Bob Dylan to host radio show

December 14th, 2005 // 16 Comments

tn_bob_dylan_hat_cr.jpgYou can call Bob Dylan a lot of things. Musical genius, dirty hippie, folk music icon… they all work. One thing he will never be called is intelligible, but that’s not stopping XM satellite radio from giving the singer his own radio show.

The hour-long show will be a mix of music hand-selected by Dylan as well as commentary and interviews by him…

Is XM this hard up for hosts that they have to get a guy who can’t be understood for love or money? What’s next? Pam Anderson teaches a class on safe sex? Michael Jackson moonlights as a financial adviser? Ashlee Simpson becomes a singer?


  1. Maybe he’ll die live on the air…I’d listen.

  2. SayWhat?!

    For the love of God this CAN’T be their answer to Howard Stern. What douche bags.
    Somebody tell them it won’t work!!!!
    Uh, as long as it’s not Dylan – they’d never
    understand him.

  3. Realistic

    Awesome!!! They pick a guy you can’t hear over a guy that you don’t want to hear (Stern). When I listen to Bob Dylan talk, the first thing that comes to mind is, I need to hear him on the radio.

  4. Kg

    Maybe they’ll instruct Bob on how to open his mouth when he talks

  5. tsteelewiltz

    I loved him in The Fall of the House of Usher.

  6. Xanthia

    Will he work with a translator so people can understand him as he mumbles his way through it?????

  7. Captain Awesome

    Looks like they’re grasping at straws after Sirius gained momentum with their latest batch of promised programming.

  8. smiling

    If you can’t understand him YOUR LOSS and the music will be great!!

  9. excellent idea. Sample broadcast: “fizzzle zzizzle wadizzle…”

  10. Sheva

    No matter what you say, the man has a powerful following.
    They certainly can have an interpreter available too.

    In 1994 when they did that Woodstock 2 thing, he was there with his band. Joe Cocker opened up and was just utterly fantastic.

    Dylan came out and it was fairly obvious the guy can’t play guitar. I mean his own band was confused by his befuddlement. I had recorded it and couldn’t believe it.
    Yeah, great songwriter of his time, penned Jimi’s “All Along the Watchtower” but really not able to play music with others in any coherent fashion.

    His son is Jakob is just a pleasure in that regard. The Wallflowers are what should be heard more, not ole Pappy Bob.

  11. Gophergutz

    He’s Bob Freakin Dylan. Most anything you listen to today of any quality whatsoever (read, nothing on the top 40) is a direct result of his accomplishments. At least we’ll get some songs that talk about something besides booty, bitches, switches, bling and all the other stuff that makes our high school students some of the dumbest in the history of the planet.

  12. no, judging from bob dylan’s recent victoria’s secret sellout/endorsement, i suspect that there will be booty and bitches on his show

  13. ki

    “The Wallflowers are what should be heard more, not ole Pappy Bob.”
    Buy Highway 61 Revisted and shut your fucking mouth.

    Hurray for Bob Dylan! Learn these kids whut’s whut.

  14. Cash

    To tell Dylan can’t play guitar is ridiculous. That is a proof of not knowin’ his work.
    Highway 61 is the best so far, but not everything. He should do a new album, as long as he’s still alive ;-).
    I like the recent “time out of mind”, “love and theft” was also nice. But don’t worry Bob young people don’t appreciate your work, it’s just like you have said – “things have changed”.

  15. jjjohn

    I just finished university and stumbled upon dylans music and it blew me away… like i discovered something no one else had .. which when i read the comments above, appears to be the case… People, read a book, watch “no direction home” by scorcese, something, cause this guy has given way too much to art in general to be so easily quipped. dylan is set up in a way, that if you dismiss him, you lose instant credibility in any musical sense, so if you don’t get him, just pretend you do, otherwise people just won’t talk to you because they’ll know you’re just dumb.

  16. To Everyone that doesn’t appreciate him, Whateva. He’s one of the greatest if not the greatest artist of all time and can do a lot better than everyone here. I’m definetally going to tune in. He’s 2 million times better than Howard Stern cuz he has more to say then “damn, that bitch looks real good in a thong” and it is too bad if you can’t understand him.

    I’m young and appreciate his music like no other. It’s sad that nobody my age even knows who he is. If you are making fun of him, then chance are you probably haven’t heard him before or just a….well anyways…


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