Brad Garrett goes apeshit on some paps

Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) went nuts on the paparazzi last night in an unprovoked attack. Authorities are investigating assault charges, according to the AP:

Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Kristin Aloma said the 48-year-old Garrett has not been arrested in the incident that occurred late Tuesday or early Wednesday. She did not provide further details.
In the video, the man immediately claims Garrett broke his camera, although it shows him holding it up like he is still filming. The men exchange words and Garrett appears to challenge the paparazzi to a fight, but no punches were thrown.

The video is pretty intense. The paparazzi basically say “Good night” to Brad as he leaves a restaurant which he takes as an invitation to go freaking mental. He smashes a guy’s camera then tells him to get a real job before calling him a “pussy” and leaving. Clearly we’re in the presence of a superstar, folks. And by superstar I mean half of you are going to comment with “Who the fuck is Brad Garrett?” To which I say: Exactly.

Video: Hollywood.TV