Blake Lively in Marie Claire and other news

November 5th, 2009 // 50 Comments

- Jon Gosselin is spending Thanksgiving with Hailey instead of the kids. Hope she likes mantrums and gravy. [Betty Confidential]

- Chace Crawford is banging which Yankee now? [Lainey Gossip]

- Lady GaGa isn’t satisfied with her last kill. The bloodlust rages on! [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Josh Duhamel prefers a “meatier” Fergie. [Insert penis joke here.] [Just Jared]

- Sharon Osbourne: “Susan Boyle looks like a hairy arsehole.” [PopEater]

- HIlary Rhoda proves God meant for women to be sex objects. There’s really no other rationale here. [Celebslam]

- Kirsten Dunst is still out there, folks. Stay vigilant and don’t invite her in. [PopSugar]

- Morgan Freeman gets his piece of ass to stop saying he was drunk during last year’s car accident. [Wonderwall]

- Kim Kardashian obviously has no idea what a black eye looks like. [ICYDK]

Photos: Marie Claire

  1. turd the third


  2. turd the third

    She is really cute. A far cry from Leanne Rhimes! But the clothes just gotta go. Talk about a bunch of ulgly clothes they don’t do a thing for her.

  3. ferrets kill

    Ok seriously? How come this “celeb gossip site” is constantly posting pictures from magazine photo shoots, and then just glosses over a bunch of actual celebrity gossip by linking little piddly stories to other web sites. WHO the fuck cares about a Marie Claire photo shoot. Stop posting photos from magazines. That is not celeb news/gossip.

  4. Lame

    Pic 5. Awsome !

  5. tom

    how could you not care about the marie claire shoot?
    um i mean, blake lively is in it..pantsless… in red pumps. find any story ever in the history of mankind that can rival that and maybe you have a point, but until then, down with pants, up with blake lively.

  6. Christina

    She is incredible

  7. sigh

    i would pay to hit it.

  8. reseau

    Discovery driven conflagrate.

    Atomism removed go back.

    donate spruce pine.

  9. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I love the big nips on those bazongas!

  10. silly

    gosh. shes has gorgeous legs!

  11. Urbanspaceman

    Her “breasts” seem to be getting bigger every time I see her.

  12. Valerie

    does pic 7 look like they crappily airbrushed deeper cleavage on her? They didn’t need to….

  13. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    I’m surprised everyone’s favorite piss whore getting a black eye was not marquee news here?

    She may not know what a black eye looks like, but she loves a big black dick her in mouth and overly used cooch.

    I say, beat that horrid bitch more, more, more!


    Build a home for your youth!

  15. titsonsnack

    Isn’t Marie Claire a magazine for chicks? What’s with the bra/sexy poses? Why are women always half naked and making come-hither looks in women’s magazines?

  16. um


    All models in women’s magazines are sexy because these magazines feed off of our insecurity and lust for perfection. Also, in my opinion, any given woman is more attracted to other women than a man would be to another man. So we like loving/hating beautiful women out of jealousy and admiration.

    So yea, I love/hate Blake Lively for those legs. But I still think Leighton Meester is cuter.

  17. dk

    Finally a halfway decent whore on here. If only they could fix the spots on her face, wait, ” Mom wheres the windex ” . Man that shit is sticky!

  18. Disagree


    Uhhhh I don’t remember how I ever originally stumbled on this site. B while I do enjoy reading the celebrity gossip, I pretty much keep coming back for the hot pics of sexy celebrities.

  19. Disagree


    Uhhhh I don’t remember how I ever originally stumbled on this site. B while I do enjoy reading the celebrity gossip, I pretty much keep coming back for the hot pics of sexy celebrities.

  20. froufrou

    Blake Lively looks fabulous here !! LOVEEE the legs.

  21. Totally cute, but seriously, if she hadn’t been keeping her mouth shut this entire time (for the most part), she would totally look and be equally insufferable as Heidi.

    But since she knows her place, she’s awesome lookin’.

  22. Hefe

    Those legs are absolutely perfect.

    These other celeb pigs need to take notice and talk to this chick about her workout regimen.

  23. jubjub

    As hot as Blake Lively is, I had to do a search on IMDB to find out who she is and what she has been in; even though she hasn’t ever been in anything that I would consider watching, at least she makes my wiener happy; she is frigging hot as hell! On another note, Sharon Osbourne is a serious cunt.

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  25. ada


  26. Adma


  27. janicee

    but thats the thing though. she doesn’t work out… and yooh can tell cus of her midriff. she has a belly… i think she’s just blessed with nice legs. <3 serena

  28. Lazarus "Bubba" Tubbs

    Blake Lively is really cute. Are her tits real?


  29. Hard Fuck

    Here is a woman that needs to get bent over and fucked hard. Give her my text address.

  30. Tis what it is

    From just above her ass & down, Olivia Munn currently is the hottest. Based on what pussy is available in Hollywood.

  31. Eliza

    She is a goddess

  32. Blake Lively looks fabulous here !! LOVEEE the legs.very nice!WOW!!!!the red shoes very nice too…

  33. WOW awesome sexy pose she is giving.
    Really she is having too sexy appeals.

  34. Blake Lively is looking so awesome in that costumes . She has got so nice figure. Nice poses for photographs . Thanks for sharing this.

  35. pic #5 is ridiculously hot and what all women should look like. take note all you fat and ugly chicks.

  36. fugly average “actress”… but ill do her, wit deep love haha!

  37. Rough, break his silence

    lol how love how some broads have some nonexistent fantasy on what their man like, and theyre telling everyone to brag @ Fergi and dushmamal story…

  38. Rough Douchie is having turkey necks and tossed salad.

  39. Rough, break his silence

    Heyyyyyy Its non other then Backwood Bitch, that trifle he just scribble is his way of saying hello folks…

  40. Drunk already Douchie? Guess it makes all that “toe tapping” in the bathroom stall go by faster.

  41. Rough, break his silence

    It seems that, each time Backwood Bitch missed his prostate massage appointments he comes gunning for me on Al Gore’s internets…

  42. It’s a series of tubes! Not to be confused with the series of meat tubes jammed into your orifices.

  43. Rough, break his silence

    There you go Backwood Bitch! Hey base on your writings how come you have similar decency as to those hypocritical politicians you pretend to dislike? answer it coward…

  44. glace neuf

    anybody else getting some BS anti-virus page loading every 10 visits or so to thesuperficial? i can deal with ads, but this one is too much. cut it out!

  45. Brett Ni

    Not bad for someone who got a nose job and tit job as soon as her career took off.. what the fuck is wrong with this world.

  46. Brett Ni

    Not bad for someone who got a nose job and tit job as soon as her career took off.. what the fuck is wrong with this world.

  47. See Alice

    Check out those gams !

  48. She’s very pretty.

  49. Lucy

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