Bon Jovi Surrounded by Naked Chicks

These are never-before-seen shots of Jon Bon Jovi from the new book Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi and apparently they’re shocking because Bon Jovi was considered a relatively clean-cut band in the 80s. Granted, they were no Jonas Brothers, they also weren’t Mötley Crüe who let’s all agree was the better band or you can get the fuck out. (Evidence below.) In the meantime, I don’t know who decided to toss Michael Jackson in these promo stills because that’s probably the last person anyone wants to see after basically witnessing an orgy. I’m assuming it’s to scare off young boys who shouldn’t be looking at explicit material in the first place. “Oh, wow, boobies- AHH! It’s that guy mom and dad warned me about! To the panic room!” *lights book on fire*

NOTE: Click Here for NSFW versions and my apologies if I missed censoring any nips. There was 100 of them.

Photos: Splash News