Blow Me or I’ll Burn the House Down: The Musical

July 14th, 2010 // 174 Comments

[Note: Before I start, I just want to say finding Mel Gibson pics to go along with the daily barrage of recordings is literally the highlight of my day. That is all.]

RadarOnline has released a fourth Mel Gibson tape and this one features the now-infamous exchange where Mel demands oral sex or he’ll light the house on fire. Except it’s even darker than that because apparently Mel Gibson needs blowjobs like Lindsay Lohan needs twelve pounds of coke in her face:

It’s a twisted combination of misogynistic emotional violence and rage combined with a dark threat of physical harm as Gibson rages that Oksana fell asleep before they could go into the Jacuzzi together and have sex.
Gibson screams: “I deserve to be blown first! Before the f*cking Jacuzzi! Ok, I’ll burn the goddamn house up, but blow me first! How dare you!??!”
At one point he screams at Oksana: “I should’ve woken you up and said f*cking blow me bitch! I should’ve f*ckin’ woken you up and said blow me! You would’ve liked that better, yeah? But you need the goddamn sleep!”
Oksana protests that she waited for him the night before but fell asleep, and that sends Mel into a new rage.
“Waited and waited,” Mel bellows. “What, two and a half f*cking minutes!? You’re f*cking snoring. Don’t you dare.”

At this point, I think we can all agree that someone should probably blow Mel Gibson right now before he does something crazy. He seems like the type of guy who keeps a tank in his shed for a rainy day. And by rainy day I mean one without BJs. STAY OFF THE HIGHWAYS!


  1. Que

    Que intense.

  2. Steelerchick

    HA HA!!! Someone warn us when he hasn’t been blown that day!!!

  3. Cock Dr

    Damn. It just keeps getting crazier & worse.
    No sympathy for the tired babymomma there Mr Mel Gibson AKA nice Christian family guy.

  4. Get a job sparkling wiggles!!

    “I should’ve woken you up and said fucking blow me bitch!”

    HAHAHAHA…..quote of the decade. Take note bitches…thats about the extent of communication needed between male and female. Well, that and “shut up and make me some pie”.

  5. Irene Barcelo

    I just heard his rant and rave. Wow, no consideration for Oksana. Has he ever thought that maybe no one would want to blow an old cock? Huh, there is just not enough darkness for that.

  6. nahhhhh

    I’m glad; the headline and picture of Mel go a long way to set up your articles. Well done!

    Note that I expect to have to abuse you later for your selection of banner girl contestants, so just know it’s isn’t all hate from this side.

  7. Crabby

    Mel, while clearly is out of control, seems to me to be set up. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    She’s surprisingly calm during these recordings.

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned that her audio is crystal clear — as if professionally recorded or her voice was added back in later (with edits).

    – Crabby

    • FooManChu

      I’ve been thinking the same thing actually – that audio is WAY too good to come from a radio shack setup. She planned this sting with help I bet. That said, Mel is happily sawing his own fucking head off with his over-the-top lunacy. Even set up he’s burying himself.

      • Hugh Jass

        Oksana doesn’t appear to be scared of Mel at all during these recordings; her voice never trembles, wavers, rises, or falls, but always stays so even.

        Now, this is a woman who alleges Mel hit her so hard that he knocked some of her teeth loose, and quite clearly Mel is unhinged.

        Why, then, is Oksana appear not to be afraid of him?

        What I hear from Mel’s end of the tape is that he is angry not only at Oksana but himself for being played for a fool: he divorced his wife at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars and all for what? For this flinty Russian golddigger?

        On the other hand, I find it credible that Mel did, in fact, physically abuse Oksana, and if he were an ordinary mortal, he’d go to jail for that.

        He’s not an ordinary mortal; he’s a rich, internationally famous movie actor and you’re going to need 50 sainted nuns to testify against Mel before you see him in a jail cell.

      • justifiable

        You two are just regular detectives – Angela Lansbury is in awe of your powers of deduction!

        Look, idiots, she’s very calm because these recording were made for a specific purpose – if she can prove he’s abusive, violent and totally out of control, she’ll have sole custody, support and no interference from him in her life. The more rational and calm she is, the more insane and irrational he sounds in comparison. A “string” is entrapment – Mel is going to Crazytown all on his own, with no prompting from her. There’s no enticement on her part forcing him to be an out-of-control asshole and admit to assault because she “deserved it”. Get it now?

        Ever recorded a phone call? If she’s got a telephone pickup or digital voice recorder on her end, of course her voice will be clearer, while his will be less so. Which, btw, is why only you two are “surprised” no one has mentioned it. The less professional it sounds, the more it looks like fear of more violence and escalating threats prompted her to run down to WalMart or Radio Shack, rather than shell out for a more expensive setup. There’s no “as if professionally recorded or her voice added back in later” – oooo! But great job on that boarding-house reach you’ve got going to try and exonerate him. Any decent voice lab can determine if a recording is patched together, or has stops and starts, rerecords or dub-ins – and you can be sure if it were a fake Gibson’s people would have been screaming that over a week ago rather than enduring this shitstorm in silence.

        Or is that conclusion too logical for you both?

      • Magnum P.I.

        Justifiable, youre the idiot thinking you can come on here and argue/change peoples minds OVER AND OVER OVER AND OVER OVER AND OVER OVER AND OVER OVER AND OVER OVER AND OVER OVER AND OVER OVER AND OVER OVER AND OVER again with your mindless drivel. You sure seem angry with an uneducated flair.

        Give it a rest drama queen…you cant save the world from your high horse/soap box of bullshit. Maybe you ought to look into purchasing some bigger panties, as yours seem way to tight to let that vah jay jay breathe.

        Maybe mixing your meds in the problem? I dont know…

        I think Whale Wars would be a good choice of world saving galavant for you to go on as they too, seem full of shit, angry, stupid and more than ready to voice their opinion, yet they accomplish nothing. Hell…maybe theyre your long lost relatives?

        Good Luck on your quest sweetheart.

      • justifiable

        You don’t know much, do ya? Don’t presume to know either my gender or my politics. I’m not out to save the world from anything or convert anyone, which is why I’m not at the sites you, uh, seem to be very familar with. There are lots of great commenters here and I enjoy reading their posts. What I don’t do, however, is suffer fools gladly and an issue like this brings them out like flies on shit. It’s amusing and sort of sad to see what desperate rationales people will resort to, but ranting misogynists and bigots who post don’t get a pass from me. You don’t like that? Tough shit, fuckwit. Don’t read anything I write if it makes you feel insecure, inferior, uneducated, impotent, frustrated or otherwise threatened. I realize that’s probably your natural state, but you do have some responsibility on your part not to exacerbate it, you know.

      • yolla

        She definitely sounds way too calm for a real life situation. She sounds like a passive aggressive, i’m a martyr kind of woman. Those types make people go crazy because they don’t want to end a conflict. He is definitely a bit crazy, like a child, but this whole situation is weird and the fact that she taped him–she was waiting for the divorce settlement-stupid homewrecker.

    • Aussie Mama

      i know i wasn’t a fly on the wall, so i’ll wait and see what they say in court.
      i do believe that if he had the opportunity to pay her off and didn’t, there must be something pretty good up his sleeve to cover his ass.
      contrary to what people are led to believe, thanks to the media, who’s mission has been to take him down at all costs, since passion, the man is not a nut job, he is highly intelligent. yes he has a temper, but so do a lot of people, stiff shit!
      taping someone after you have probably reved them up bigtime, knowing they’d crack it, shows motive.
      when someone is worth the dough he is, there is not only motive, but a big fat pay check as a guarantee.

      • Johnny Cage

        Right now Mel Gibson reminds me of Odysseus; he’s trying to sail his ship between the multi-headed meat eating monster known as Cecilia (Represented by the Jewish Elite of Hollywood who’ve been out to get him since he made a Jesus movie) and the big Russian Vagina known as Charybdis(represented by his money grubbing Ruskie wife) which is trying to swallow him alive.

        So now both guy’s career and personal life are at target. If you anger the wrong people in the entertainment industry and they’ll drain you dry.

    • justifiable you are a loudmouth, A-1, arrogant asshole. You sound like one of these guilty, white liberals who get more offended than the actual minorities being insulted by Mel’s rants. I bet you get multi- orgasmic everytime you watch Rachel Maddow or Joy Behar. I am a minority and find Mel’s rants more amusing than offensive. He really doesn’t give 2 shits what you or I say on these fluff blog sites. Seriously dude (or dudette or whatever your preferred gender-racial-socio-economic-xeno-morphic identity is) you need to chill the fuck out. Why don’t you just debate the facts and the content rather than throw pseudo-intellectual insults at other commenters. If your opinions are sooo immensely superior to everyone else’s (which you evidently believe), they would stand on their own and everyone would see that. But I guess your weak debating skills require the insults to add legitimacy. And If you’re so goddamn hell bent on ridding the world of misogynists and bigots why don’t you join NOW and the Rainbow Coalition. You come on this site and want everyone to see what a real man/bull-dike you are, cause you don’t abide them woman-haters and rednecked racists. Well whoop-de-freakin’ doo, aren’t you making such a massive contribution to human inequity by posting 100-word tweets on a celebrity blog site!! Get a life.

      • justifiable

        Nope, wrong on a lot of counts, from Joy Behar onward. I try to back up my opinion when I debate anyone, rather than just spout shit about “common female debating tactics,” she “probably deserved a slap or two,” 90% of all men get pissed when their woman doesn’t “do as she’s told” and “we know” (do we? rlly?) Danny Glover understands he really just means “niggas.” Because that’s been your gold standard contribution here. Mom would be so proud. *sniff*

        If you don’t like someone disagreeing with your assessment that passive-aggression isn’t just a female tactic, domestic assault isn’t a good thing and no one “deserves it,” and a reminder that Danny Glover is nowhere to be seen because Marty Riggs ain’t real, I suggest you come up with a better defense than I’m being “arrogant” when I contradict you and choose to get sarcastic when I do it. If I think you’re a moron for writing shit like that I will call you one. Get over it or come up with better stuff. It’s opinion, and if you know in your heart I’m wrong, then why should it matter so much what I call you? FYI, advising anyone to get a hobby when you’re all over the same topic trying to yourself? Pot, meet kettle. There’s one poster in particular who’s posted far more than I have, but she’s rabidly anti-Semitic and loves Mel to a delusional degree, so of course that’s OK then, right?

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        HA HA HA. I like it how you attack Just, lol. You make such fools out of yourself and still are in denial ass-kissing your superstar Mel, who acts like he is a friend of a black man in the police series and a friend of Whoopie’s while behind their back he thinks they are all pack of n*ggers. He is the one who is brown now because he shitted all over himself.

      • what?

        No offense Opticzoom, but Justifiable’s posts ARE pretty factual–both about the quality of the recordings and Oksana’s strategy for remaining calm. Oh, AND about the fact that “[t]here’s no enticement on her part forcing him to be an out-of-control asshole.” It’s actually YOUR post that looks like it’s just throwing insults. Also, I’m not sure why being a minority means that you get to absolve Mel of any hate speech. What, you speak for all minorities now?

        Dude, you don’t speak for me.

      • justifiable redux

        Opticzoom, I already do debate the facts and content – which is why the longer posts. I’m not particularly offended on anyone’s behalf by Mel’s sick puppy meltdown so much as sad and disgusted by those who attempt to qualify, quantify, excuse, justify or deny it. Calling someone a “redneck racist” sort of tanks any argument against bias right there, which is why I’ve yet to say anything like that, and I hope not to contribute to human “inequity” if it’s all the same to you. I already said I loathe Joy Behar and since I haven’t oppressed anyone I refuse to feel guilty for being white. Got anything else from the kneejerk list?

        Look, if that’s the best you can do and you haven’t got any game for rebuttal, maybe posting shit claiming that passive-aggression is “a common female debating tactic,” that “oksana probably deserved a slap or 2″, that 90% of all men get a little racist and angry when “their woman doesn’t do as she’s told” and “we know” (do we? rlly?) that Mel really loves Danny Glover and was just referring to “niggas” isn’t advisable. Because that’s been your gold standard so far here. *sniff* Mom must be so proud.

        If you think it’s “arrogant” and “superior” of me to dare to contradict you and say that your Misogyny Stats are weak, that passive aggression isn’t a specific XX trait, that domestic abuse against anyone isn’t “deserved” and that Marty Riggs isn’t real and that’s probably why Danny Glover hasn’t said shit, then life is gonna be really, really hard for you. Sorry you couldn’t deal with either the disagreement or the sarcasm chaser, but I didn’t indulge in any personal insults. (FYI, advising someone to get a life when you’re all over the same threads? Yawn. Pot, meet kettle etc etc.) I’ve pretty much saved those for a specific poster who’s commented far more than I have – but then again, she’s a rabidly loony anti-Semite and a Mel-obsessed conspiracy theorist, so I can sorta see why you wouldn’t mention that fact.

        Look, if you truly believe you’re right, then any argument I give or any insult I throw in can be discounted as just my opinion – so why should it tweak you so much? It’s only the truth that hurts – so if you’re smarting, ask yourself why that is.

      • justifiable

        I do debate the facts and content, which is why the longer posts – that also seem to piss you off. Make up your mind just what it is you want here, other than my endorsing everything you say, k? The insults are free range, just like everyone else’s. I’m not particularly offended on anyone else’s behalf by Mel’s pathetic and predictable meltdown as much as I am sad and disgusted by people who attempt to qualify, quantify, excuse, justify or deny it. Calling someone a “redneck racist” sort of tanks any argument against bias right there, which is why I’ve yet to say anything like that, and I hope not to contribute to human “inequity” if it’s all the same to you. I already said I loathe Joy Behar and since I haven’t oppressed anyone I refuse to feel guilty for being white. Got anything else?

        Look, if that’s the best you can do and you haven’t got any game for rebuttal, maybe stating that passive-aggression is “a common female debating tactic,” that “oksana probably deserved a slap or 2″, that 90% of all men get a little racist and angry when “their woman doesn’t do as she’s told” and “we know” (do we? rlly?) that Mel really loves Danny Glover and was just referring to “niggas” isn’t advisable. Because that’s been your gold standard so far here. *sniff* Mom must be so proud.

        If you think it’s “arrogant” and “superior” of me to contradict you and say that your Misogyny Stats are weak, that passive aggression isn’t a specific XX trait, that domestic abuse against anyone isn’t “deserved” and that Marty Riggs isn’t real and that’s probably why Danny Glover hasn’t said shit, then life is gonna be really, really hard for you because you read too mch into everything. Sorry you couldn’t deal with either the disagreement or the sarcasm chaser, but I didn’t indulge in any personal insults. (FYI, advising someone to get a life when you’re all over the same threads? Yawn. Pot, meet kettle etc etc.) I’ve pretty much saved those for a specific poster who’s commented far more than I have – but then again, she’s a rabidly loony anti-Semite and a Mel-obsessed conspiracy theorist, so I can sorta see why you wouldn’t mention that.

        Look, if you truly believe you’re right, then any argument I give or any insult I throw in is just my opinion – so why should it tweak you so much? It’s only the truth that hurts – so if you’re smarting, ask yourself why that is.

      • Aussie Mama

        i reckon the doc and justifiable are related, in a redneck cousin fuckin tobbaci chewin sorta way?

      • You mean like you and you husband?

    • @justifiable : Tweaking?? Are kidding? Who is selectively cutting out my remarks and then Cliff Noting the shit out of them? holy shit I have not had my writings more annotated since 8th grade composition. Actually, I feel very flattered you’re bringing up another one of my comments. Unfortunately you left out my very first words “Gonna play DEVIL’S ADVOCATE here.” Which by definition, means I will adopt a POV that I do not necessarily agree, but for the sake of argument, to test the weaknesses and strengths of the opposing view. Believe it or not, I actually agree with a lot of what you say, but I do think you tend to sit on a politico-social high horse. And my point was this celebutard website is not exactly an effective soapbox to do that sort of thing. I will admit it. I still like Mel Gibson and I suspect a lot of other people do too (and for the record @what?, in deference to you sir, I will state I am not speaking for you). Even though he’s obviously a sick twisted bastard who needs help, he still brought hours of enjoyment to me from his movies. Hell, I’ll even say I like you, cause you seem like an intelligent person that I’d probably enjoy debating. Honestly, I think your arguments lose power when start calling people “idiot” and “fuckwit.” And frankly, your posts have an air of cockiness that resembles those blowhard commentators like Rush Limbaugh or Bill Maher. Everyone and their grandmother has an opinion on this Mel fiasco and it is YOU who presumes that Mel is completely guilty and Oksana is completely guiltless. You may be shocked at my insolence but there really are some women, children and a helluva lot of men on this earth who deserve to be hit, repeatedly. Not all women are innocent and not all men are guilty. Now don’t go slapping your head with your keyboard and assume this means I’m saying Oksana and her baby deserved to be hit. Far from it. Mel should be punished for these alleged crimes. My wife has heard the audio clips and she was in shock at Mel’s rantings but she doesn’t believe Oksana to be wholly innocent either. My estimation of the matter is someone like Mel who clearly thinks he’s “a man’s man”, and has 7 other children, simply cannot stand that a younger, former lover is threatening to cut him off from his 8th child, and therein lies the root of his rage. I’m not defending him, that’s his bed and he’s got to sleep in it. And as for accusing me of being a kettle calling the pot, I have no problem with you or anyone coming on this site and poking fun at other posters, but YOUR posts are tinged with personal vendetta and bleeding heart anger that seems excessive for a site called “The Superficial.” And BTW, Danny Glover and Chris Rock called to say neither you nor I speak for them but Whoopi Goldberg agrees with me. You really don’t need to cut and paste my comments again, I know what I wrote. We are going to disagree.

      P.S. To justifiable’s supporters, It is not lost on me that I have been “attacking” him/her. But that’s how he/she wants to play the game. It’s never my intention to insult anyone. I come to the Superficial to 1) Look at pictures of celebutards in compromising situations. 2) Read blogs and posts about said celebutards 3) Be amused at 1) and 2). I honestly have no interest in a tit for tat shouting match. And who will disagree with me that this whole Mel meltdown is one of the most interesting events of the summer.

      • Opticzoom, now who’s being “arrogant”? You’d better “in deference” not presume to speak for ANYONE but yourself. You also need to brush up on your devil’s advocacy, because the provocative POV you claimed to be trying out under that guise is the same one you just stated now. And the conclusions you came to about 90% of all men’s behavior were clearly not part of that, so please don’t try to claim they were

        Since no one appointed you Topic Czar you don’t get to edit me or anyone else for politico-socio comment and decide what’s relevant, or what meets the criteria for posting on the site, or how the site should be defined in order to give you maximum enjoyment and amusement. If you’d actually bothered to read anything I’ve written, nowhere do I bash anyone for their presumed politics, their appearance, their parentage, their culture or socio-economic status, their bleeding heartedness or assume anything about any supposed guilt attached to their race – that seems to be your special province. Or are you going to try and disingenuously claim you were still playing devil’s advocate when you wrote that?

        You can also read that I certainly don’t think Grigorieva is as pure as the driven snow, since it’s obvious she’s playing to the recorder and using it to her advantage. But even if she’s the most manipulative bitch on the face of the earth that doesn’t mean she deserves to be hit in the mouth by anyone, especially while holding said anyone’s child – something that I think you’re trying to float here since you STILL state that some men, women and children “deserve to be hit repeatedly”. That was right before you tell us that we shouldn’t assume you think Grigorieva and the baby need to be hit. I forget exactly where you tell us you’re not defending Gibson in all this, but let me tell you that when you make these statements and then directly contradict yourself at length in the next breath, that’s not “playing devils’ advocate” – it’s called being contradictory and having an incoherent. argument

        Some people may indeed “deserve” to get popped a good one, but I’m not so “arrogant” that I think I should be allowed to determine who they are and under what circumstances it should be administered. And when someone’s accused of doing just that and their response is “You deserved it” then yeah, I’d say that’s grounds for assuming they’re “guilty “of assault. Since all of this spewing came out of Mel’s mouth and no one was holding a gun to his head and making him read from a script, then I assume he’s also “guilty” of saying it and meaning it. If the only way you can excuse his behavior and do damage control to your idol’s image is to utterly demonize her, then I think you need to examine what your real motivation is in doing that. If Gibson is the consummate “man’s man” that you admire so much, then you can’t have it both ways and try to paint him as the poor hapless victim here. He’s an out of control man who can’t handle not getting his own way, and who has a racist meltdown when he can’t dictate how his ex-lover dresses. That’s pretty fucking sad – and also pretty disturbing. Neither of us knows the details of the custody fight or the “rightness” of either side, but if I’d been holding my daughter when her father struck me in the teeth, I know I wouldn’t be quite so quick to hand her over for any visitation with him.

        The hours of enjoyment he’s brought to you and others through his movies isn’t relevant here (except in terms of disillusion and disappointment when you realize the dichotomy between the role and the real person) and they shouldn’t be a mitigating factor here or in court – or are you seriously trying to tell me that because you just loved “Lethal Weapon 4″ Mel should get preferential treatment on a domestic assault or custody hearing that the average guy wouldn’t? Who’s up on a socio-political “high horse” now?
        Because if you keep insisting on confusing his artistic output and the characters he plays with Gibson as a real person, then I think you’re both desperate and misguided.

        (No fuckwits were used in the writing of this message.)

  8. Richard McBeef

    $10 says this will blow over. Celebs can kill people and molest children and everyone will forget about it when Lohan ODs after 5 minutes in jail. Then it will be on the next scandalous tripe.

  9. Mal Gusto

    Let’s see, Lindsay Lohan and is broke and has very flexible morals. Mel Gibson has more money than God and maniacally loves to get blow jobs. I say put the 2 of them together and watch the fireworks!

    • Mel Gibson

      All men manically love blow jobs.

      • Mal Gusto

        Not maniacally. Don’t get me wrong, I love them. But I have never screamed at a woman that she was bitch for asleep before blowing me. But, hey. I am not a Christian like Mel, so maybe it is different with those folks.
        Oh yeah, eating clean pussy is great. Stay out of the ass boys and girls.

    • Get a job sparkling wiggles!!

      Id rather eat some good pussy or ass than get head…just saying. So wash up girls…no one likes a stinky pussy.

    • #1…blowjobs are great and no man can lie but I do have to agree with the fact that I love eatin pussy too. But ladies please, wash your slices before we dive in. Nothing worse (well, some things are) than diving into an unkept room. Either we poke our heads up and hurt your feelings or we tough it out and call it a one timer. And no purfume or spray of any kind either. It may smell great but not so great on the tongue. I’m sure you ladies can relate to the cologne on the dick taste. Don’t know who you are out there but this is a universal truth with men so jot it down !

  10. courtyardpigeon

    I will seriously never watch another movie with this idiot in it.

    • Get a job sparkling wiggles!!

      wow, Ill bet hes upset by your comment and worried about not getting your $9.

      • Bob

        for real! you think MEL gives a fuck about your $9 oh wait he probably ends up with $2 after all the other money goes to producers and advertisement! ANYWAYS the point is!! shut the fuck up you sensitive fuck!!! I’ve said worst things when i’m mad!

    • Wait, I just called him and he says to tell you to please come back…wait…no, that was a fuck you who cares what you think, sorry.

      • KL

        He’ll care when a shit-ton of people won’t watch another of his movies and they bomb like your farts. ‘Cause that’s what’s going to happen.

      • Aussie Mama

        funny thing is, when there is a scandal it’s usually big business, any publicity is good publicity, despite what we think. as many people there are out there that hate mel, there are just as many that love him too.
        also his latest dvd released movie has been the most popular for holds and hire. great movie anyway, without a doubt a stand out for 2009.

    • InternetToughGuy

      lol…Who gives a shit courtyardpigeon. He is a billionaire, with a B.

  11. Crabby Old Guy

    Except it’s even darker than that because apparently Mel Gibson needs blowjobs like Lindsay Lohan needs twelve pounds of coke in her face:

    Dude – we ALL need blowjobs like LL needs twelve pounds of coke in her face!

    If any of these recordings are true – I’m surprised Mel didn’t shove ol’ one eye down her throat whilst she snored. Like Ahab stickin’ the harpoon in Moby Dick’s blowhole.

    Arrrrrrrr, where’s me peg leg?!

  12. Curious

    Okay maybe its just me … not excusing his behavior, but doesn’t the recording sound a bit fishy to you? He sounds all muffled and psycho. While she sounds like its a studio recording and calm and almost emotionless about it. I dont know about you but when most people yell, get upset, or argue its both ways. ………. again just a thought

    • I think she’s trying to calm him down, diffuse the conversation and not get him any more upset. Which obviously isn’t working…
      I think she is holding a recorder close to the phone – so his voice isn’t as clear but she speaking directly into it. In the other tapes, the first ones released, it sounds better, like she’s learned how to properly record conversations.

    • InternetToughGuy

      Carnella, you stupid cunt….do you really think that these were made AFTER the others were released? You are as dumb as this whore Mel is yelling at.

  13. JRS22

    If Mel has been such a dick to Oksana all this time then why did she stay with him throughout all this? What a money-grabbing cunt bag.

    • Agreed. He and his former wife robyn stayed married for almost 30 years, had 7 children and this kind of shit never went down. This woman just knows how to push his buttons, it’s a clash of personalities to the extreme.

    • what?

      Ever hear of Stockholm Syndrome? People in abusive relationships and situations turn all kinds of crazy and frequently return to their abuser. Check out the CNN story about Rihanna and Chris Brown and why people go back or stay.

      There are all kinds of justifications for why people stay in unhealthy and abusive relationships: battered person syndrome, codependency, etc. Adults who were raised in abusive settings involving addiction or violence often feel “calmer” the more their life is in crisis because it feels more normal… like what they were raised with.

  14. For a former “sexiest man alive” to this.
    Mel, where’s your style? This approach won’t get you good results.
    Flowers, diamonds, chocolate pie, a new puppy or Rolls Royce, an oz of Vancouver bud; all of these will get you your fellatio a lot quicker than a temper tantrum. Settle down man!

  15. Can you imagine what his wife dealt with for the 20 or so years they were together? It would be hell living with that man– I think he’s normal and friendly until he gets drunk. He sounds drunk in all of these tapes.

    • yolla

      yes I think all this is a consequence of his alcohol problem- a big problem. But I don’t like this Oksana woman either. First off, she went after a married man and secondly she must’ve heard about his alcohol problems before meeting him, but despite all that she went after him, had a child, and then taped him??! Are you kidding me? And why tape this junk unless you’re a slick manipulating b”” ? She has one thing in her mind and that is money. If anyone says otherwise, they’re as dumb as she thinks you are.

      • KarlaW

        Yolla, I agree with you 100%, Oksana knew he was married, spreading rumors of the affair all over Malibu. I don’t think that it was the first time Mel was cheating on Robyn, I’m guessing they had an “agreement” but Oksana made their affair public. I don’t even think he wanted to have an 8th baby but then Oksana was pregnant. and It is publicly know that he is an alcoholic & that means he has severe mood swings. plus we are not listening the conversation before the recordings,
        what if she called him to say “I’m refusing to breast feed our baby, because I think this is hurting my boobs and next month I’ll pose nude for Huge Hefner”. or she calling him several times to say
        “oh Melvin tonight I’ll give you one hour non stop amazing orgasmic kamasutran blow job in order to make up for my bitchiness so be prepared mmmmh ” then pure tease.
        we are only listening his reactions. we need the complete picture. I don’t think he hit her at all. She is the kind of person who would keep an scrap book of evidence of any physical abuse. (And pictures of her bruises Paris Hilton style). I think she was and still is playing with his mind. In a few words this stinks as pure Hollywood Lewinskygate

  16. Curious

    it sounds like they were two separate recordings lol all of them do

  17. He seems upset.


    Duplicate comment my ass. You didn’t post it the site you dickwads

  19. J-Wow

    He’s starting to make Jessica Simpson look “not crazy”. Never thought I’d say that.

  20. Joe

    “blow me or i’ll burn the house down”: what a true american hero!!!

  21. how funny would it have been when he’s ranting “you’re a pain in my ass” if she’d been like “if anyone’s a pain in my ass it was you last week”

    • Aussie Mama

      he’s a scream man, i love him!
      we watched the out takes and behind the scenes stuff on edge of darkness the other night, he’s frickin hilarious. i rememeber julia robers talking about him putting plastic sandwhich wrap on her trailer toilet, n smearing vegemite on her toilet seat. he’s a prankster.

  22. Jessica rabbit Simpson

    Hey, J-wow, I resent that comment. I’m sexual Napalm, god damn it! I’m a fucking tornado mixed with a wildfire in bed – I’ll do anything to get approval and affection — anal, 3-ways, dress up like a hampster, water sports, fisting — you name it!

    Since Napalm burns everything, and Mel wants to burn everything down, I’m sitting here with my fur-burger open, ready for him. Mel, call me!


  23. DrainBamaged

    Why is everyone surprised that she stays so calm in the recordings?

    I’m surprised she isn’t laughing her goddamn ass off during the rant because she’s recording it.
    “That’s it Mel, dig the hole a little deeper, I’m burying you, getting paid for it and you don’t have a clue!”

  24. g_girl

    where are these losers made?
    where does this hatred towards women come from? some guys must feel really small and insecure…
    i pity the fools

  25. Every day Mel Gibson doesn’t get blown a puppy dies.

  26. dude

    my god this loony screams so much he renders himself out of breath. lol’d at his roarrr at one point tho. awww he thinks he’s rintoo

  27. dude

    is there an over-under on when he tries to oj her?

  28. From what I heard she told him she was going to kill his kid and he just went nuts

  29. McFeely Smackup

    We’ve already established that hollywood thinks it’s perfectly acceptable for Roman Polanski for drug and then anally rape a 13 year old girl, so how does this even get noticed? All Mel has done is use some coarse language. On the anal rape scale, that’s not even a 1.

  30. kanyeisgay

    Why would this sweet girl release this tape of someone she loved ?

  31. ktb ( . )( . )

    The thing that gets me is all his heavy breathing. He is so angry and worked up. Oksana does a very good job at keeping herself calm. Mel is crazy, and she sounds like she’s enjoying him going over the edge. I’ve only heard her sound upset in one of the tapes while Mel sounds psycho in all of them.

    I haven’t been interested in watching any of his movies for a looong time.

  32. I think he might be suffering from some sort of mental disease. We used to 5150 people for less.

  33. ya think?

    clearly his therapist is doing amazing work.

  34. Wow

    I think she has been fucking with him. Listen to the tape… it’s apparent that she’s been doing shit to get him this loose. I feel for the guy.

    • Ya Right

      Ummm, “doing shit to get him this loose?” I’m sorry, but I’ve had arguments (sometimes very heated) with boyfriends and now my husband, and no one has EVER gone completely apeshit nuts on me like this wacko. This is uncalled for. If someone starts pushing your buttons, do what the rest of us mere mortals would have to do: walk away, take a drive, file for divorce, etc. etc. He acts like an asshole because he can. None of us would get away with this shit.

  35. not_from_US


    any link for Europe?

  36. WhattaFake

    Unless this is a recording of a phone call from her end this is an absolute fake. They’re obviously not in the same room in this recording – his voice is compressed and hers is not. It’s possible this is Mel Gibson’s voice but it sounds like it easily could be a voice actor. If it’s really her voice she isn’t very good at pretending to react to a raging lunatic, either sitting next to her or on the phone with her.

    But does it matter? Who likes Mel Gibson anymore anyway?

    • dude

      um…. speakerphone? :D

      • justifiable

        Seriously – I swear WhattaFake still hasn’t figured out how the fridge light works. No matter how many times he sneaks up on it, and how fast he opens that door, he can’t catch the little man inside off guard…

  37. Lady Blah Blah

    Poor Mel, I mean, he’s got issues. As “ya think?” says, “clearly his therapist is doing amazing work.”

    Or maybe Mel was practicing lines for an upcoming movie and Oksana dubbed in her lines later to make it sound like he was raging at her. Actually, her utterly calm demeanor gives me the impression that she’s taking advantage of a guy with problems. Not to excuse Mel, but it’s kind of like if you know how to set someone off – Mel’s responsible for his behavior – but I get the impression that Oksana (who to me looks like Octomom, which is to say fugly) is playing this situation so that she’ll come out of it with a lot of Mel’s dough.

    Get together with older rich guy. Find out what his buttons are, wire yourself with a recorder, push his buttons, release recordings to the media, Pass Go and collect.

  38. Ivor

    Does he have a movie coming out soon? Any publicity is good publicity!

  39. Randal(l)

    It seems to me that he’s just expressing his love of blow jobs. He didn’t say blow me or I’ll burn the house down. he’s saying blow jobs come first, he’s crazy enough to burn the house down, but not before he gets blown. I give him a pass on this recording. It’s not a threat, it’s a man telling his lady how much he loves blow jobs.


  40. russian whore

    russian whore just wants money. we all know he’s got anger issues. she’s just baiting him, (probably puts a pill in his drink) and hits the record button. What a horrible russian trash.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      you are probably fat and ugly right? Put your pic up. Jealous fuck

    • Kill the commies

      We know you are Russian yourself “Doc”.

      • Aussie Mama

        save the males, don’t let the loose vaginas take over the world. men rule!
        women like this peice od eastern block shit, should be pummeled into the ground, if you ain’t worked for it, it should never be rightfully yours. get a job, spread your dirty flaps in playboy, but earn your own keep, you independant shameless excuse for a woman you.
        go mel!

  41. Daphne

    hey asshole, it cannot “literally” be the highlight of your day unless it is done with a highlight marker. Stop misusing words.

  42. “I just need a good woman to take care of my beautiful daughter.” If he weren’t so psychotic-sounding and hyperventilating like darth vader on crack, these words are actually quite touching.

  43. I feel sorry for Mel

    I agree with the person who questioned why her voice is crystal clear and Mel sounds like he’s on the phone or something. I actually believe this was a huge set up and Mel is clearly out of control after being so manipulated and played by the gold digger of a wife he chose. Mel is clearly emotionally broken and she sounded calm as can be without a care in the world. It’s just sad. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit but Mel is a train wreck. I hope he finds a way to heal.

    • justifiable

      Let’s see now – this had been going on since last week and you and WhattaFake just now starting to observe that “Mel sounds like he’s on the phone or something”? And you only arrived at that deduction as an plausible alternative to your first Brilliant Theory, namely, since he must not be in the same room with her, the recordings must be fake.

      Please don’t breed, either of you. Getting blown is OK, just don’t pass on your genes.

    • Aussie Mama

      i feel sorry for mel.
      so do i mate, she is a sneaky, coniving, evil woman.

  44. meshvey666

    Here’s a t-shirt from after his DUI the first time around

    check out the “Lethal Weapon” shirt

  45. Plobes


    her voice sounds clearer because the recording is benig made from her side

    Mel’s voice is coming in from over the phone so it sounds more muffled

    NOT hard to figure out you friggin morons :)
    And Mels was cherating on his own wife with Russian lady, so it was obvious from the start that Oksana is kind of shady. Isn’t he old/experienced enough to spot a gold-digger instead of asking her to fucking MARRY HIM??
    this is ALL on Mels as far as I’m concerned.

    • Kill the commies

      Russians are the biggest drunks in the world. And their women are incredible gold diggers. They are great chess players you know?

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        I’m afraid you are losing this match, asshole. Don’t fuck with Russians. Will be a lesson to you, morons.

      • Kill the commies

        You threatening ME? Hahahaahah. You dumb commy cunt, we defeated your little eimpire without firing a shot you dumb hairy whore.
        Now go have a couple shots of vodka. Or pesticide. Siberian slut.

      • Aussie Mama

        go kill the commies, you have more fans than poor doc name hurler will ever know. probably sitting behind her pc, raging like a mchine, going nuts, typing like the angry littel fuck she is.

  46. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I can’t fucking believe this. I mean it just sounds like a stunt that they did together to make fun of the public. Unfortunately it’s true and people can be so evil. Oksana’s story is not the single one. Alcoholic American men do wonders!
    Just take that Joel Munt story when he murdered his Russian wife all the while claiming SHE was crazy.

    • Русские женщины являются все одном

      запирают сука. Все российские женщины в одном, заслуживают ничуть не лучше … более точно так же. Как вы получите здесь? Ваш шлюхой мать обманным путем американского мужчина и получил беременных с вами, scurge земли … российской шлюхой дочь.

      • OK, I’ve just gone to the trouble of running this thru a translator.
        It’s a very nasty message. It says bad things about Russian women. The poster is an asshole.

      • Fartttttttahhh

        Whats it say about us russkies?

      • Thanks “Fish” for Cyrillic Russian removal.
        The removed post made a sweeping generalization on the morals & motives of females from the motherland. Nothing original, nothing smart.

      • Aussie Mama

        aha bratko, i see you speak from experience.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Its an Aussie Mama or other fatso who posted it because she is fat and ugly jealous bitch. I am 100% sure that any Russian woman has done NOTHING bad to her whatsoever in her miserable life and that she has never met anyone Russian.

        Get a clue idiot. If you run though an online translator they would just translate the words and nobody Russian will understand you – what you wrote MAKES NO SENSE IN RUSSIAN.
        It reads: “Lock me up, bictch! All Russian women in one, deserve no better, more the same way…more same way. How you will be receiving here? Your by malewhore mother by deception American man and received preganat with you, scruge on the ground, Russian whore by daughter”


  47. Jonny Topside

    Someone far more talented than I needs to dub these recordings into some scenes from Braveheart. Actually I think it’s probably happening in 3,2,1….

    • Aussie Mama

      yes it’s a conspiracy doc russian gal, the whole world pretends they like you, but they know your just vodka swigging good for nothing scabs, that’ll do anything for $$$. go mel!
      these daily leaks are winning him fans, that he didn’t have. and dong her damage, keep going oksana private eye secret squirrel, everyone loves the dobber!
      PS; doc. russina angry girl, isa fat depressed sad clown…awwwwww.

  48. Amy

    Mel “Darth-Vader” Gibson; He is your father.

  49. yvette

    Can you PLEASE add a post with ALL of these tapes/recordings?? I really would like to sit here and hear them all at once.
    This is making me happier than a “pig in heat” in shit…

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