Blake Shelton is Sexiest Man at the Truck Stop at Most

When PEOPLE named Blake Shelton as 2017’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ Blake himself said “y’all must be running out of people.” I think what he meant to say was, “y’all must have a really good deal worked out with my publicist.” Regardless of whether or not you see this as the completely arbitrary superlative that it is, people on Twitter are (surprise surprise!) shook to the core.

A far departure from last year’s winner, Dwayne Johnson, Blake Shelton prides himself on having man tits and surviving off of jalapeño poppers and Mountain Dew. He also talks like a guy who finds “the google” to be confusing to use. People find that being an idiot is endearing though, so I guess some are happy about this… not many though.

Let’s check in around the web with some folks that aren’t having any of this shit (while I go take one).

It should be noted that up until last year, every ‘SMA’ has been a white dude. Blake Shelton is by far the whitest and Richard Gere is on this list.

Oh he was racist once too, but nobody cares now because he’s on The Voice. Everybody gets a second chance when people don’t feel like thinking!

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