‘Drink My Beer, Best Friend!’

While clearly staying in New Orleans without Angelina Jolie and their child army, Brad Pitt spotted Matthew McConaughey on a balcony across the street where he’s in town filming The Amazing Race with Drew Brees. So naturally he started throwing beers at them because that’s what best friends do when kids and their soft, delicate heads that collapse under the weight of liquid-filled aluminum are around. Except probably the best part of these pics is seeing the look of pure joy on Brad Pitt’s face juxtaposed with Matthew McConaughey’s body language in almost every shot which is, “Honey, I don’t fucking know, it’s Brad Pitt. He just started throwing shit.” Rust Cohle just wanted to watch the meat puppets mill about like they actually have somewhere to be that matters in this piss-bucket called life. (Nice right hook, Marty.)

Photos: FameFlynet