Blow Me or I’ll Burn the House Down: The Musical

July 14th, 2010 // 174 Comments

[Note: Before I start, I just want to say finding Mel Gibson pics to go along with the daily barrage of recordings is literally the highlight of my day. That is all.]

RadarOnline has released a fourth Mel Gibson tape and this one features the now-infamous exchange where Mel demands oral sex or he’ll light the house on fire. Except it’s even darker than that because apparently Mel Gibson needs blowjobs like Lindsay Lohan needs twelve pounds of coke in her face:

It’s a twisted combination of misogynistic emotional violence and rage combined with a dark threat of physical harm as Gibson rages that Oksana fell asleep before they could go into the Jacuzzi together and have sex.
Gibson screams: “I deserve to be blown first! Before the f*cking Jacuzzi! Ok, I’ll burn the goddamn house up, but blow me first! How dare you!??!”
At one point he screams at Oksana: “I should’ve woken you up and said f*cking blow me bitch! I should’ve f*ckin’ woken you up and said blow me! You would’ve liked that better, yeah? But you need the goddamn sleep!”
Oksana protests that she waited for him the night before but fell asleep, and that sends Mel into a new rage.
“Waited and waited,” Mel bellows. “What, two and a half f*cking minutes!? You’re f*cking snoring. Don’t you dare.”

At this point, I think we can all agree that someone should probably blow Mel Gibson right now before he does something crazy. He seems like the type of guy who keeps a tank in his shed for a rainy day. And by rainy day I mean one without BJs. STAY OFF THE HIGHWAYS!


  1. Doc Schweinstrudel

    wow. pig in heat in shit. How super happy that must be lol

    • justifiable

      Nah, it’s only qualifies for “super-happy” if you’re also getting blown by a heavy breather with a mad-on.

  2. k

    Wow..Some people on this slight are seriously not working with a full deck:

    Ummm…DUH she sounds clear and he sounds like he’s on the phone. She’s recording it from where she is and he’s on the phone!

    Shaking My Damn Head. (SMDH)

  3. Sharon

    What did she expect lounging around the house all day, shopping on Rodeo Drive, with a maid doing all the work. He who pays the piper gets his pipe played.

  4. Carly

    Use guys need to ALSO show the tape recording of the VERY RACIST AND THREATENING Black Panther member also who was shooting off terrible things about white people and that” C****** babies should die”. Everybody is so focused on Mel why haven’t you guys focus on the other also

    • Cock Dr

      This is a CELEBRITY (A, B, C & D list) gossip website.
      Take the current events/political stuff elsewhere.
      Now, if this Black Panther member is one of LiLo’s dealers then we might have a potential post for tomorrow.

    • justifiable

      Carly, you DO realize by your comparison you portrayed Mel as being just as rabid a racist as that fuckwad King Samir Shabazz, right? Be careful what you ask for in future, sweets.

  5. Fartttttttahhh

    I still like the sugar tit rant better. Oh, and Alec Baldwins ungreatful little pig speil.

  6. FairPlay

    In the 90′s, this wouldn’t have made the news… would have been a Clinton Saturday night.

  7. captain america

    I can’t help it but what a racist & asshole, folks!!
    (drunk people & kids tell the truth)

  8. scooby

    I really don’t see what the big deal is. She didn’t please her man and he’s pissed. And how is this different than any other married couple’s anger? It’s novel because of the blowjob… woopee.

  9. scooby

    After hearing the whole thing, I have to side with Mel. She really pushed him over the edge. Stupid bitch.

  10. InternetToughGuy

    You fucking people can say what you want, but something is up here. This sounds completely set up. Either Mel is in on it or he has been played hardcore. It might sound ridiculous that he would be in on this, but something is up after listening to these tapes. He sounds like a heartbroken man who has lost control of his emotions. I thought it was illegal to tape someone over the phone without a warrant or without their consent?

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      You know she taped on advise from a lawyer because SHE RECEIVED LIFE THREATS and because of what was stated above this CAN be and will be used in court.

      Keep polishing your tongue, alcoholic-abusive supporter. Your rimmering skills go better and better you are entering an ass licker pro zone now.

  11. nice

    MEL “GET A MAID SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO FUCK HER!” Mel sounds like his only hobby is trying to get a blow job from his wife. maybe he should start smoking weed and playing online scrabble.

  12. turd ferguson

    Sorry, he sounds like he’s bat-shit crazy. Sure, she might be (and probably is) a gold-digging star-fucker, but any sane person sure as hell would tape some crazy fuck ranting nonsensical shit like that at them- especially when that person once punched them in the face and knocked out teeth. Listen to it. He’s fucking out of breath. That’s sheer dedication to your craft.

    He’s obviously been completely pickled by alcohol…the shit he says on those tapes are the rantings of a fucking lunatic.

  13. turd ferguson

    The last 30 seconds of that would make an EXCELLENT ringtone.

  14. fap

    This little fiasco is the very basis of society/loveless male-female relations.

  15. SquibblelyDoo

    Mel’s a real badass, isn’t he? All 5 ft 9 of him….what a douche….little coward. Would love to get Mel in the ring for a couple of rounds…

  16. Woll

    Mel seems angry.

  17. Skank Control Force

    Okskanka does this shit for a living she might be one of those Russian/Soviet hos, that are here for the undoing of the American celebs and Mel blew her cover. If he was financing her defective, coos then the blow jobs should have come regular and steady. Oksana’s probably another Bonnie Blake dodging a bullet to the brain,going through famous men for the notoriety and the financial gain. Shes already got a kid with Timothy Dalton she was intending on hitting pay dirt with Mel . You can’t tell me she was not out to ruin this man. These Ho’s are everywhere and they could possibly have ties to the Taliban, look at what they have done too Tiger Woods ,Jessie James and countless others. Hello! Does anyone not see conspiracy brewing? These poor innocent girls! I think not!!!!!!!

  18. rob

    mels right…a dude needs his dick sucked

  19. pookiewookie

    I was on Mel Gibson’s side, but hes clearly a jerk too. She knew exactly what she was doing, but he cheated on his wife of some 30 plus years and now karma is paying him back. He sounds unbearable to live with. I bet his wife is glad to get rid of him. He sure doesn’t respect women.

  20. Pong

    Why does poor Mel has to beg someone for blowjobs? I wouldnt do such thing having the same influence/$. But again, he is an apeshit/crazycakes/bugnut religous celeb, who’s ego just run off to Crazytown w/o the brakes switched on.

    And watch this space for moar news, I’m truly curious who’s the baddie here, the russian golddigger whore, or the monkeycrazy akoholic, bets are ON!

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