Blanca Blanco Doing Bikini Things and Other News

As much as I hate leaning back on galleries of scantly clad, virtually unknown babes to fill my post quotas, one has to realize that it’s either this kind of stuff or more bullshit about inappropriate dickplay. Since I’m getting over the flu and that was literally all that’s happened over the past few days, I’m switching gears and trying to have the high-happiest of Christmases this season. I’m not about to post nothing but shameful dickplay for the entire month of December. If I do that, Harvey and the terrorists win.


The longer Harvey Weinstein’s wife holds out from filing her divorce papers, the more money she makes. [TMZ]

T.J. Miller is caught up in a he said/she said case of sexual assault accusations. [PageSix]

Now Meryl Streep and Rose McGowan are officially at (Twitter) war. [Dlisted]

Scott Disick is still a disickhead/probably mooching money off his 19-year-old girlfriend… probably sexual harassment? [Celebuzz!]

Matt Damon didn’t make it to his Downsizing premiere and that has something to do with sexual harassment. [PerezHilton]

The Oceans 8 trailer was really good and no one was sexually harassed for once. [Pajiba]

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