Boy George to face trial for false imprisonment

November 23rd, 2007 // 52 Comments

Boy George was ordered to stand trial for false imprisonment yesterday. The victim claims Boy George handcuffed him to a bed and threatened him with sex toys back in April. Boy George could face life in prison if he’s found guilty. NY Daily News reports:

The alleged victim, Auden Karlsen, claims he and Boy George met on the Web site Gaydar and he agreed to go to the entertainer’s apartment to pose for photos in exchange for about $840.

Karlsen claims the “Karma Chameleon” singer and an unidentified man changed into sadistic creeps and held him captive.
“I was convinced I was going to die,” Karlsen told the Daily Mail of London earlier this year.

This is nonsense. Boy George doesn’t the look the kind of guy who has to trap people in his house then hold them prisoner. Look at him, he’s attractive. Sure he’s bald, overweight and has a crazy tattoo on his ridiculously pale head. That’s sexy, right? No, it isn’t? I’m still drunk from yesterday? Damn, I thought you wouldn’t notice. What tipped you off? Besides my car being parked in the upstairs bathroom. Hey, it wasn’t me, man. That pumpkin pie said he was okay to drive.


  1. Caroline


  2. KC

    I’ve always wanted to hurt him.

  3. LayDeeBug

    Victim – “Do you really want to hurt me?”

    Boy George – “Time won’t give me time. We’re in the Church of the Poison Mind and I Just Want to be Loved. So I’ll Tumble For Ya.”

    Victim – “Well, where’s my Black Money honey?”

    Boy Goerge – “Damn, Karma Chameleon’s gonna get you, White Boy.

  4. fart knocker

    He reminds me of a fat, creepy version of Powder.

  5. hotbeach

    Boy George??He was said to be found on a millionaire&celebs dating club before . He has a personal account there with his handsome pictures, blog …In his friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  6. Jaba the Slut

    I’m glad all of you morons know how to count.

  7. LayDeeBug

    Will some please tell me who these absolutely fucking annoying douchebags are with the millionaire comments. I mean, Christ, pay for some goddamn commercials and stop advertising on this utterly useless blog space where nobody give a crap about your fucking millionair cllub.

    If I could, I’d choke the brains out of you. I’d hold your throat until it crunched and your lips were blue, whole kneeing you kn the crotch until it was a bleeding pulp.


  8. Mdiz

    Uncle Festers gay?

  9. LayDeeBug

    while not whole.

  10. liz

    who cares!

  11. Shallow Val

    #7, GET A REAL JOB!!!!

  12. Ript1&0

    Boy George is a FRRR EAK!!! Awesome, love it.

    PS= Don’t front like you’re not just as drunk as any other day Fish. Just get out of bed slowly and have some water…. Wait. What’s on your wrist…..? Is that a handcuff?? You shouldn’t have had all that turdukhen and passed out so soon, huh?

    Georgie and I have a tag team thing going. We go way back.

  13. Rowan

    What’s on his head??

  14. fergernauster


  15. This time – you can be he won’t be doing community service – if he is found guilty.

    But again, he may have been set up – we’ll see!

  16. Guy

    This is what all pretty emo boys will look like in 20 years.

  17. …eeeeeewwwww.
    He’s on my list of top people I would never want to get raped by. gross.

  18. jail him till he dies please, for women’s sake.

  19. Soy

    What NO Brit???
    yaAWN ….
    oh i see its like thatTODAY
    sleep or mall crowds

  20. Dwayne

    WTF??FISH you racist!
    wheres the black content???

  21. Whitey

    I think this is shit, someone trying to scam him cos he’s famous, what a wanker.

  22. Puptaco

    who gives a F_ _ _

  23. Hey! What’s that on the old man’s head?

  24. Buffalo Boy George

    It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose

  25. amma

    Hahahahah!!! #26-you NAILED it!

  26. TommyGun


  27. Didn’t Rick James do this same shit? Damn, these dudes need to lay off the crackarocka……….

  28. EZ

    BG was quoted as saying, “Give me time … to realize my crime.”

  29. redsonja1313

    What the hell is that tat on his head ???

  30. 12:51

    i think it’s the star of David … i liked him better with the bucket hats silly hair and makup, with oversized shirts and leg warmers … though i’m sure he just grew into the shirts

  31. maranda45678

    you are so cool. but i just found out your secret that you have joined an online ad*ult club, is it true?

  32. 1MILF Hunter

    A scary fairy.

  33. The Daily Mail

    You all know the Brits are way smarter than we are, right? They discovered Big Ben and all and called it the English Channel to fend off the Armada? Well, to punish Boy George, to make him crack, I daresay, they refused his solicitor’s request to lock him up with a bunch of sex-starved men in a dank dungeon like the Cunt of Monte Crisco or something. I rest my case and retire, Your Holinesses.

  34. blizzy

    Seriously yall…don’t fuck with Boy George. He’ll kill us all!


  35. God, smoke more cr4axcfcorol yeaqh

  36. God, smoke more cr4axcfcorol yeaqh

  37. Miguelito

    I’ll bet if Mr. George had offered this guy $8,200 instead of $820 this case would never have gone to court.

    On the contrary, he would have gone back for more and gotten tied up and pistol-whipped again. But no rent boy worth his rapidly-fading youth will put up with that treatment for less than a G.

  38. Hmmm

    “The victim claims Boy George handcuffed him to a bed and threatened him with sex toys”
    Christ…what an image!

  39. Hmmm

    “The victim claims Boy George handcuffed him to a bed and threatened him with sex toys”
    Christ…what an image!

  40. Hmmm

    Ooop, sorry I seem to have developed a stutter above

  41. L.Linus

    After throwing up, and wiping the blood from my eyes, I know this world is coming to an end!!

  42. Missystar

    I just woke up, I have a cold and I feel like dogshit. So I logged on, hoping for some cheer, and got it. You guys are in rare form. My 2 cents…why doesn’t this fat fuck get his act together? Never mind the criminal shit, I mean he needs to hit the gym 5x/wk, cut out the booze and clotted cream, and so forth. There is nothing sadder than an old fat queen.

  43. Rabbi Schiller

    Oy gevalt! Does this faygala have a Star of David on his goyishe kop?

  44. Too much publicity for this old gay!

  45. brian d

    wow, i didnt know he was a faggot and a jew!! someone needs too kill this fuck.

  46. devendon

    wow, i think that the old guy should face music. by the way, i just heard someone said on Yahoo group that he is a member of an online site sugarmommymeet.. you know the site is a rich women seeking fun site. Sugar mommy and sugar baby come from all walks of life.. if it is true!

  47. Seriously yall…don’t fuck with Boy George. He’ll kill us all!


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