Brad Pitt Tried to Hire a Nanny That Looks Like Jennifer Aniston

Because this narrative never gets old, Brad Pitt still secretly yearns for Jennifer Aniston so much that now he’s hiring nannies that look just like her behind Angelina Jolie’s back. He’s like the Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner if the Road Runner always had really hard nips. Via Hollywood Life:

”When Angie found out, she absolutely lost it, and the two had a horrible fight the day after Mother’s Day,” the source says. “She is livid; she feels lied to and deceived.”
… And it sounds like Angie’s really upping the requirements for all future applicants:
“The first applicant Angie vetoed has a degree in child development, speaks three languages and knows how to box,” the source reveals. “Unfortunately, she’s also 24 years old, shapely and adorable.”

Of course, this makes much more sense than, I dunno, let’s say, Brad Pitt just going ahead and banging the real Jennifer Aniston whenever he wants. Because, seriously, all it would take is, “You were right, kids suck,” and five minutes later she’s screaming “Zamboni me!” because her vagina’s an icebox. He’d have to wear a blindfold just to make it challenging.

Photo: Splash News