Botox Mom Lost Custody of Her Kid

Forgive me for indulging in two feel-good stories of the day, but every once in a while it’s nice to see a glimmer of hope for humanity as opposed to shit like this.

Kerry Campbell, a.k.a. Botox Mom has just lost custody of her 8-year-old daughter Britney because, surprise! Apparently you can’t go on TV and reveal you inject your kid with botox so she can compete in beauty pageants thus offering a vicarious outlet for your fat ass. ABC News reports:

On Friday, the San Francisco Human Services Agency, launched an investigation into Campbell after she admitted to “Good Morning America” that she injected botox into her daughter’s face to help her in beauty pageants.
“It’s pretty unusual for a mom to be injecting an 8-year-old with botox and certainly is grounds for an investigation,” said Trent Rohrer of the San Francisco Human Services Agency on Friday.
Campbell and daughter Britney, appeared on “Good Morning America” last week defending the 8-year-old pageant contestant’s use of botox.
“I just, like, don’t, like, think wrinkles are nice on little girls,” Britney said.
Britney admitted it hurt to get the injections on her face, but said she was used to the pain.
The admission sparked an uproar online, in the medical community and by child advocates.
Campbell told ABC News that she does not believe she’s endangering Britney’s health and that her daughter asked for the injections. The mom is a part-time aesthetician and no stranger to botox herself, having done the treatment on her own face.
“Like I said, I do the botox myself. It’s safe,” she said.

Oh, good, Botox Mom does the injections on her own face, so clearly it must be safe for a still-developing child’s body. By that logic, third graders should be allowed to drink whiskey because obviously it hasn’t killed me yet. Also, I’m pretty sure they stop growing at six anyway and just sort of fake it the rest of the time. You know kids.

Photo: ABC News