Blake Lively has nipples

September 4th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Here’s Blake Lively taking a break from filming Gossip Girl this week in New York and showing some nip in an obvious ploy to woo me away from Leighton Meester. While I enjoy a woman who’s blunt and full of nipples, why isn’t she holding a delicious Sunday dinner and that porn I like? Or is she not trying to find a husband? I’m cool either way. (Read: Parachuting out the window post-coitus.)

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that will make you feel lively! *puts gun in mouth*

Photos: Splash News

  1. Rhialto

    Is this girl pregnant?

  2. Darth

    Is she having a phone conversation? Or is she just biting on her finger?

  3. Jim Jones


  4. Puny Hands

    Her boyfriend looks like he’s related to those two guys in the Burger King commercial sitting on the bus bench with the curse of the small hands. You know, where they can only get the Jr. Whopper because you need two man sized hands to hold the Original Whopper. So stupid……..

  5. bewbiegirl

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  6. mkfb

    are americans so sexually repressed that even the slightest hint of nipple is worthy of this much attention? THEY’RE JUST NIPPLES! this is not even a good picture of this woman. to blake lively: better watch out, losers are everywhere!

  7. would somebody please remove red stars?

  8. can somebody remove red stars?

  9. riz

    the paparazzi definitely photoshopped a different head onto her boyfriend’s body. maybe it wasn’t him at all. it’s SO OBVIOUS though, even i could photoshop better than that.

  10. pj

    @59 why do you say that?!?!?! DAYM HE IS LOOKING FINE.

  11. Why are stars that .. _?

  12. Why put that star there are …

  13. Blake works beautifully for either a boy or a girl.

  14. ryan

    if any of you guys think that she’s ugly… you are either gay or not a man

  15. Get rid of the star…

  16. not really a nipple nor even any sureness of a see thru nipple shot. Ok so she has some dark-ish areola’s, is all we really learn from these pics, but I am sure that is enough to get some of us to heating the oils.

  17. Oh, ho ho ho! Ha ha ha!! Incredible genius.

    That is really some funny stuff you did there.

  18. why do you say that?!?!?! DAYM HE IS LOOKING FINE.

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  20. mbt

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  21. Blake works beautifully for either a boy or a girl.

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