Blake Lively has big nipples

September 15th, 2009 // 77 Comments

Here’s Blake Lively at the US Open on Sunday sporting what appears to be a mild case of puffy nipples. Which is cool, I’m not particular about female nips. Just as long as they’re not hairy or attached to a very believable looking transvestite after I’ve had 80 beers.


  1. ROUGH daddy

    God I am so gullible! I think I got it now. Who ever is peddling these nipple products, are starting rumors about celebs wearing fake nipples. What other explanation could it be? (I don’t see this Lively broad shuffling around with some rubber apparatus all day to impress someone she already got)

    They should go on Shark Tank and pitch the product…enjoyable show, Mark Burnett done it again…

  2. nipples look very sexy..

  3. IKE

    Why doesn’t old man Hugh do us a favor and chase her down for Playboy?! I’d love to those bad boys without the shirt in the way.

    @ “8. farles chew,” I’m with you on that one. You can’t find them just anywhere.

  4. yawn

    aniston didnt wear nipple bras.. she has crazy assed nipples.. it has been joked amongst the crew how hard and big her nipples were.. everyone knew.. and had to remind her to double up on whatever to hide them…

    maybe these are fake nipples or whatever.. but aniston’s are def not.

    and who cares they are hot…

  5. Kanye the Interruptor

    I call these A.N.J.
    Alien Nipple’d J______.
    Named posthumously after a girl I once dualed. (t9)

    [That's the name of a horse I used to own, ma'am. What's the matter with you?]

  6. Darth

    She looks a bit bored in pic 9.She should get some of that vitamin rich water too.

  7. Rhialto

    Her BF is getting an energy boost after pic 9.Do you notice?

  8. Hard nipples, yes

    A common procedure (in Hollywood) is to ice the nipple when they are taking a picture and want a desired effect.

  9. Gando

    It dropped right away to his loins.What did he exactly drink?

  10. Nero

    What’s the name of that drink!??

  11. Matt Murdoch

    Looks like she’d have bad breath.

  12. gotmilk?

    29, i see none of those things. what pictures are you looking at exactly?

  13. yowillie

    Yes she does….

  14. wag

    They’re sewn into the top. I’ve got them to make my man boobs look more appealing in a tight top.

    Who is she anyway?

  15. jily

    She is hot, just saw her profile on—–—–so many hot pictures about her are shown there, she is enjoying hot dating there? I even can’t believe it.

  16. spicy ole

    i always wonder if her boobs are fake or real. if they are real she should expose them naked because jesus she has the best tits ever. maybe it has to do with her height.

  17. laloca89

    What is up with celebs going out without wearing bras?!?! seriously….its only gonna take you 3 seconds!

  18. Rei Imnc

    Gezz … girls nipples aren’t erect 24/7.

  19. Kristen

    I can’t stand that fucking thing on her face.

  20. It’s not that bad!

  21. Turd the third

    I’d like to put some nipple clips and chains on those and see how they really perform. They seem to be mildly athletic.

  22. What strange thing in this photo-_?

  23. ram

    Wow she is looking really an awesome, i really like all this pics.. She has got really a great figure..

  24. Seems we need to go to other countries to find some beauty. Maybe some universities, also.I’m not particular about female nips. Just as long as they’re not hairy or attached to a very believable looking transvestite after I’ve had 80 beers.

  25. Somewhere, Mena Suvari is smiling gracefully.

  26. She has got really a great figure..

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