Brad Garrett goes apeshit on some paps

November 12th, 2008 // 103 Comments

Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) went nuts on the paparazzi last night in an unprovoked attack. Authorities are investigating assault charges, according to the AP:

Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Kristin Aloma said the 48-year-old Garrett has not been arrested in the incident that occurred late Tuesday or early Wednesday. She did not provide further details.
In the video, the man immediately claims Garrett broke his camera, although it shows him holding it up like he is still filming. The men exchange words and Garrett appears to challenge the paparazzi to a fight, but no punches were thrown.

The video is pretty intense. The paparazzi basically say “Good night” to Brad as he leaves a restaurant which he takes as an invitation to go freaking mental. He smashes a guy’s camera then tells him to get a real job before calling him a “pussy” and leaving. Clearly we’re in the presence of a superstar, folks. And by superstar I mean half of you are going to comment with “Who the fuck is Brad Garrett?” To which I say: Exactly.

Video: Hollywood.TV

  1. Teabag

    Paps are no more than legal stalkers. They should all get a beating.

  2. second


  3. p0nk

    what?! so now you need a reason to beat up paparazzi?

  4. antoine bugleboy

    As much as I wanna pick on Brad Garret, I love it it when the “just doing my job” paps get their come-uppance.

    PS who the fuck is Brad Garret?

  5. Why do they expect Herman Munster to be cognizant of his own strength?

  6. veggi

    He should have kicked his ass so bad he started talking like rough daddy..

    you know, retarded like. no offense rough daddy :)

  7. fancy

    I think he would have been totally justified to bitch slap those blood sucking leech stalker assholes.

    that said i wish one of them had focused in on the girlfriend’s reaction – y’know she looked kinda hot and i bet she was making some great faces – the my date’s being tough to impress me but i’ll probably have to bail him out of jail later face


  8. What do we call Jimbo now?

    Doesn’t look like a troll to me. Looks like you posted and slipped up.
    Dheck out the Jennifer Anisten Blog

  9. Greg

    Good, Kick his ass Brad

  10. you want to kick my ass veggi?

  11. havoc

    Good for him. Fuck the paps.

    Get a real job….


  12. Killface

    “I’m a journalist.” Really? These people think they’re journalists now? So if I play catch with my son this weekend, am I an athlete?

  13. Killface

    “I’m a journalist.” Really? These people think they’re journalists now? So if I play catch with my son this weekend, am I an athlete?

  14. flair

    Good for him. All of those pricks with cameras need a good beat-down. It should be legal to beat the shit out of those worthless bastards. If they followed me around, I’d be pissed off too. Shame on you for defending these bottom-feeding scum.

  15. Heyyy i cant view this pic? whats going on here….

  16. captainobvious

    To those of you that hate paparazzi so much: you do realize how hypocritical you are, this site being what it is. Just saying…

  17. captainobvious

    To those of you that hate paparazzi so much: I hope you do realize how hypocritical you are, this site being what it is. Just saying…

  18. Dr. Phil

    You love it when the paps get non-glamorous pictures of celebrities, so you can shit on the celebrities. But you also love it when the paps get hurt.

    But you hate it when a celebrity gets hurt (“RIP Heath!!! Oh boo-hoo!!! Oh, Miss Hudson you are in my prayers!!!”).

    Diagnosis: bitter secretive fanboys and fangirls, taking time out from memorizing your latest copy of “People” to write anonymous nasty nonsense.

    Treatment: same as Paul Abdul’s stalker.

  19. eric

    War Brad Garret!

  20. dew

    Do I like celeb photos? Yes!

    Do I need them SO much that I want paps getting in celebs’ faces? NO!

    I can’t believe they’re considering “assault” charges for this. I suppose by the letter of the law knocking a camera out of someone’s hands might qualify as assault, but get real! I wonder if repeatedly setting off flashes in someones face at night could be considered assault under the letter of the law?

    I wonder how many leech-paps purposely antagonize celebs in the hopes of a lawsuit?

  21. haha no one saw the catalyst here? the dude just picked up a hot chick!!! of course hes going to display some ballz…broads are nothing but trouble, brad couldve gotten his ass kicked like veggi is going to do me or might be her clone…

  22. booboo

    You can’t have it both ways:

    You say Brad Garret is a nobody and sucks for getting pissed at paps. (hardly looks like he went “freaking mental” to me)

    yet Brad Garret is evidently not a nobody–otherwise why are all these (poor, victimized) paps so far up in his grill?

  23. caljenna

    @21 – Most, if not all, of them do…

  24. Meh

    You people act like this is complicated. I like celeb pictures, and I like seeing paps getting their asses kicked. Those are not mutually exclusive. Sheesh.

  25. antoine bugleboy

    Hey “captainobvious” – we’re not all hypocrites.

    I don’t come here for lame pictures of celebrities. I come here for Fish’s writing skills and occasional pictures of boobies, which may or may not be famous.

    Fuck the paps – but anyone taking pictures of boobies anywhere should be protected under every syllable of the constitution.

    These guys were not taking pictures of boobies, so they should be properly beat down. Who the fuck cares about stupid paps taking stupid pictures of Brad “who the fuck is he” Garrett.

  26. jim

    Making Iranians look bad one day at a time!

  27. ArtJam

    Hey Look It’s The Jolly Green DoucheBag!

  28. Bethany

    Some of these comments are as defensive as when all the latents get called on their homoerotic obsession with asses.

  29. CaptainMorgan

    Pooperatzzi should all be allowed to take pictures…from 6 feet under. I have more respect for a drug addict than these guys. Love how they provoke the guy, claim the camera is broken (yet it still takes pictures!?). This will go nowhere.

    And Fish, saying the video is “pretty intense” what the fuck were you watching? All I saw was a big lumbering oaf gettin all verbal on their asses with a guy deliberately getting in his way…hoping to get injured so he can have an easy payday in court. These guys should all be shot. Go Go Garrett!

  30. mONKeY

    For the dick defending paps…
    you have got to be fucking kidding me right??
    Yes I like pics and this site(mainly for the writing that goes along with the pics) so also no its not hypocritical…
    There is no need to get in anyones face to get a picture, you can be a mile away somewhere with a good camera, zoom in and get the shot. Those types of paps should get thrown in jail for what they do.. if not worse.. I dunno maybe chained to a pole naked for 3 days in the middle NYC so they would figure out what its like for the person they are taking pictures of!
    PS. I don’t know of anyone from this site getting off their ass and getting the pics themselves LMAO not that I blame any of you, you got it figured out!

  31. Uncle Eccoli

    ‘Latents’ as a noun – I love it!

    Paparazzi come with the job. If these celebs had any class at all they’d just ignore them. As I understand it, these photographers are perfectly well within their rights, even if they are obviously assholes. What a baby this Garrett is.

  32. @9, I hate to burst your bubble, but that was me. I was out to dinner at 6:54 PM last night..

  33. U-R-PlumCrazy!

    Ha unprovoked!
    I saw the whole video and yes he was. It is nice to see that they are only showing that part that makes Brad look bad.
    I hope there are no charges against him, these sleezy photogs should get nabbed for stalking.

  34. George

    Paparazzi are the lowest forms of life. Too bad these make money off the morons who really want to read about Brad Garrett leaving a restaurant or fucking Paris Hilton ordering a latte at Starbucks. I pity you fools.

  35. Horatio

    LOL at the guy at the end shouting PUSSY, he was calling them all on and once he finally decides to walk away this paparazzi pussy decides to chirp at him. He should have turned around and waxed that bitches ass.

  36. The Regulator

    If I hear one more fucking “celebrity” bitch and moan about the paparazzi I’ll kill them myself. You fuckers chose a profession solely for GREED and VANITY and EGO, then you need to deal with the repercussions. That means people taking your picture and harassing you all the time, for the rest of your hopefully short life. GREED HAS IT’S CONSEQUENCES, FUCKING OWN UP TO IT.

  37. aMs

    GOod job….I hate those paps …. I am sure that in 10 years they will go to jail for this …. or be leagally forced to pay the celebrities a cut from the money are making…

  38. Gaunt

    Who the fuck is Brad Garrett?

  39. miggs

    Photographers who maintain a respectful distance are the ones who take the pictures celebrities love. Paps are the photographers who take the pictures celebrities hate. Yes, it is completely hypocritical to cheer paps getting attacked if you are a regular at this site.

  40. Gaunt

    Who the fuck is Brad Garrett?

  41. John

    All Paparazzi deserve to die. Fish would say this kind of shit, given that he does the same faggity BS, but I’m glad ONE celeb had the balls to go apeshit on some pieces of shit fucks.

    Marlon Brando used to break paparazzis’ noses when they took shots he didn’t want them to.


  42. duhderdoye

    I agree, we should kill all the paparazzi. And then get rid of all computers. Then this site would be PERFECT!

  43. veggi

    My butthole itches something fierce.

  44. veggi

    oh GREAT! Now my fingers smell.

  45. j

    Get a real job? Actors pretend for a living and this guy gets his role because the part calls for somebody who is ogerish and looks like a mutant.

  46. LOLRanbo

    You need to just shut it Randal, errr I mean Jimbo, you sound guilty as shit.

  47. Jess

    I wish he would have kicked the shit out of those guys… Fucking stalkers!

  48. Screaming Meat Nugget

    Who the fuck is Brad Garrett?

  49. Screaming Meat Nugget

    Who the fuck is Brad Garrett?

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