Blake Lively still has breasts

November 16th, 2009 // 68 Comments

Blake Lively attended some event that doesn’t matter last night and used the venue to remind me I’d build baby-firing bazookas for Al Qaeda just to gently sniff her cleavage for 30 seconds. And before everyone starts questioning my patriotism, I’d hum the Star-Spangled Banner the entire time, so back off.

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  1. First?


  2. Second?


  3. Third?


  4. Fourth?


  5. Fifth


  6. 5

    killed your fun, sorry :P

  7. Jail

    Nice fake rack. Ugly pinched face. Every time I see her, I hear the wicked witch’s theme music.


    Is she wearing shorts? UGH — ugly. Put on a nice skirt with that top.

  9. Drundel

    Fake or not, and I’m voting real, I would wreck that.

  10. Rosie

    Don’t know who this young lady is but that jacket is really cute. Serious.

  11. Jake

    This is the way every woman should dress. Except the fatties.

  12. cover up her face and i’m in heaven

  13. Valerie

    she DOES have the most boring face I’d ever seen on a celebrity, although I wouldn’t say it’s ugly at all. Just….like, plain or something. She is LUCKY for that body!

  14. Valerie

    I think it’s the nose. It’s too fake looking. Even if it’s real, it looks like a bad nosejob.

  15. mikd

    Yeah its the nose or lack of nostrils, the eyes don’t help anything…

  16. asa

    Doesn’t pull the outfit off.

  17. Eighteenth?


  18. Ravyn

    At least she learned how to use concealer.

  19. PooPoo

    She need my throbbing cock in her gooey pussy.

  20. sam

    I never liked her face, always looks like she just sucked a lemon…

  21. Kat

    What a fat cow. Why is she famous?

  22. Superfan

    Great stuff! This is what you get paid the big bux for!

  23. Veronica

    did she borrow Victoria Beckham’s horrible breasts for the evening?

  24. Hit it

    #30 gets to bang her starfish until your heart is content.

  25. Anonymous

    Who the hell is Blake Lively?

  26. Sport

    Embarrassed to say I have no idea who she is, but if she is of legal age let me say ‘she’s kinda hot.’ But lot’s of people are.

  27. Smarm

    ” 8. Jail – November 16, 2009 12:39 PM

    Nice fake rack. Ugly pinched face. Every time I see her, I hear the wicked witch’s theme music.

    Thats funny, every time we see you, we hear the Crying Game….coincidence? Doubtful. Shut the fuck up. Shes not only hotter tenfold than any piece of ass you could get within a half mile of, much less physically touch, but her ‘fake rack’ is fucking incredible. You posting that shit like its some kind of insult to have fake cans, just makes you sound like a douchenozzle (see- Spencer Pratt)

  28. Scout

    Coordinates are in the mail.

  29. Hefe

    Her face is off. I don’t really know what it is about it either.

    Fabulous tits though. Those mini basketballs are beautiful.

  30. PunchyThompson

    The superficial writer has always been pretty stupid, but “Blake Lively still has breasts”???? WTF? Did you not know that? We know you don’t know what a nipple is (see multiple previous NSFW postings), but this is over the top. Is she supposed to get them chopped off or something? Geez.. I mostly just come to this site to see how idiotic and stupid the writer is.

  31. cherry

    christ, put them away already slut

  32. Smarm

    ” 33. cherry – November 16, 2009 4:00 PM

    christ, put them away already slut

    Oh for christs sake quit fucking talking. . You do realize you’re on the fucking Superficial website, right? And that its main purpose in life is to provide pics of said assets, along with any half decent gossip? I’m fairly certain 95% of the ‘fish readers are just fine w her ‘leaving them out’. Now shut the hell up, and choke yourself. Jealous cow.

  33. Peter Griffin

    Look at that side boob… Check out this side boob… How about that side boob? That turn you on? Well it shouldn’t, ‘cuz thats my side boob.

    Good night everybody.

  34. im becoming more impressed

  35. um


    Do you realize how stupid you look after that comment? Obviously it’s a joke, but you clearly are too stupid to get it.

    She’s from Gossip Girl. Just throwing that out there to everyone who’s confused, and her face looks better in live-action. In pictures she just looks okay.

  36. Kangaroo

    I’d like to gossip with her corn-hole.

  37. Wow. How did this one get a career? Butterface, just like Chloe Sevigny.

  38. Tanzarian

    I think I bought sex from her a few years ago…

  39. See Alice

    She has a sour pickle face .

  40. See Alice

    She has a sour pickle face .

  41. lucykate58

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  42. Jenna

    Hell, I said she was plain the last time she was posted on this site and I got reamed by someone for it. Now everyone is seeing what I see…which is a bunch of blonde nothing. She’s ugly vanilla as far as celebs go.

    As far as someone you’d meet on the street – yea, she’s really attractive in comparison. As far as Hollywood goes? There are a million girls with ten times the looks and one billionth of the publicity. I don’t get it.

    (No, I don’t live in Cali – I’m just sayin’, there are beautiful women there that do all the work to make sure they look perfect and we get a chick like this thrown at us? Lame)

  43. Well, if that’s the case then you should waste no more time walking through your neighborhood because here you will find everything you are looking for.

  44. alarm

    Nice breasts, if they’re real. But I don’t like those beady little eyes!

  45. if the girl can rock it (which she obviously can), then let her rock it. i’d kill to look like that in those dresses.

  46. Nela

    I don’t get it…she has a face like play-doh.

  47. roxy

    this girl is so null. there’s just nothing abot her that makes me like her

  48. if the girl can rock it (which she obviously can), then let her rock it. i’d kill to look like that in those dresses.

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