Bob Barker’s final episode

June 15th, 2007 // 60 Comments

Just a friendly reminder, Bob Barker’s final episode of The Price Is Right will air tonight at 8pm. As long as he doesn’t physically turn into dust I think it’ll be considered a success.


  1. Jimbo

    First BITCHES

  2. Jimbo

    I am not sure why I am happy about being first for Bob Barker

  3. daguz

    I think I am going to cry.

  4. so2315

    A living legend, what have we come to as a society? Oh, Come on down!!!

  5. sevenandaswitchblade

    He’s an ass who’s been broadcasting his crazed ideas about animals for years, not to mention pawing his liver-spotted hands over his dirty over thirty models. Fuck you Barker. Eat a sandwich and have fun playing Plinko in hell you slut.

  6. daguz

    WTF? sevenandaswitchblade pls suck the corn out of my ass.

    And he represents a big part of our society. Sad but true. I’m sure you’re as much of a consumer as anyone else. Just deal.

  7. Vince

    Bob Barkers a cool ass. He beat Adam Sandler’s ass.

  8. Fuck Bob barker, the only Time I ever liked Bob Barker was when he was in “Happy Gilmore”! This bitch, got away with more shit then a little bit!Fuck Bob!

  9. Hecubus

    Say what you will but if if I had a choice between fucking this guy or Nicole Ritchie I’d be bending him over a table as we speak.

  10. pointandlaugh

  11. gotmilk?

    5, spaying & neutering pets isn’t crazy. it’s the responsible thing to do.

  12. He got a blow job from Dian Parkinson. That pretty much makes him a God where I come from.

  13. pointandlaugh


    Bye Bob! Time to go neuter yourself.

  14. sevenandaswitchblade

    @6: Only if it’s white corn. Yellow is so low rent.

  15. daguz

    Maybe I’m so emotional because he was my babysitter for so long…

  16. sevenandaswitchblade

    @11: Drowning is no longer considered responsible?

  17. britney

    i thought they already played the last episode like 5 times already? every week all i hear is “bob barkers last day this week” do they keep changing their minds or something? what the hell will he do with out the price is right. he’s retiring a little too late if you ask me… a year from now he’ll be dead, hes too old now to enjoy his retirement… maybe he’ll go on and be a contestant. i heard ryan seacrest is going to audition for price is right lol. retard

  18. jaykaydee

    What a sad day for us Plinko fans. There’s a funny tribute here, including classic clips from the show, like one where he and the beauties all were wasted. Bob rules.

  19. djthecat

    OOOH i love plinko! and that yodeling thing where the yodeler falls off the cliff. yodelode odelodeee….

  20. Parrish

    Bob Barker is a pervert. But he is still Bob Barker, television will never be the same.

  21. bigsteamyone

    What does this have to do with Britney or Paris ??? , fish .

  22. =)











    LATER BOB!!!!

  23. Ryan

    Just finished watching the final show they played this morning at 10cst. It was a good show. If you watch PIR or not it will be worth watching. the crowd and contestants were going nuts! there was even some Plinko action.

  24. Bob is my Jesus. Godspeed, friend.

  25. I’m supposed to be upset this dirty old fart is leaving the most obnoxious show on TV? Somebody please explain what is so great about perverted old Bob.

  26. I can’t believe it is over!

    here is a list of videos “Top 10 Craziest Contestants” to ever come on down!


  27. May that electronic keyboard music RIP

  28. RichPort

    I’ve “Cum on down”…’s syndrome baggers at the supermarket parking lot.


    Seriously, fuck Bob Barker… I’ve got nothing…

  29. jenster

    i feel like part of me has died a little bit.

  30. Watching it now, 10am in Vgeas on CBS. So far, SO AWESOME! BIG winners! Miss you already Bob!!

  31. I can’t type. That’s VEGAS!

  32. gravelus

    I know this sounds really bizarre, but does anyone else remember hearing about Bob Barker dying a few years ago, and then next thing I know, he’s alive and well. I was like, what was that some sort of weird time slip?

  33. Snatchit

    Damn, Paris isn’t looking too good after her stay in the infirmary. And why are they celebrating her 35th day in prison with cake and ice cream when she’s only on day #16 or something…?

  34. JesusTheEverLovingChrist-UsedToBeAJew-BUtNotNoMore..

    We have been waiting a long time for Bob to finish up with you meat puppets… The big set in the sky is already prepped and ready to go… See you on my birthday Bob…

    The Big JC

  35. You can find my ode to the greatest man who ever lived, here:

  36. rockdust

    I used to think Bob was a hot old man until he got all that botox and/or plastic surgery done. Now he constantly looks surprised. Well…surprise, Bob. You are now freaky looking old man.

  37. Bubba

    He looks like the decrepid, ancient king of the oompa loompa movement.

  38. farty_mcshitface

    bob is awesome- i will miss him doing the show.
    good luck in retirement bob and have yourself some fun.

  39. missoblivious

    Scary…he looks ready for the morgue. How old is this guy?!

  40. sea

    He said that if CBS continues to be unable to find a replacement, he’ll be back for next season. Does that mean we will have to go through all this crap again?
    P.S. I love the old fart.

  41. Waffleholic

    If he needs a comeback they can always electricute his corpse to make it look like it’s talking like they do that guy on the New Year’s show.

  42. bubba

    I can’t believe he’s like 84 years old and still doing that show. Most 84 year olds can’t remember their own name.

    Apparently he’s a vegetarian … that might have something to do with it.

  43. thiz old ugly fucker
    zhould be in jail
    for sexual abuze, fuckin
    pig…hope he dropz dead
    after hiz retirement party..

  44. woodhorse

    Wow, you losers sure are bitter. Not everyone can win or it wouldn’t be a “game”. Try Oprah-she puts nice prizes under the seats.

  45. I tuned in!
    That show has been on my whole life and I have fond memories of watching it with my grandmom.

    love bob!

  46. woodhorse, I see prettybaby was up all
    night, got some,huh? better be careful,
    according to her, she blowed all night
    with others.

  47. woodhorse

    #46 Your concern is touching. Yes, PrettyBaby’s stamina is frightening. Kind of reminds me of those hot dog eating contests, only sinister.

  48. Greatestntheworld

    Okay, he is backing Rosie O’Donnell to take over the show. I have lost all respect for him, except the love for animals part. Backing Rosie O’Donnell to plaster her fat ass on any show, except for one that features her getting beaten with a bag of quarters, is grounds for deportation in some states.

  49. would much rather have Rozi=z
    azz on that stupid zhow, than
    that old withered dried up zexual
    abuzer Barker…that fuckerz eyez
    looked like they were falling outta
    hiz fuckin head,,and what the fuck,
    did he have a face lift, if he did,
    it didn’t help… damn …
    now he could be the cript keeperz
    next movie..ugly fucker…I hate
    zexual preditorz like him!!!

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