Blake Lively has nipples

September 4th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Here’s Blake Lively taking a break from filming Gossip Girl this week in New York and showing some nip in an obvious ploy to woo me away from Leighton Meester. While I enjoy a woman who’s blunt and full of nipples, why isn’t she holding a delicious Sunday dinner and that porn I like? Or is she not trying to find a husband? I’m cool either way. (Read: Parachuting out the window post-coitus.)

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that will make you feel lively! *puts gun in mouth*

Photos: Splash News

  1. Taz

    I’d like to fuck her

  2. Spud McKenzie

    lol almost needed a star for that

  3. PosionIvyLeague

    I heard she’s a slam-pig.

  4. J.

    WOW, love here!!

  5. I remember when the superfish was good.

  6. Lippen Whiskey

    Why the star here? You can see more than this *at* work. Depending on where you work. :)

  7. Deacon Jones

    Is that bad that the first thing I noticed was how fucking small that fags hand is?

  8. JonGosselin

    Where is the NSFW nipple?

  9. PsyKo

    I’ve got nipples too.

  10. christine

    She looks like a grease ball

  11. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I love a big nipple. Something to latch onto when she realizes you stuck it in hole #2.

  12. Valerie

    Deacon, no and I hate dudes with small hands! Yuck

  13. hateyoufornoreason

    She has nipples and wide hips. Yuck.

  14. Tina Lee

    14. She has nipples and wide hips. Yuck.


    As opposed to being a guy? Faggggggg.

  15. Lurch at Lunch

    Dumb bitch get a real man.

  16. G

    How can you not notice your nipple showing? Don’t get it….

  17. Terri

    It is bad enough that he is carrying a murse, but does it have to be flamming red?

  18. Terri

    The nipple and the murse cruise Hollywood. So cool.

  19. Italy

    I have the same phony Chanel bag. I know that everyone knows it is a fake, so I use it to haul groceries. I do get a lot of nice comments about it from ugly old hags in que.

  20. Max Planck

    Smoker…creases, blackheads.

  21. Cool pursie

    @Italy, that is a cute purse. Where did you find a fakie? Is it real leather?

  22. the assman is not impressed. very plain.

  23. el ces

    Yeah! Titty!

  24. snore! white another white bitch with no ass.

  25. snore! another white bitch with no ass.

  26. snore! another white bitch with no ass.

  27. no thanks

    agreed assman

  28. Phil Latio

    Yeah she has nips, is good looking but the wide hips she has,that will surely get bigger are a turn-off. But I would happily give her a rim job if needed…

  29. Italy

    #22 -

    Sorry, my phony purse is made of plastic just like hers, and I bought it off some African immigrants in Venice, Italy, for 15 euros about $20USD. They had hundred of them and in a lot of different colors. Too bad I didn’t buy more or I would sell you one.

  30. sasha

    did anyone notice that his shoulder is photoshopped or something in picture 6?

  31. gigi

    what? it must be a chick thing then — the second I saw Blake the first time ever I immediately thought “I’d so make out with her!” and I’m straight! it’s just a quality she has… her skin maybe? hair? don’t even know… and now her little chichi’s are so cute! ::sigh::

  32. Blake Lively taking a break from filming Gossip Girl – is there any braek in the gossip life?

  33. gia

    ugh she does look super greasy. i think shes fugly

  34. Lucy

    She really needs to wash her hair!

  35. grilli

    amor!!! te daria leche todo el dia!!!!

  36. @7 & 12:

    You know what they say about a man with small hands…

    …small gloves.

  37. those are some nice patties!

  38. those are some nice patties!

  39. Nice Patties!

  40. Dinosaur

    Cracking girl, and those nips are what I like …latch on to those puppies!

  41. lol


    that retarded comment about “ew she has wide hips” is about as ignorant as commenting on a dude’s pic and saying “ew he has wide shoulders”.

    women are built to have wideer ‘hips’ for a reason, it’s called childbirth. inf act, that is how you managed to not end up as a greasy stain on the mattress and instead were squirted out via hips such as those therefore enabling you to come here to this site 16 years later and make such a turdy comment, sucker.

  42. Is she pregnant? It seems so!!!

  43. Kkb

    Who is this cunt, and why do I care?

  44. Michael

    She has nipples….. unfortunately she still has her hideous face.

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