Brad Garrett’s girlfriend is kind of awesome

July 8th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Here’s Brad Garrett and his girlfriend Isabella at the 2009 World Series of Poker in Vegas, and hats off to their simple, yet effective strategy. It took me about 45 minutes to realize Brad was even in this shot, let alone that there’s a poker game going on. So I’m pretty sure if I was playing, I would’ve said “Go Fish” before laying the deed to my house down on the table. And don’t act like Kenny Rogers wouldn’t have done the same thing. No one likes a liar.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that prove Everybody Loves Raymond. But mostly his residual checks.

Thanks to for passing along the nips. My first-born child is in the mail.




  2. rich


  3. KC

    Nice move, distract your poker opponents.

  4. KC

    Nice move, distract your poker opponents.

  5. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Naturally Funalicious….. but tiny tiny nipples!!! Could you get a hold of those with your teeth, my big ass lips would get in the way.

  6. KC

    Lame move, double posting…

  7. Dad

    He like POKE HER (poker)
    Had to say it!

  8. larrythecableguy

    do you actually even remotely understand what an idiot you are censoring something that does not need to be censored?

  9. vanDammit

    Poke Her Face?

  10. MRS

    Loving the penciled in eyebrow look.

  11. What a bummer. The plan failed. Next time she can wear a tank top made of clear plastic.

  12. tromba

    What’s the deal? Is this guy hung to his knees or is she just gold digging?

  13. Why there’s a star? lol! Indeed that’s distracting :)

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  14. rising

    My penis is rising again.

  15. bribios

    Brad Garret seriously pulls this kind of ass? I need money.

  16. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Liquer up front, poker in the rear.

  17. Joejam2845

    Is this girl even over 18????

  18. captain america

    When you’re expected to drop your sperm on these photos.
    ………………………YES, folks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Harry

    Hey Brad, Steve McNair on line 1.

  20. hotness

    She has a skanky look on her face like she loved to be reamed in the ass from behind and then lick your sword clean straight afterwards.

    Hotness indeed.

    ……… \m/ \m/ ………….

  21. Rhialto

    Hola! This is quite a hottie! He nipple says he’s having one pair.

  22. friendlyfires

    Isabella is sorta Brad’s attempt at an an Ace In The Hole, a distraction from the game. I like how the lesbian players get all boobs out and lipsticky to distract the guys who ate gunpowder and psychoactive drugs the night before.

  23. veronica

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  24. Albin Bainbridge

    Could you imagine how boring it must be for her to stand in the back and watch the boyfriend she’s clearly dating just for money playing poker? That crap can go on for hours, and it’s sleep-inducingly lame to watch.

  25. Renee

    You men on here think that all the women that they show on this site are hot. If they put a picture of a one eye dwarf with 3 breast (like on total recall) then you would talk about how hot that was- pathetic.

    i love the title- “she’s kinda awsome”

    looks to me “she is kinda flat chested.”

    and don’t even get me started on that pancake butt.

  26. Bosco

    Maybe if she didn’t look like a famine victim the plan would have worked better….

  27. mr hardon

    For Crissake, they’re just a pair of nipples. Anyone would think that the average male poster on here is a cretin with a constant hard-on :P

  28. Wolfie

    “Could you imagine how boring it must be for her to stand in the back and watch the boyfriend she’s clearly dating just for money playing poker?”

    She’s just glad he’s playing poker and not playing poke her.

  29. mikeock

    It’s too bad she’s fucking a giant, who will never see a frontal view of this chick.

  30. You mean the Yiddish Herman Munster is getting this?

  31. cammiez

    lolz @32, good one!

  32. bevo

    Wait a minute, where are the NSFW pictures? These are the NSFW photos? Where the hell do you work? A monastery?

  33. hjf

    this must be
    really retarded censoring.
    next you’ll be fundraising for pat robertson.

  34. Darth

    Ace in the hole?

  35. robert

    There is definitely something to be said about a guy who has a hot girlfriend who stands around watching him play cards. He’s one step away from having her make sandwiches and bring him beer while playing; which in my book, qualifies her for an engagement ring. :)

  36. She looks like a trashy Katie Holmes.


  37. JL

    Man, you throw some nipples on a retarded looking girl and everyone goes crazy. You people are way too easily impressed.

  38. Jessie

    Haha Wicked Chops is hilarious. Girls on the rail!

  39. Dick SORTA Throbbn

    Who the f**k is Brad Garrett?
    Is that the guy from “Crash Test Dummies” yum yum song?

    Nice nipples (.)(.)

  40. 10Pound

    WTF Fish? Where did your balls go? You’re covering up a faintly visible dark spot visible through a tshirt with the “omg nsfw” star?

    When did you start to suck?

  41. nate

    lol@ 32

  42. Galtacticus

    I see a full house.Though a two pair could be possible too.

  43. spud

    TV poker is for idiots, the only things stupider are MMA and UFC.

  44. britneysucks

    The only reason that the men here are so impressed is that she looks like a teenager and most of the male commenters here are pedophiles.

  45. britneysucks

    She looks like Lisa Marie Presley’s down syndrome teenage cousin.

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