Bobby Brown hits on Tamala Jones

tamala-jones-brown.jpgActress Tamala Jones is claiming that Bobby Brown “crudely propositioned her” during Nick Cannon’s birthday party at a Los Angeles bowling alley.

Brown was “drunk and jaws just clicking and clacking back and forth,” Jones says in the latest issue of Smooth magazine. “He came over and said, ‘What’s up?’ … He picks me up and he’s like, ‘I heard you been in Atlanta, girl. Why you don’t come and see me? Don’t you know I always wanted to f- you?’ I’m like, ‘Boy you better put me down! I am dating somebody that’s in the business, and he’s from Atlanta. … You know my dude and I know your wife.’ … He said he wasn’t even with Whitney anymore. I got snatched back. … It was Bobby; he pulled me by my hair and kind of like pulled me back. I was like, ‘You better stop playing,’ and I walked on. Then he yanked me back harder and now my whole body tripped back and I’m ’bout to fall. I turn around and he pushes me. I push him back! Then he pushes me again. So I sock-push his a-!” She says Bobby’s brother Tommy broke it up.

Pulling a woman by the hair seems less like a “crude proposition” and more like sexual assault. I tried it once, and instead of thinking I was hitting on her, the crazy woman freaked and called the cops. If you can’t pull a woman’s hair to show affection then what else are you supposed to do? Engage in civilized conversation? Screw you society. Screw you to screwsville.