Bob Hoskins Died (1942 – 2014)

April 30th, 2014 // 51 Comments

He’s the one on the right.

Posted by Photo Boy

Veteran actor Bob Hoskins died at the age of 71 yesterday from pneumonia. He also had Parkinson’s and retired from long, award-winning career in 2012, but this is the Internet, so assholes like us are posting screenshots of his worst work like above from Who Framed Roger Rabbit or below from Super Mario Bros. Ha, those movies you were in 20 years ago sucked! What is it like to feel feelings?

Bob Hoskins Jon Leguizamo Super Mario Bros.


  1. Jennyfurr

    1924 – 2014 would make him 90 not 71… math people…

  2. I know he was sick for a while. R.I.P. Mr. Hoskins.

  3. Josh

    Wait, Who Framed… was great. Why is that a bad movie?

    • Because Photo Boy was like 7 when that came out, and Jessica Rabbit traumatized him. “Mommy, why are all those men drooling over a cartoon? I’m scared!”

    • It isn’t – but Mario Brothers sure as shit was. Hoskins hated it.

      • Art Mario

        I don’t understand this hate that I have read for years about how Super Mario Bros. was bad… including Hoskins feelings towards the film. Rocky Morton & Annabel Jankel did for Super Mario Bros. what Christopher Nolan did for Batman (only there was no need for sequels). So few films today are wrapped in such a tight little package with meaning backed by its original source.
        Why wouldn’t there last name be Mario? They are the Super Mario Bros.!

  4. BB

    I predict Rufio will be next.

  5. You forgot “Spice World”, you jerk.

    RIP, Mr. Hoskins.

  6. FU Photo Boy – “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” was and remains pure greatness.

  7. Frank Burns

    RIP Mr. Hoskins

  8. alex

    For me, he’ll always be Pink’s manager in The Wall….breaking into the room and declaring, “Fuuuuck me.”

  9. Bane

    He was great as Winston Churchill, J. Edgar Hoover, Nikita Khrushchev. Hell, he even played Manuel Noriega.

    RIP Mr. Hoskins

  10. He was freakin’ fantastic in the Jet Li movie “Unleashed”. Such a badass villain. Great actor, very sad for his passing. And Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a great movie, ya mook.

  11. emma watson's Vagina

    R.I.P. very sad.

  12. Shemp

    Mona Lisa. Brazil. The Long Good Friday. The Cotton Club.

    I miss him already. What a bummer.

  13. Fun fact about Who Framed Roger Rabbit: The cartoon chick with the exaggerated features had a smaller ass than Kim and Khloe.

  14. Do you know how hard acting beside invisible characters must have been? He was great in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” That film holds up too.

  15. TheReddFoxx

    Is Photo Boy a foreigner or something? There are a few glaring grammatical errors in today’s posts. And he couldn’t be Asian due to the math error pointed out already.

    I’ll take his job; there’s no reason to halfass on a grade school level when money is involved.

  16. Whoa whoa whoa, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” is not a shitty movie. Take it back, Fish. Take it back.

  17. Robb7

    Loved this guy, RIP

  18. I loved Bob Hoskins. R.I.P. good sir.

  19. PB, Fish is going to give you a slap when he gets back. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a goddamn classic.

  20. Ok, so shitting on ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ is my ‘advocating gun control’ and/or ‘denouncing religion’? Got it.

    • Yes.

      You know I’m generally a Fish booster, but I will go full inbred-strength Convex on you for maligning Roger Rabbit.

    • Perhaps if you explained why you thought Who Framed Roger Rabbit deserved shitting upon. I think we’re all baffled as to that.

      • It’s very simple – Photo Boy is actually the illegitimate son of Judge Doom and Jennifer Krupnick, Jessica Rabbit’s long lost twin sister. Abandoned as a baby by the Judge on the steps of the Toontown Times, he was raised by the curator of the Acetate Cel Department before becoming a photographic assistant at Maroon Cartoons.

        After becoming filthy rich by registering the phrase “Whatta Maroon!” as his intellectual property, he was caught playing pattycake with Jessica Rabbit, unaware that she was his aunt. Seduced by his wealth and his amazing ability to photoshop horns, hooves and udders onto her rival, Kim Kardashian, Jessica divorced Roger so they could marry. Roger hired Eddie Valiant to find out of his rival was a registered sex offender, and Photo Boy’s paternity, as well as his connection to Jessica, was uncovered. Jessica renounced him and fled back to Roger in tears. Kim Kardashian sued him for defamation (didn’t think that was possible, didja?) and the settlement wiped out any future earnings from his intellectual property holdings.

        Financially bereft, loveless, and fighting an obsessive urge to re-enact Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Dip in place of piss, he hit rock bottom when he reached PA. Claiming that Roger Ailes was his real father, he instantly gained Fish’s sympathy, and then immediate employment when he proved to him that he could use a ‘toon camera to upskirt Hillary Clinton, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh without the having the lens break.

        But his past is a painful secret, which is why Who Framed Roger Rabbit? provokes such a strong response – it re-opens old wounds that have never fully healed. Pass the Dip, willya?

      • There’s no question mark in the movie title.

      • After that insanely imaginative way to call me an
        incestuous bastard child (Which, by the way, just spot the fuck on, sir and bravo to you!), you’re really going to pull the grammatical error? For shame.

      • “Incestuous bastard child”? Wow, talk about reading too much into a jokey comment in an overly Freudian way.

      • Oh shit, you meant justifiable’s story. All right, never mind me this morning.

      • So, TFG, what’s it like being a virgin at your age?

      • I’ll have you know that I haven’t been a virgin for 10 years now.

        – TomFrank’s Ghost, 43

    • You gotta start somewhere, I guess. Baby steps, if you will.

  21. Note to justifiable: How in the hell could he have upskirted Rush Limbaugh? Limbaugh only wears ankle-length dresses with granny panties. I thought everyone already knew that…

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