This is Brad Pitt’s Assistant

Last week, the Internet was aflutter after photos surfaced of Brad Pitt with a comely young assistant, Lara Marsden, on the set of World War Z.

This is that assistant.

Now, while most people might be inclined to say Angelina Jolie better watch her back now that there’s a younger woman unweathered by the rigors of parenting in the picture, I’m actually more concerned about this chick looking young enough to live in fear of child snatching.

BRAD: Wait, why are there seven kids here?
ANGELINA: Because we have a new daughter! In fact, I think you two have already met. Lara, come over and say hi to your new daddy.
LARA: Hi, daddy!
BRAD: Sonofa- again, Angie?
ANGELINA: Don’t you dare bring up, Maggie! Not after she drowned in that tub like that!
BRAD: Baby, I’m sorry… Wait, Maggie? I thought her name was Julie. Maggie was my assistant on Moneyb- Ah, god, seriously, Angie?
ANGELINA: Let’s get tattoos!

Photo: Flynet