Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are having a baby girl

January 26th, 2006 // 49 Comments

angelina-girl.jpgA source close to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has revealed to Life & Style that they’re expecting a baby girl. The source says that Brad


  1. Brad is probally shopping for the ol’ shotgun now. Counting down the days she (their daughter) brings her first date home. :D

  2. gossipmonger

    I wish them both the best.. I dont care what anyone else says..

  3. I’m just hoping Angies hips are wide enough to get the baby’s lips through.

  4. Brandi

    Hope they make the name even crazier than than their other kids names. they should have a computer randomly generate the name like the band eiffiel65.

  5. Kelly

    I am with you gossipmonger best luck to them.

  6. Jayne

    If this is true, Brad’s sister is a total dumbass and a reason even family can not be trusted.

  7. ESQ

    I third with comments #2 & #5.

  8. CoJo

    I expected more from them. I thought for sure they would genetically engineer twins that look exactly like each of them…a mini Angelina and a mini-Brad. A girl? That’s so…uh…ordinary!

    BTW, I watched the movie Seven over the weekend…Brad WAS sooo HOT! Has anyone else noticed how lack-luster he has become lately? He looks pasty and not as chiseled as the Fight Club Brad. What has she done to him?

  9. supergirllover

    CoJo you know what happened to Brad.?. It happens all the time. He’s happy! Brad has let himself go a little because he is with someone he’s comfortable with. I’m not saying getting fat is good because he had a perfectly awe inspiring body in Fight Club.

  10. ehaugh

    Maybe they will name her Jen.

  11. CoJo

    supergirllover, I guess you’re right…he is a little pudgy…I just figured, the way Jolie seems to bed-hop…and how f’cking disgustingly gorgeous she is…he’d want to keep himself looking good, know what I’m sayin’? Just to keep her interested. Besides, he’s not that great of an actor…

  12. This baby could end up being really freaky. If you look at pictures of Angelina from a few years ago she had that devil look going, if you add in Brad’s clueless look that would not be a cute baby

  13. Man, I was born 30 years too early. But I do live in LA, so maybe I still have a shot in 18 years – as long as I’m cheesy and drive a Porsche.


    7 years of chain-smoking with Jennifer Aniston is what happened to Brad Pitt.

    Say no to cigarettes, kids!

  15. ShanDourdan

    If this is true then Brad’s sisters a dumbass, not only does she let slip that Angelina’s having a girl but then varifies it by saying she’s not shopping for Zahara?.

  16. sammygirl

    Brad has mentioned several times in the past that he’s always wanted a little daughter (at the time he said a ‘mini-Jen’). He must be on cloud 9.

    Aniston must be chain-smoking like a maniac right now. Kinda sad.

  17. Dee

    Good for them. Hey Jen, there’s more to life then your hair.

  18. .shiny.

    Posted by Spindoc on January 26, 2006 12:02 PM

    I’m just hoping Angies hips are wide enough to get the baby’s lips through.


    ohmg too funny hahaha

  19. GothamGuy

    I fourth with what #2, 5 and 7 said. Except by “best wishes”, I mean, for God’s sake people…”get a life”.

    These are just two normal people having a baby…best of luck to anyone who is pregnant.


    Just don’t let Jen baby sit..

  21. SMF121490

    Hey maybe they will name her Brangelina.

  22. ESQ

    Hey GothamGuy you are just as guilty as the rest for trollin’ the boards.

  23. ihatecelebs

    Good for Brangelina! Ange will raise one strong, empowered girl and Brad’s dying to have a daughter. It’s wonderful to hear a man who is the anti-K-Fed say something beautiful like, “Aww, man. I want a daughter. Little girls, man – they just crush me.” I’ll bet he can’t wait to walk her down the aisle someday!

  24. Tracy

    This poor kid’s got a lot to live up to. She’ll probably commit suicide at the first inkling of a zit. I’m sure glad I have ugly parents… no pressure.

  25. zena marie

    Your opinion just lost all credibility with that one GothamGuy.#20
    “People”? Yes “Normal”?…nver…especially when Aj has bent over backwards to dhow us all how NOT normal she is.

    CoJo, what happened to Brad can be summed up with one word: Midlife.

  26. HollyJ

    The boy sperm were just so happy to be inside Angelina, they all swam straight into the walls of her vagina, where they soon perished. Never had a chance.

  27. Lilmissy


  28. Larry

    Rumors are false? Perhaps. Regular human girl? Are you kidding?

    This child will be the poster child for all children who are doomed, doomed I say.

  29. derekd

    BRADGELINA! What a perfect name for the baby!! Yes I’m kidding. But for real. Jolie is looking busted lately right? Its what I call The Pitt Curse. Every broad who has had Brad’s spunk on her face seems to turn to mush. Anybody else notice that? I Wonder what that clown is eating to have the Acidspunk. Check the list though: Lewis, Paltrow, Davis, Aniston. Did he ever bang Ryder? I know she’s been around the block more than a retard on a tricycle.

  30. Bo_Smith

    BOOOOOORRRRING, I hope she has a miscarriage than we won’t have to hear about this shit again. I’d rather see Paris pulling sand out of her snatch than this.

  31. trophywife

    OK Bo you are just fucking wrong. Even if it’s a joke, wishing a miscarriage on ANYone is just showing you’re a fuckwad (speaking from personal experience).

    What I don’t get about the whole Brangelina thing… the media bitched and moaned and said that Brad and Jen were in the spotlight too much, but when Brad and Ange are trying to have a private life, they get ripped for that. More power to them.

    TEAM JOLIE (and when she gets tired of the butch skank in her sack, I’m ready to go)

  32. gossipmonger

    trophywife: I agree with you. Bo_Smith is a total dickhead. And regarding your last comment, I’ll fight ya for, as a straight woman, I’ve said for the last few years that if there was ONE woman who could turn me.. it would be Angelina Jolie…

  33. MystressJade

    Trophywife and gossipmonger: I want in on that action. We could have a 3 way coleslaw wrestling bout, winner gets Angie.

  34. innit

    I’m a straight woman but I’d do Angelina.

    Sorry, I was just curious about how I would feel joining the ranks of imbeciles who write that bollox. That was scary.

  35. trophywife

    i’ll take ya on in some lime jello gossipmonger :) i’m bi-furious but i’ll take it easy on ya the first time :) hee hee

    seriously, angie is not only beautiful outside (no matter what the haters say) but she seems to have found herself in her kids (worked for me too) and her passion with helping others. say what you may about angie and her acting or whatever, but she’s a beautiful PERSON for doing what she can to make an impact on other’s lives… she’s in the oprah ranks. i wont hate on her moolah cuz she’s helping others. how many people can say that?


  36. LoneWolf

    Derekd – “retard on a tricycle”. Priceless.

  37. trophywife

    so jade is in on the action too?? man, we could sell tickets! :)

  38. KittyKat

    That girl will be the hottest woman alive when she grows up.

    I’m locking up my husband now…

  39. gossipmonger

    MystressJade, trophywife, you’re on… get the jello, someone call Angie to referee…

    She really is a good person. How many other stars have dedicated that much time, energy and their own money to such worthy causes…

  40. aims_25

    I just read in Women’s Day that there are still reports of her having twins. And has anyone seen Angelina’s veiny arm? I know there is some medical term for it to do with pregnancy but it proves she’s actually human, not just some model of perfection.

  41. EnigmaKB

    Okay, it’s Angelina Jolie… Where do I join the line of women who want to be dragged off by her? I mean, I’m married, and I’m straight, but my God, I would so join the Pink side of the Force if she asked me to. No questions asked.

  42. wickedopinion

    Neither of them are convincing actors. They only succeed in roles that are screen versions of themselves. They are both smart enough to convince the world that they are A) better-looking than they really are and B) better actors than they really are. That is all.

    P.S. Guys, a hint: Just because a person has humongoid fish-lips DOES NOT MEAN they are automatically good at giving head. Just to set the record straight.

  43. chryssy11

    Whoa!….Hold up all you straight females…..slow down the band wagon….I wanna hop on too. My husband would love the video (ok, ok, I would too…) I would have done her before she got pregnant, and especially now that she IS pregnant (pregnant women are beautiful) and fuck it, I’d still do her after she delivered. So if you would, please direct me to that coleslaw match! TEAM JOLIE
    (There were reports of Angelina stating she wanted preg pics….I hope they send a 30×60 matte to Jennifer!!!) Ok, that was mean but who cares!!!!!!!

  44. nitedrive


  45. nitedrive

    WOW!!!A HUMAN BABY!What did you expect,people?Jesus?Buddha?
    Why do celebs seem to need twin rumours to keep the interest at a high level among the mortals?If I

  46. generalloafy

    my dear people, do you not understand genetics? there are countless combinations and their baby might be just as plain as any average joe…or jane, in this case. come on, angelina’s father is JON VOIGHT. ms. jolie partially came from him! i love the guy, but what girl here wants to wake up next to that? hmmm.

    i still hope the best for them, but who really can say what their kid will look like?

  47. nanny

    Angelina gave birth to a baby girl, today.
    Her name is Shilough…(not sure of the spelling), I missed the middle name and the alast name is Jolie Pitt.
    I wish them the best…and God Bless their bundle of joy!

  48. yes, third-hand info from the owner of a jellybeans store?

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