There’s Already A Fight Over Bobbi Kristina’s Money? Not Good

Even with Bobbi Kristina Brown hospitalized after being found unconscious in a bathtub just like her mom Whitney Houston, the Browns and the Houstons still won’t feuding with each other. Except miraculously they did manage to agree on one thing even it’s a horribly grim sign of how this shit’s going to end. TMZ reports:

According to Bobby’s attorney … “Bobbi Kristina is not and has never been married to Nick Gordon.” For once, the Houston family agrees with Bobby Brown … telling TMZ, Gordon and BK never officially wed.
Further, we’re told by Houston family sources … there are no legal documents that would allow Gordon to get any of the Whitney Houston fortune Bobbi Kristina inherited — if she passes.

So two families who’ve fucking hated each other for decades managed to quickly agree that Nick Gordon shouldn’t get a dime of Bobbi Kristina’s money before that becomes a pressing concern? That’s, um, that’s not good. I don’t think Jesus is going to pull through on this one. And, no Kim Kardashian, I wasn’t just talking to him. Put your fucking phone down.

Photo: Splash News