Boy George to face trial for false imprisonment


Boy George was ordered to stand trial for false imprisonment yesterday. The victim claims Boy George handcuffed him to a bed and threatened him with sex toys back in April. Boy George could face life in prison if he’s found guilty. NY Daily News reports:

The alleged victim, Auden Karlsen, claims he and Boy George met on the Web site Gaydar and he agreed to go to the entertainer’s apartment to pose for photos in exchange for about $840.

Karlsen claims the “Karma Chameleon” singer and an unidentified man changed into sadistic creeps and held him captive.
“I was convinced I was going to die,” Karlsen told the Daily Mail of London earlier this year.

This is nonsense. Boy George doesn’t the look the kind of guy who has to trap people in his house then hold them prisoner. Look at him, he’s attractive. Sure he’s bald, overweight and has a crazy tattoo on his ridiculously pale head. That’s sexy, right? No, it isn’t? I’m still drunk from yesterday? Damn, I thought you wouldn’t notice. What tipped you off? Besides my car being parked in the upstairs bathroom. Hey, it wasn’t me, man. That pumpkin pie said he was okay to drive.

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