Botox Mom Was an Actress Paid to Pretend She Gave Her Kid Botox

May 19th, 2011 // 46 Comments
Botox Mom Kerry Campbell

So apparently Botox Mom was nothing but a giant scam. Not only did Kerry Campbell never inject her eight-year-old daughter with Botox, her name isn’t even Kerry Campbell and, for kicks, let’s also assume the kid’s Arnold’s. TMZ reports:

TMZ has obtained a sworn declaration written by Sheena Upton, who claims she was recently approached by the British tabloid, The Sun, and asked “to play the role of Kerry Campbell” for a story called “I Give My 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox.”
Upton now confesses The Sun paid her $200 adding, “I was provided with the story, instructions and a script to follow for a recorded interview.”
After the story ran in The Sun, Upton says she was approached by “Good Morning America” and “Inside Edition” and claims she was offered “a large fee” to appear on camera. She went on both shows and re-told her story.
After the interview, child welfare officials took Upton’s daughter away.
Upton now admits in her declaration, “The truth is I have never given my daughter Botox, nor allowed her to get any type of waxing, nor is she a beauty pageant contestant.”
Upton says professionals agree with her declaration, because on May 17, she took her daughter to the UCLA Medical Center and says, “After my daughter received a full medical exam, the results indicated that she has not ever received treatments including Botox or other such injections.”

Child services has already returned Kerry/Sheena/Botox Mom’s daughter presumably with some form of warning that roughly translates to, “You’re a fucking idiot.” In the meantime, I hope we’ve all learned a valuable lesson about believing everything we see on TV, and also that I was right about Heidi Montag being entirely CGI. I don’t see how this doesn’t prove it.


  1. Black

    Reporters leave
    *turns to lawyer
    “Do I have to give back my interview money?

  2. LeggoMyEggoOnMyFace-O

    Makes sense that the media is just one step closer to the tabloids than real news these days. Source: The Sun.

  3. Nate

    DID YOU REALLY LEARN ANYTHING? No I doubt that you did.

  4. Ed

    Damn they bought her cheap!

  5. Black

    Reporters leave
    *turns to lawyer
    “Between you and me, if his didn’t work I would have had to go with the ‘devil made me do it’ line.”

  6. CrackedPepper86

    You’re not funny, blackie.

  7. Cock Dr

    A new contender for the “Dumb Cunt of the Year” award.

  8. Pat

    Come on, give it up for them, everybody got taken on this story. A perfect example of how people can’t discriminate real news from exaggerated or completely made up stuff. The audience for Fox News, for example.

    • Blame Fox News for a fake news story broadcast by ABC…yeah, that makes sense. Good thing you dodged that “looking like a total moron” bullet.

      • Reading is Sexy

        Oh, how cute. Someone still believes that the different media outlets are independent of one another.

        Do you also ride a purple unicorn to work and wear magic slippers?

  9. I’d pay her a dollar if she’d shoot up Botox into her fat neck.

  10. fartbucket

    not really seeing how this makes her less of a famewhore than other pageant moms.

  11. the sun? wow, a rupert murdoch paper printing lies. stop the presses!

  12. alex

    You people are calling her an idiot, you just keep your eyes on this story…she is going to sue the shit out of The Sun and the state for taking away her kid–and the mental anguish of putting her child through such a trying ordeal.

    “I was simply doing an acting job and you took away my child, sending the story into the stratosphere of the blogosphere–I’ll never act again and I want 1.2 million dollars.”

    And she’s going to get it too. The Sun has DEEP pockets.

    • Clueless

      You are an idiot. How the hell do you think she’s going to successfully sue the Sun when she agreed to do this and was paid for it?

  13. This only makes her more fucked up and destructive. Way to show your daughter the only way to get noticed is to lie for a few dollars.

  14. The Listener

    So anyone can make up a lie, have it published in a tabloid, and then entertainment news shows will just aire the interview without any kind of background check on the person. Lazy, lazy, lazy journalism. No one takes the time to check info before putting it in print or airing it on tv. Everyone is in such a rush to put a hot new story on tv that they don’t take the time to verify the authenticity of the story.

    • Clueless

      How would you verify this story? She said she was doing the injections herself in her own home. How would you verify that?

  15. Gigi

    Stupid bitch. She’s pretty cheap. Probably would do tricks on the street corner for less than $50.

  16. ghost

    What this story seems to be saying is that there isn’t much she won’t do for money. Risking her parental rights for $200 doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

  17. RoboZombie

    Fat AND Stupid. Nice combo.
    PS Also ugly

  18. There is no apps for rough

    Nope the kid doesnt look like a sweathog to me, why did I fall that story? I think lack of pics.

  19. This is making me rethink my “make local police think I’m murdering prostitutes to get on TV” plan.

  20. Jan K

    Howard Stern said this was a hoax when a caller told him about the story.

  21. JN

    And especially don’t believe everything we read on blogs, which is the only place I’ve ever seen this story.

  22. The Critical Crassness

    Props to “The Sun” for a creative approach to making up stories. Now, if Hollywood Life could only adopt the same idea to one its’ stories, maybe one about a Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus sextape!

  23. Well, that’s just great. Now your’e daughter is going to get wrinkles.

  24. Racer X

    I’d hit it.

    /the mom that is

  25. Eggs = Scrambled male chicks

    I look at THE SUN website- AND THIS UPDATED STORY ISNT ON THERE!! What idiots- why not report about important things in thre world rather than making stuff up

  26. Eggs = Scrambled male chicks

    ‘The sun’ is full of sexist and racist bias articles
    I hope they feel ashamed

    • Clueless

      I don’t think the sun has shame.

    • Ghetty Real

      yes the ‘man’ made her do it
      …until women take responsibility for their actions, I will continue to treat them like they want and keep wiping it off in their hair

  27. I guess her daughter exceeded the weight limit of the “my child is in that weather balloon,” fame cry.

  28. Joe

    Maybe stupid ass CPS should listen to Howard Stern since he obviously has more sense then them.

  29. UY

    Do the Brits really need to stage American stupidity? Can’t they find the real thing? Maybe West Virginia has always just been a British reality show?

  30. Ghetty Real


    99% of life is Bullshit – those prophetic words keep appearing.

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