Blake Lively’s cleavage is my new best friend

September 20th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Blake Lively arrived at the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards and almost made me forget about Olivia Wilde. Almost. In the meantime, I’d like to take this moment now to declare Blake’s chest the Up and Coming Breasts to Watch for 2010 which is clearly higher than any honor those losers from 30 Rock will win tonight. Jesus Christ could appear on stage and announce he personally molded Tina Fey out of pure comedy, and it would mean nothing next to the fact I just said “Yo, check out Blake Lively’s chest muffins.” Just to put things in perspective.

NOTE: Bumped to the top and added more pics.

Blake Lively’s Puffy Nipples

Photos: Getty, WireImage

  1. bob

    noggin drill nose and hooded eyes

  2. flappaflap

    mehhh>>> why do we care about her? Cleavage does distract from less than stellar face tho.

  3. Kamakazi Kunt

    Constipated butt face.

  4. clpierced

    When have guys actually started judging girls on their faces? I thought you guys just wanted the boobs and times have changed. Aaaannd blake has a very pretty face. okay, i actually think she is hottt. and i am totalllyy jealous of her boobs. i love gossip girls :)

  5. necessary ROUGHness

    Id like to know if they’re real before I salivate. You see what Hollywood has done to me?

  6. titsonsnack

    That’s a total Jessica Rabbit dress, she should have had her hair down.

  7. larrythecableguy

    screw all this , It has been reported that Laura Dern has been killed
    is this true?

  8. Jimbob

    She has moderate-sized implants. Boring, otherwise….

  9. rah! rah!

    she sucks.

  10. sarah

    wow is it just me or does she totally look like a young virginia madsen??

  11. frank the dolphin

    Real or not, those puppies are awesome

  12. yeahhh

    poor thing….she really really cant wear her hair elegantly slicked back…her face needs a constant nice-hair-distraction

  13. billy

    Meh, nothing special about her boobs. They are widespread, meaning that when she takes her shirt off they are saggy mom tits or the ones that the nipples aim to the sides. Her face is okay……but nothing special either. The coolest thing I see in this pic is her braid; and even that isn’t anything to “WOW” about. NEXT PLEASE.

  14. richard

    who is this person and why should I care?

  15. I agree #13, not many people have the face to pull of that hairstyle. That dress is gorgeous & the perfect shade of red. She wears it well.

  16. Beebedabee!


  17. Topazrules

    Haven’t heard anything about Laura Dern dying. I hope not. Anyone know?

  18. Martina

    #11 … you’re right, she does look a lot like Virginia Madsen, and that’s not a bad thing.

    Blake is gorgeous, I can’t believe all the posts that run her down – they must be same people who think that Kim Kardashian in shape.

  19. CAC

    Louboutin heels?

  20. its obvious

    Her forehead is to oily and she needs to learn how to pose properly. Fake breasts = turnoff.

  21. Ruler shaped=no thanks.

    Give me Christina Hendricks any day…

  22. Rhialto

    she looks quite acceptable.Nice hairdo too!

  23. Boogeyman King Dong

    A plait like that is almost asking for a Joe Francis pull!

  24. teresa

    Thought that kind of dress had already been showcased by JLo and Beyonce, no? Beyond the color I’m not sure how it’s different.

  25. Invicta7

    It helps to have fake breasts. That dress wouldn’t have done so well on that body before SIsterhood 2.

  26. Amy

    Mannish face. Mediocre boobs. At least she is not fat. Her hands are nice.

  27. Amy

    Red makes her look washed out. Orange red is ugly anyway unless your skin is olive, tan, or black. Would have looked better in a cranberry or bluish red.

  28. hbomb

    she looks like she has had a stroke. nice tits, horrible face.

  29. Bruce Bromley

    Right ones Shock and the left ones Awe, OMG…

  30. Do FreeBird

    I can see cleavage on the Family Channel for Gods sake. I want FULL BLOWN NAKED TITS HANGING OUT IN THE FRESH AIR AND SWAYING GENTLY WHILE SHE WALKS DOWN THE RED CARPET!!!! Oh, and make them real Breasts, not those pathetic bolted on half cantaloups.

  31. GM

    What cleavage??????
    A – shes ugly
    B- no tits ( although i did see the post of her pokies,,,,very nice) but still.
    C- shes wack

  32. chrisj

    Her dress reminds me of B. Hussein Obama….RED!

  33. mjw

    A nose job and fake tits and still nothing special. Does anybody remember what she used to look like?

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  35. shallwedance

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  36. Eliza

    I really think she is one of the most beautiful women on the face of the earth. I was really surprised by these comments…she’s gorgeous.

  37. Delgo

    Blake Lively’s cleavage

  38. Delgo

    Last pose looks like a head coach after the team goes 3 and out.

  39. Crocoduck

    Just what we need, another blonde plastic talentless Hollywood bimbo. Woohoo. The only notable thing about her is the name.

  40. Martina

    judging from the majority of the comments here about Blake Lively Negative), I’m guessing that most of the guys here spend too too much time banging their Khloe Kardashian companion dolls.

  41. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    Her zizter iz zo much prettier. Teen Which zhould have won ozcars.

  42. She’s enchantingly beautiful…

  43. laurente

    she is not enchantingly beautiful
    she looks live every blonde nose jobbed plastic titted gal in hollywood

  44. Not big enough for cleavage. That’s just inner sideboob.

  45. Jenn

    GORGEOUS! She is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She looks a lot like someone I know. ME! :)

  46. Verez

    Stunning. Perfection. I am in love.

  47. Sienna

    …How the heck is she ugly? People’s standards are beyond ridiculous these days. I’m betting the majority of people that keep attacking the celebs on these forums have asses for faces.

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