Boy George gets 15 months for imprisoning escort

January 16th, 2009 // 45 Comments

Boy George (Real name: George O’Dowd) was sentenced to 15 months in jail today for falsely imprisoning a male escort in April 2007, according to the AP:

The singer had been convicted in December of handcuffing Norwegian escort Audun Carlsen to a wall hook at his East London apartment. During the trial, prosecutors said Carlsen was held by O’Dowd for under an hour.
The singer denied the charge, saying he had restrained Carlsen with handcuffs while trying to figure out if a computer had been tampered with. Carlsen, 29, said O’Dowd swung at him with a metal chain as he ran from the apartment after a naked photo shoot.

Boy George’s lawyer argued that George was whacked out of his mind on drugs and “was not himself” during the incident which, obviously, turned out to be the shittiest legal defense imaginable.

Photos: WENN

  1. bmurphy72

    Oohh, Really gay. should speak for Peta

  2. bmurphy72

    That might even be straight gay now………also FIRST

  3. bmurphy72

    Also First

  4. When did Boy George get replaced by a baby seal?

    Hey, check out this vid about the DUD THAT GOT TRAMPLED AT WAL-MART:

  5. ESkee

    The first time I saw this picture I thought it was Kevin Spacey.

  6. Buddy Love


  7. @ Buddy Love — it’s cool, playboy. Todders just spillin his thoughts!

  8. p0nk

    seems to be a better defense would be that the escort didn’t use the ‘safe word’.

  9. GonnaLikePrison

    Boy George will like prison. No longer will he have to pay for escort service to hide a salami in his rump roast. He’ll get to do it for free.

  10. p0nk

    todders, seriously, take your fucking spam elsewhere.

  11. Italian Stallion

    I remember this douchebag from The Adams Family, Uncle Fester, right?

  12. Allen's Woody

    That first photo of B.G. screams: “I am Beldar!”

  13. iSay

    Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks!

  14. Randal

    Life will always through us curve balls and we must learn to hit them or strike out as they come our way.

    Boy George began his career with Culture Club, a vibrant and original band from the 80′s which only helped propel him to his current DJ status, one of the biggest and best in the UK. Paul Oakenfold, sit down.

    We’ve seen you red, gold and green George, perhaps when you’re released, we’ll see you as blue, purple and black.


  15. Barry O

    It looks like Roseanne Barr.

    Maybe his lawyer should’ve used the argument “at least he wasn’t molesting kids”.

  16. jennyjenjen

    I love him and want to have his babies. I want him to fuck me in the poop chute. I’m a dumb whore.

  17. hausfrau

    Wow jennyjenjen, you seem to have a particularly nasty troll.

  18. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Boy George’s fat penis and swallows his limey juice

  19. You mean for impersonating King Kong Bundy? (see link on my name if the name doesn’t ring a bell)

  20. Captain Sloppy

    Wait, I thought they were supposed to be punishing him. Sending Boy George to jail is a REWARD, not a punishment.

  21. home

    When Rosie O’Donnell shave her head bald? She’s looking much better lately

  22. Master of The Obvious

    He’s gonna be singin’ like a jailbird…”Do you really want my herpes??? Do you really want these scabs like mine??? Feel free to add a verse…this shit writes itself

  23. blp

    This is what happens eventually when u decide to be a faggot. Faggots are perverts by nature, only a matter of time b4 u start chaining sex slaves in your basement. Like 13 said, dicks are for chicks. Remember kids, you’re not born gay, you learn it!

  24. justifiable

    #23 So who taught you?

  25. blp

    #24. It’s instinct. Some stuff I just know, I feel it and know it’s true. Like I know there is a creator or god, doesn’t give religious folk the right to kill people in it’s name but it’s there.

  26. tc

    #23. Fuckin’ right. He became gay because it was trendy at the time, and a good way to sell records.

    I am sure he regrets it now, but he has to live with his choices, and we should give poor unfortunate people like him our support.

  27. dew

    He hand-cuffed the escort for less than an hour, and then told the courts that the reason he cuffed the escort was because he was trying to see if a pc was messed with? Dumb, dumb, dumb!

    He should have told them that it was sexual S&M play, because the guy was an escort, and it was such a short period of time, everyone would have believed it. But he had to go and tell them he falsely imprisoned an escort while checking on his pc.

    He must have really stupid lawyers!

  28. If Boy George had done this to me, I wouldn’t have complained– I would have sent him roses and a coupon for a complementary cleveland steamer.

  29. 360 eyeroll

    #25 ROTFL, justifiable meant who taught you to be gay. Lameass. I just feel that and I know it to be true – you’re a lameass.

  30. one thing’s for sure though: PENIS’ ENOUGH THERE, folks!!

  31. Pee Wee From Porky's

    15 Months for roughing up a hooker?
    The terrorists have won :(

  32. Sheva

    Damn, that band Culture Club had some silky smooth songs. A few I was just listening to about a month back and marveling at how good.
    Don’t know if he wrote any of it but….

    Time don’t give us time…. but now this guy’s lover’s feel that they got something real… but you and me we got nothing but time.

    Now how fucked up is that. He’ll be singing that shit to some big black guy named Buck.

    Surreal man.

  33. erinrmp

    i’m pretty convined this is a madden brother…

  34. AndrewMacCloud

    What a Tragedy.

    What the hell happened to his holy drug free, celibate, non smoking , non alcohol Hara Hara Krishna lifestyle…?.

    He should have consulted Tom Cruise for some Scientology cure….

    Looks like now he’s a Victim of the Church of the Poison Mind

    Hoppefully he’ll get his shit back together in prison …mght do him some good after all ….

  35. Y'all Ain't Right

    Boy George in that first picture looks like this dude who used to be my boss … and yes, he was/is gay … and wore a lot of jewelry.

    George was complaining that “time won’t give him time.” Well, now he’s got 15 months. He’ll be asking “Do you really want to hurt me?” to his cellmate next, while whining “you come and go” but not enough coming, apparently, for him.

    Although Boy George is quite tall. I mean, he’s 6’4″. He ain’t exactly gonna be someone’s bitch in prison….

  36. the fat guy

    Didn’t he blow himself up in Total Recall?

  37. xtians are sickos

    “…only a matter of time b4 u start chaining sex slaves in your basement.”

    You mean like the christian father in Austria who imrisoned his daughter as a sex slave and forced her to bear his children?

    Yea, sure. Why do you xtians hate science?

  38. Borat

    Sending homofag to jail is like send dog to butcher shop.

  39. Barry O

    Left out this portion of forgotten gossip:

    But defending barrister Adrian Waterman said: “You had told George that you were HIV positive, hadn’t you?”

    Mr Karlsen answered: “Yes.”

    Mr Waterman: “And you still say he performed unprotected oral sex on you?”

    “Yes,” replied Mr Karlsen.

  40. Amy

    @ #23: If he chose to become gay “because it was trendy at the time,” but later came to regret that “choice”, why did he just not “choose” to become straight?

    You are an idiot, my simple friend. :)

  41. JoeJam2845

    AS if Boy Charles wasn’t Faggot enough! Now he gets to be some bubba’s Sweetboy! This could get gooood!

  42. ukneadryebeard

    Seriously? Not one of you said, “GIT IN MY BELLY!”

  43. bust it

    Boy George is slowly morphing into Divine: pre make-up/fake titties/costume/dog shit eating…and if Divine had really lame bedazzling skills.

  44. jay

    Well, at least his anus will be getting some much deserved and highly anticipated attention in the near future!

  45. I am sure he regrets now, but must live with their choices, and we must give to the poor wretches like him our support.

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