Brangelina: The Statue

December 4th, 2009 // 94 Comments

From Daniel Edwards the sculptor of Britney Giving Birth and Angelina Double Breast-Feeding comes “Brangelina Forever.” Via Splash News:

Destined to exist forever, the way Brad and Angie’s relationship will persist in peoples’ memories. Theirs is the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton romance of our time.

Let me just shoot that theory down by asking who the hell is Richard Burton? In the meantime, “Brangelina Forever” currently resides in some ritzy house in Oklahoma, and if you’re actually paying money for a statue of Brad and Angelina about to make another baby, congratulations, you’re a serial killer. (Please don’t make a necklace out of my toes.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. SkankyPanda

    Fuck you for not knowing who Richard Burton is!

  2. Bigmofo


  3. farles chew

    Well, they got the scary ribs right.

  4. OPS

    The only question is “Vaginal or anal?”

  5. OPS

    The only question is “Vaginal or anal?”

  6. Dave

    I live in oklahoma and I’m dying to find out who owns this and actually, why would be a better question.

  7. Alex

    She was pretty conservative on Angelina’s cans.

  8. Don

    where is the Angelina rack?

  9. sick of these fugs

    I FUCKING HATE this overrated couple and this douche “artist” who loves them needs a fucking love life of his own. These two retards will be splitsville soon and no one gives a fuck about them anymore anyway except the incurable losers who worship this horse faced hag and her man servant and everyone knows such people are mentally unstable and would worship a fucking donkey if it’s lips were big enough and if it adopted some kids that look “exotic” to untraveled miserable little goth trolls who don’t know any better and don’t question anything as long as pretty people say it’s good.

    All these turds ever had going for them was their looks and now they both look like total shit now compared to their prime, which wasn’t that good anyway. Their day is done, fuck the hell off Brangelina, your kids are going to be the most maladjusted little brats on the planet, can’t wait to see that. They’ll make Lindsay and Britney look like fucking angels and make a lot of bloggers, therapists, drug dealers, lawyers, and paparazzi very very rich.

  10. Jim

    I got a boner.

  11. mel

    The bird is a nice touch.

  12. A. Soto

    Fuck you for not knowing who Richard Burton is! x 2

  13. Angelina’s rack is way smaller than this these days, she’s fucking so thin you can see her gross giant coke veins.,,20324267,00.html#20711935

  14. wtf!?

    why would some one who is not either of them want a fucking statue of them?

  15. jennifer aniston

    where is the vial of blood…that’s not authentic!!!

  16. Hello!

    Give me a freakin break! Why would anyone want a damned statue of those people,and that does NOT look like that bitch,Brad hasnt looked that good in a LONG time,and their bodies do NOT look that good-never has.WTF! PLEASE!

  17. Amanda

    You sir, are quite the sociologist.

    And as far as “The Brange” being “destined to exist forever” like Taylor and Burton, didn’t those two divorce…twice?

  18. stoplookingatme

    This is creepy in so very many ways… Not the least of which is how little it actually resembles either one of them.

  19. Pepe Canolahead

    How is it that this hack sculptor always gets press for his shitty work? Is the blogoshphere so desperate for anything remotely related to celebrities that they will publicize anyting remotely related to them?

  20. Lux

    What an UGLY statue. The proportions are awful; has this guy ever seen a tit? This is some community college 101 quality right here.

  21. Harold^Sick

    Swing and a miss. Not even close.

  22. Jake the Snake

    @ #19

    try and hit up a Thesaurus next time.

    accidentally, as a by-product, as side effect, by the bye, by the way, casually, fortuitously, in passing, in related manner, not by design, obiter, parenthetically, remotely, subordinately, unexpectedly

  23. Dan

    Bird bird bird – bird’s the word? Where the heck did the bird come from?!?!

  24. This isn’t the kind of thing that generally comes up in polite conversation, but I find her lack of nipples really distracting.

  25. Ha!

    WTF is romantic about their relationship. It’s opportunistic at best. God they are annoying. These statues are so freaking creepy.

  26. Ha!

    WTF is romantic about their relationship? It’s opportunistic at best. God they are annoying. These statues are so freaking creepy.

  27. Word

    the bird is so angelina can suck its blood out hehehehehehehehe

  28. Irrelevant

    Did he put her in a headband? Maybe that and the bird is supposed to liken her to Snow White? Ironic.

  29. Art Major

    The bird is shitting. It’s a symbolic representation of the both artist’s shitty skills as well as the real value these two people have to the world.

  30. jen

    brad’s probably not packing much in the pants, I just have a gut feeling

  31. Leonidas

    This guy was clearly influenced by Michelangelo, hence the very masculine appearance of Angelina. Just sayin’

  32. Lisa

    “This guy was clearly influenced by Michelangelo, hence the very masculine appearance of Angelina. Just sayin’”

    Angelina’s always looked masculine.

  33. Aunt Jemima

    They are having a three-way with a bird? Well if an egg can fit in there, why not Brad’s dick and Angelina’s tongue?

  34. asdasd

    yup, this is just bad. doesn’t even look like them. the wax museum “artists” are better than this hack. hell, there are artists in my local community college better than this. this is not art, it is celeb opportunism.

  35. It is so funny

    If you are bored this weekend, hop on over to Just Jared and click on Brad or Angie and read the deranged postings their #1 fans post. You will be amazed.

  36. Questions Abound

    1. Why is Brad fondling himself, instead of Angelina? Is the implication he is selfish or not interested in women?
    2. Why does Brad have the physique of Gerard Butler? Is the implication that Angelina is fantasizing about King Leonidas of SPARTA!?
    3. Why are her eyes closed? Does it imply that Angelina does not like Brad or is turned off by Brad’s knee-jerk support of Obama?
    4. The bird. I believe he may symbolize several possible things:
    4.a: He is saying “A little bird told me you are a skank and your husband’s beard is even skankier.”
    4.b: He is carrying a message from Billy Bob Thornton “I have fresh gator blood Angie, just swing by my house.”
    4.c: He is thinking of saying “Oh boy, and I thought I have had my share of droppings displayed in public!”

    Questions abound. Such is art. It gets us to think – what trash celebrities are.

  37. dude

    What is that, like 70 ribs between them?

  38. ppl

    looks like fake titties…. silicon titties

  39. lame

    this is probably the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life.

  40. Tony the tigger

    except for the fact it looks nothing like either one of them, it looks exactly like them.

  41. Disgusting.

    Whose bodies are those supposed to be?

    Is it a tribute to adultery?

  42. Anon

    Fuck you for not knowing who Richard Burton is! x 3

  43. Kitty

    First of all, I bet Jennifer is LOVING this statue of her ex, complete with Homewrecker.

    Second of all, this “artist” has some really weird, creepy statues. Look up the one of Britney giving birth on all fours. Fucking weird, dude.

  44. lola

    At least Angelina looks like herself- before the plastic surgery

  45. Lone Wolf

    I’m as far from a fan of Brangelina as you can be, but this “artist” is a no-talent, opportunistic, publicity-seeking douchenozzle of a hack, and anyone who buys any of the dog vomit abortion that he is shoving down the public’s throat like an Aurora Snow gag video should be forced to spend the rest of his or her miserable bad-decision-makng life being force fed the Octomom’s afterbirth while listening to Britney Spears songs and watching Lindsay Lohan movies.

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  47. Chelle

    Wow, that is one great big piece of ugly. Brad looks bored, yet somehow the expression on Angelina’s face indicates that he had to slip her a roofie.

  48. Jana

    Are you kidding me???? You dont know who Richard Burton is??? Whats wrong with you? Stupid dumbass, you should be fucking ashamed for saying that. I think that you should bring the old superf. writer back, cos you suck big time!! Youre not even funny anymore!!!!!!

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