her face in the 4th picture, the look of disgust barely hidden behind the fake smile. It’s liek she’s saying “I’d rather be getting checked for anal warts than dealing with you white nerdy people, but my agent says I have to do publicity or my film is gonna tank.”

  26. Skip Smith

    >>”As weird as it sounds, Suri cruise is waaaaayyyy cuter.”

    Jesus. So what exactly does Shiloh look like if a dwarf Inuit with Downs Syndrome is cuter? Angelina must have squeezed out an Ebola-infested turd and put a little baby hat on it.

  27. melady2952

    Angelina is my favorite girl but she doesn’t seem to be very happy in these photos.
    My guess is that she is defensive of the media because of all the recent scrutiny.
    Brad Pitt looks so in love with her but it would be nice to see a pic of the two of them gazing into each others eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one yet.

  28. renee

    the reason you wont see a photo of them looking at each other lovingly is because… well, i guess because they don’t really love each other that much anymore. It like they’re both drama queens and now that the whole taboo of thier romance is over, so are thier feelings. They’re probably only together for the kids.

  29. renee

    hey is it just me or is ange starting to look like a cross between Keira knightly (pic 1) and the skiny hilary duff?(pic 2)

    I never though someone a supposedly mature as her would give into the super skinny fad. it’s a shame too, she had some nice curves.

  30. cat974

    IMO Brad is very overrated & quite ordinary looking, but Angelina is unusually beautiful. She should have left her nose alone though….

  31. libtard


    ass shaving AND jockey sniffing? The man is made of STONE, I tell ya.

  32. ruyukyo

    #129, YES YES that was exactly what I was thinking, the thin hilary duff! she looks so old suddenly, brad too.

  33. stefajna

    She’s nothing but well done

  34. Amy

    i agree with others – too thin. traces of prettiness, but so so gaunt. it’s scary

  35. NicotineEyePatch

    #115 – thanks, but ‘sir’ implies that I have a better social ranking than I actually do. And also that I might have a penis.

    #119, yep, same pic, and you still have your retinas too, which is a good sign.

  36. nj4x4fever

    I hear Angelina Has had more dick inside her than the Urinals at The Astro Dome.

  37. juls

    too picture perfect……

    something’s amiss with these two, I just can’t put my finger on it.
    Angelina looks something fierce (or fiercly malnurished), but I don’t know. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  38. iheartgossip

    So are they even married yet?

    Angelina needs to eat some more food. She’s looking pretty emaciated.

    I like her tattoos…they all mean something to her, but at the same time, she has definitely shed that bad girl image she was sporting in her BBT days. They seem uncharacteristic now, but she is still involved in humanitarian acts, so her tattoos still carry that significance.

  39. rockdust

    I admit Angelina is beautiful all except for the lips which always gets such high praises. Am I the *only* one who can’t stand her huge lips & mouth?! The same goes for Julia Roberts’ huge ass mouth.

  40. Jenster

    #89, he totally looks like Redford!
    whatever, i actually extreamly tired of them.

  41. cayana

    A-ha.. so that’s what they were saving those orphans for..

    Also, what kind of world is this where we have a Dustin Diamond sex tape floating around (retch) but no Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie sex tape? Now that would be quality television.

  42. happy_bunny

    Yeah, Angelina. Whoo! Nothing hotter than a bag of antlers.
    Someone fix this broad a sandwich.

  43. renee

    Anyone seen the ep of “where my dogs at?” with the brangelina bit? That pretty much sums up thier relationship. If you haven’t then you should, it SO damn funny… and acurate. Try YouTube.

  44. fuctheworld

    she looks like a polished white trash turd, and he was never that fucking hot.

  45. Truthseeker013

    I’d excuse myself, but I’m having trouble figuring out which one’s prettier…

  46. yeah, they look nice

  47. Ellie

    They’re both good looking people, which amounts to nothing. They get by on their looks in Hollywood, as said by many, their acting isn’t so great.

    Also, I read an interview Jennifer Aniston gave in Vanity Fair, and it WAS his fault their marriage ended.

    She believed in sticking it out, but he insisted on “finding himself” and denied there being another woman.

    Yet, he hooks up with Angelina right off the bat?

    If he can’t even tough out a four year marriage, I hardly doubt this will last forever. He’s the type of person to leave when the going gets tough…For now, I think he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed, because Angie insists on bringing a new kid into the house every year.

    She did an interview stating that she got pregnant for Brad as a “gift”. Hello, she’s obviously trying to make him stick around.

    Deep down she fears him leaving. Who came up with the idea that more kids = someone staying around?

    Who knows? Maybe, it will work for her…For a few years.

    I’m betting five years, max.

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