Brad Pitt Just Shat On ‘The Passion of The Christ’

Full Disclosure: The actual subject of this post is Mel Gibson’s crazy face in each and every one of these photos. But in case those don’t fill with you a childlike glee as they do me, here’s Brad Pitt saying some shit about The Passion of the Christ while discussing his life growing up in the Bible Belt with T Magazine:

“Movies were a way out,” he says. “If you live in a vacuum and suddenly you’re exposed to the world, you’re exposed to other cultures. And remember, this was pre-internet. This was the only lens that could show me how a kid in Brooklyn lived, a kid in Ireland, a kid in Africa.”
On the topic of exotic worlds, he mentions a film he’d like to make about Pontius Pilate, mostly because the script, which focuses on a mediocre Roman official stuck in the middle of nowhere with difficult people he doesn’t like, makes him smile. Jesus doesn’t get much screen time. “It certainly won’t be for the ‘Passion’ crowd,” he says, which reminds me that Mel Gibson’s torture-porn epic is one of the things that drove me out of the church. Pitt bursts into laughter. “I felt like I was just watching an L. Ron Hubbard propaganda film.”

When reached for comment, Mel Gibson frothed, “I’ll fuck him in the ass!” to which Tom Cruise added, “Whoa, we can do that? Sign me up for that. I want that stuff.” He then clicked his heels and retreated to a tree to bake cookies with the other elves. They weren’t going to believe this shit!

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