Blake Lively has big nipples

September 15th, 2009 // 77 Comments

Here’s Blake Lively at the US Open on Sunday sporting what appears to be a mild case of puffy nipples. Which is cool, I’m not particular about female nips. Just as long as they’re not hairy or attached to a very believable looking transvestite after I’ve had 80 beers.


  1. jeff

    Frist bitches!

  2. photog321

    Best boobs in show biz.

  3. fearsarewishes

    Her nipples are evident under that shirt.


    sup big nips.

  5. havoc

    Lively nipples…..


  6. Maybe she should consider a bra next time.

  7. Valerie

    They’re not THAT big. She should have her upper body artistically painted and go around topless at some event, drop da bomb, make herself stand out. Why not? That shit is dope!

  8. farles chew

    Let’s face it boys: we like the nips, but puffy ones are the Holy Grail of titties.

  9. Not big just puffy.

  10. LOLWUT

    Id hit it. BTW who the hell is this?

  11. Crusty

    Awh, to be in New York now that the temperature is starting to drop..

  12. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Those are lovely puffies. Her bf looks totally uninterested in PDA…WTF?

  13. richard prickier

    It must be a bit nippy outside

  14. LOLWUT

    Id hit it. BTW who is this?

  15. Guest

    Why does she always have that scrunched up face look? Her eyebrows
    are always like down in the middle. She’s so boring.

  16. Randal(l)

    who is his lady, and why am I already beating off to her pictures?


  17. ROUGH daddy

    Lordy! those areolas probably left an imprint mark on that shirt…

  18. Stephanie

    Yeah, those aren’t her actual nipples. They’re fake….I know becuase I have them. They’re basically these rubber nipples that were first seen on sex and the city, and the the idea is that you’re supposed to put them in a thin bra , and then you can just see the nipple poking through the shirt….Jennifer Aniston does it all the time. Here, it’s clear that Blake put them on the outside of the bra, trying to use it as a suction cup….that’s why they look puffy. They didn’t clamp on. sorry to ruin it!

  19. el ces

    She looks bored.

  20. ROUGH daddy

    You and Aniston are on the Prowl shes not…look to her left…

  21. Hortence

    @ 18. You need fake nipples? What are you 12?

  22. Ortal

    I’m now 100% sure that those aew 100% fake. Nice job, though.

  23. Ortal

    I’m now 100% sure that those are 100% fake. Nice job, though.

  24. David

    Wow.. she looked pretty ok in Accepted… she looks like shit now. What happened?

  25. She does not seem particularly interested in watching the match…

  26. blergh

    I think they’re real. Seriously that’s what boobs look like when its not freezing.

    PS. I dunno if I’d want Jennifer Aniston to be the advocate of the nipple bra thing….I remember watching Friends and thinking she was just lazy.

  27. Anexio

    Hair like straw, arms like toothpicks, fat gut, open running sores on her face and boyfriend that looks like the smells farts for a living, who cares if she has nice nipples?

    Jesus, she’s friggin’ gross.


  28. pawissa

    oh yeah these are totally fake, i have implants and have identical shaped breasts and nips. but puffy nipples are also due to an uncommon breast shape called tubular breasts…but they are not cute. g00gle it betch.

  29. pawissa

    i googled it for you. here is a really extreme case of tubular breasts. total Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. pawissa

    i googled it for you. here is a really extreme case of tubular breasts. total Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. gil

    fuckin’ HAWT
    fuckin’ HAWT
    fuckin’ HAWT
    fuckin’ HAWT
    fuckin’ HAWT
    fuckin’ HAWT
    fuckin’ HAWT
    fuckin’ HAWT
    fuckin’ HAWT

  32. Urbanspaceman

    #15: Maybe that look is simply her reaction to not being able to go anywhere in public without being photographed.

  33. kingofbeer

    puffy is teh win!!!!

  34. Simon

    Its a bit ‘pearl harbour’ clearly…

  35. MoreInterestedInHerWardrobeSelection

    Who goes to the US Open dressed like this? She looks like she just came from the bar and didn’t go home first to shower or change.

  36. S

    She’s on that CW show “Gossip Girl”.. and she definitely got a boob job.. they’re strangely round n plastic even on the show

  37. iamsofool925

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  38. Abdul Kalib

    YAWN! At least we both agree!! That homo she’s with looks thrilled!! Jason Lively has more talent than that pig! Her bfriend is a total cu(( swallower!

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  40. clpierced

    wtf? i love her on gossip girls! but seriously blake work your stomach out! im sorry please dont cry, but for real your really pretty and you need a rocking bod. and sorry but your nipples are a little bit bigger than average. but nothing too gross, so we can still get drinks :) and dont bring your ugly boyfriend, he looks like a fag, no offense :)

  41. Rasputins Liver



    ……………….puffy nipples on natural decent sized breasts.

    No pre-fabbed Pam Anderson/Jordan type over-sized milk bags.

    Jez nice, natchul boobies!……..YeeeeeeeeeeeUMMMM!

    Damn!…….Doesn’t get any better’n that, man.


  42. HAHHA i think # 42 has NEVER seen real boobs, prob just the ones on porn stars?
    you guys need to go out, and get with a few women, then youll see…. that they dont have inflated boobs with boy nipples.

  43. Delgo

    Somewhere, Mena Suvari is smiling gracefully.

  44. John

    Wow!! A vaguely pretty girl! And u tards and this site get all jacked up. Losers!

  45. John Walters

    Ohh Yippie! Nips from a semi-pretty chick.! U’r losers if u think this is hot, along with Mr. Superficial! Although, I know why its here….to get a response..And like I said, you’re all LOSERS!

  46. Bigo

    Kanye called her and said: “I’m a let you finish watch the match in a minute, but Beyonce has the best nipples of the decade.”

  47. chas

    She has erect nipples, not big. They look nice size (little bigger than a .25 cent piece). Lets see breast pics. Her breasts look nice, no bra needed. The guy obviously turns her on, seeing as she is kissing him and her nipples are getting erect.

  48. Oh number 18 Stefanie, didn’t it occur to you what this girl is gonna look like in her 40′s, even with help? Another big faced person… just like Angelina Jolie, SJP, Tori Spelling and who did I leave out? Heidi Montag? When is HW gonna be back to the Vivienne Leighs, Grace Kellys, Gene Tierneys and Liz Taylors of the world?

    No wonder Rumer Willis feels comfy blasting ahead with a career! Look at the big faced dogs like Jennifer Aniston making it big! Seems we need to go to other countries to find some beauty. Maybe some universities, also.

    So sick of HW trying to stick the Plain Janes like Gwyneth Paltrow down our throats when our ancestors didn’t have to settle for this crap.

    I thought being in HW meant you had to be special?

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