Blake Lively’s breasts cast in Green Lantern

And Blake Lively’s breasts continue to steamroll the fuck out of Leighton Meester. Via Heat Vision Blog:

The search for the Martin Campbell-directed film’s leading lady was almost as intense as the one for its title star. Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner were reportedly among those in the mix for the role.
The role called for a slightly older actress but Lively, who stars in the CW’s “Gossip Girl,” impressed the studio and filmmakers with her audition. Warners was also impressed with her work in “The Town,” its adaptation of the gritty Chuck Hogan novel directed by Ben Affleck now in post-production.

What’s going to be really awesome is when they make a Blake Lively action figure. And not because its tiny hands will be too small to use pepper spray. Who even thinks like that?

Photos: Splash News