Blake Lively’s breasts premiere some movie

December 18th, 2009 // 63 Comments

Blake Lively attended the New York premiere of Sherlock Holmes last night, but a quick Google search tells me she’s not even in the movie! How is this not false advertisement? Somebody get me a lawyer who’s willing to sue Warner Bros. until they CGI Blake’s breasts in place of Jude Law’s mustache. (Bet you wish you thought of it first, Guy Ritchie: “Hollywood director.” FACE!)

Photos: Splash News

  1. timmy the dying boy

    She has stumpy fingers.

  2. Kangaroo

    This chick is fucken gorgeous.

  3. abbz

    oh well the fingers just ruins it then.

  4. Kangaroo

    RE: She has stumpy fingers.

    Nope. No nails to speak of tho.

  5. ugh, i didn’t notice the fingers. now she’s ugly. ruined forever.

  6. Dutch

    ffs… people better not try and find things wrong with this woman.

  7. Sport

    dont know who she is but that outfit is SMOKIN’.

  8. rah! rah!

    What’s with the lines around her mouth?

  9. Valerie

    Picture 10…really horrifying

  10. Premo Rough

    I saw her on Saturday Night Live and I’ve decided she’s very cute…

  11. Hilarious

    She’s perfect. What a beautiful girl.

  12. JJ Daddy-O

    What’s with the porny poses? Or is that just the MDMA kickin’ in?

  13. Courtyardpigeon

    Amazing legs!

  14. Sardonic

    Blake can make Lively on me any time.

  15. Brandon

    Great legs and one of the nicest pairs of tits in Hollywood right now

  16. Fat Chicks Suck

    I wish she was just a TOUCH thinner…but she’s still super hot.

  17. blah

    great body, great hair, great dress…BAD face. horse face.

  18. 7L

    what breasts ?????????????
    am i the only one on here that’s like, who cares about this broad?
    my chick is wayyyyyyy hotter with real fucking tits compared to her.
    Real Talk. no joke

  19. I'm ready now...

    Please allow me to erupt inside your super-tight, whiskered twat.

  20. lins

    who the bajesus is she? and what breast?

  21. Orion

    How pathetic, her 16 yr old co-star is hotter than her.

  22. Hank

    I’d love to see a closeup of her vag. I bet its looks like a tiny blonde rose.

  23. Spanks

    WHo much does a boob job like that cost? Anyone know who her surgeon was?

  24. Danny Tanner

    Those legs are simply amazing but would be best on my shoulders.

  25. whit

    seriously, what breasts? she has no tits and this outfit clearly shows that.

  26. Tiffany

    She looks awesome in the LBD. Get all of her clothes here

  27. LAW

    She is a beautiful woman. Far from perfect but still very beautiful. One thing I do not care to look at on Blake is her legs. She has the potential to have beautiful legs but she seems a tad lazy because they are not very toned. Just a little bit of leg excersizes a week would make her legs easier on the eyes. The way her skin and fat droop over her knees is a big turn off for me. All it takes is 20min. of stair climbing every other day and that would be fixed.

  28. djfld

    I love/need this dress

  29. a2650415

    Just what the world needs, another too-full-of-herself man-faced disposable actress. Ho hum.

  30. Chupika

    No picture = not happened, if your face is prettier post it. She looks great.

  31. Jarlath

    Boy, she has really got a set. Truly a site for cyclopean eyes.

  32. Pseudopodia

    dead fish

  33. Jake

    meh…just ok…NEXT

  34. WE LOVE PEEN!!


  35. Blake Lively, looks gorgeous and pretty, the dress looks good too. But would love to see a close up picture.

  36. ducky

    why oh WHY is she always doing DUCK LIPS!! STOP IT BLAKE!! it makes her look older when tries to make her lips look bigger by doing that funny thing with her mouth.

  37. kk

    You are a sick sick person,…..i really hope you arent a dude because the way you pick apart her body and see things that an anorexic would in front of the mirror. ( and its not even true , what FAT on her legsHer legs are PHENOMINAL ) you will NEVER find a woman who will live up to such scrutinty……i bet you get off on cartoon or CGI women!

  38. 7L

    she has the face of a young bag lady
    the tits of an 11 year old
    oh yeah and #28…its knees are gross.
    fucking starvation diets. just work out you lazy hag.

  39. WE WANT PENIS!!!


  40. Jeff

    what breasts? her face is the best thing about her

  41. laurente

    she has had her boobs done people and her lips and nose
    another blondette in hollywood
    all of these gals are the same

  42. Jimbo

    I would titty and face f*ck the shit outta her

  43. bell

    what breast?

  44. Lola

    “all of these gals are the same”

    That’s Hollywood for you

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  46. LMN

    Really? Listen to yourselves–you are all so critical!! That “droopy flesh above her knees” IS CALLED MUSCLE so exercising more would just make it bigger. And about her so-called stumpy fingers, wait, now it’s a problem that she cuts her fingernails instead of growing out long sharp fingernails??? The level of perfection that is expected is just unbelievable.

  47. wow

    oh my :)

  48. j

    the audacity of the prior comments is truly despicable

  49. hjntfyewerg

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