Bobbi Kristina And Her Adopted Brother Broke Up, I Don’t Want To Live In This World Anymore

November 28th, 2012 // 23 Comments
Your Move, Mother
Bobbi Kristina Whitney Houston
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When two crazy kids like Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon can’t make their quasi-incestuous love born out of grief work, there’s absolutely no hope for the rest of us. Yet here we are faced with such a cold, unyielding world because the two have gone their separate ways, according to E! News:

However, as the week went on, the late Whitney Houston’s daughter posted a series of cryptic tweets, suggesting that she and Nick have indeed called it quits.
“I’m leaving , this this good ole town and driving to the send of the world . Maybe it’s beautiful there (: Xxxo,” Brown tweeted Monday. “Who do I trust in this world? Pfft well that’s easy beezie, #Myself, No1 will kno’s me like ME&They’d rather not take thtchance2knoME, &2me.”
B.K. continued her tweet spree, never admitting that she’s single, but emphasizing that she is “on her own.”
“That’s incredibly fine .. Because you’d be missing out on a #REALperson Xxo #armyofme #onmywon #goingtomakeit#determined, she wrote. “I guess it’s time 4me2stop depending on anymore. It’s my time2follow what Mom&The Lord put out on this path for me. #Thankful. Mom xxo.”

Here’s what I don’t get: Absolutely everything that happened up there. Seriously, how tdid anyone get anything from that? It’s like trying to parse nuclear launch codes for signs of incest. “What is that? An ampersand next to a 2? She fucked her brother.”

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  1. Bobbi Kristina Brown Nick Gordon Sparkle Premiere
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  2. El Jefe

    So Selena Gomez looks banging and gets put in some shitty mini gallery below Katy Perry, but the gap toothed no talent spawn of crackhead Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, that no one gives a shit about gets a big feature? Seriously?

    • alex

      I thought it was kind of ironic that the headline jokingly feigns being upset about these two breaking up, while most people are wondering why this is being reported on at all.

      Isn’t there a story about Arnold’s illegitimate baby’s momma maid going shopping at Freds or something, you know, important to report? Octo-mom must be walking around doing “something.”

    • Adopted incest, dude. Adopted incest.

  3. Ruckus

    Right after she tweeted this, drive to the send of the world, she crashed her car off an embankment in Georgia.

  4. karlito

    i guess she turned it up and notch and instead of having him say… “who’s your Brother” while banging her….she now wants him to say “who’s your Daddy”!!

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    I honestly believed that the couple that’s raised together, stays together. Well, there’s always the first cousin list.

  6. I don’t follow Twitter much… is everyone on that service equally goddamned incomprehensible?

    Also, this kind of relationship is about 400 years out of vogue.

    • Duck Soup

      Get Miley Cyrus on this case. Incest and Twitter?! She’ll unravel this mystery faster than Columbo.

  7. USDA Prime McBeef

    I’m somewhat fluent in both twitter speak and black people language, but I can never understand black people on twitter.

    • proudmama

      you shouldnt include all black people in that because they are some black people who does not type like that there even some trailor trash ghetto white people who types the same way same goes for latinos havent witnessed an asian typing like that but you never know

  8. Bobbi Kristina Brown Nick Gordon Sparkle Premiere
    Toe Jam
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    She looks like the black female version of Alfred E. Newman.

  9. What an idiot

    Why is anyone posting stories about this stupid untalented gaptoothed girl? She’s of no consequence; she does nothing, she contributes nothing. She’s just the lucky offspring of a talented woman; nothing more..

  10. Natalie

    She just crashed her car into some trees like an hour ago. Suicide attempt?

  11. It’s her prerogative.

  12. eddie

    he’s not her relative. And her mother died. It’s sad you shut-ins are so cold. Let’s hope your mother lives forever, and your kids have perfect teeth.

    • Schmidtler

      yeah, because she’s just a victim of unforeseeable quirks of fate – not like her mom was a habitual crackhead, who never took her kid to the dentist. I don’t have to hope for my mom’s health or my kid’s teeth – I keep mom off the pipe and take the kids to the dentist twice a year.

  13. I really don’t give a fuck either way.

  14. thisisi

    nice TMBG reference,

  15. Bobbi Kristina Brown Nick Gordon Sparkle Premiere
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    Too bad Bobby Brown’s genes were so dominant, from the bulbous nose to the gap in the front teeth. That poor child got none of her mother’s good looks. Yikes.

  16. 123

    I’d bang Nick Gordon too. He’s fine and now has money and a lifestyle that the majority of us only dream about. I mean hey Nick if BK decides she doesn’t want you or you get tired of her let me know. I’ll come to your rescue. LOL

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