Blake Shelton Is Sorry He Got Caught Writing Racist Tweets

Over the weekend, the internet dug up evidence that Blake Shelton is almost definitely a Trump voter after unearthing a series of racist, homophobic tweets from 2011. (Not to mention, all the stuff about banging an underage Dakota Fanning.) Now, if you’re an idiot, you wrote this off as something that only “ultra-PC libtards” will care about, while the rest of us acknowledged it as the highlighting of a turd-awful human being who just put his career in some shit. Which is exactly what happened because The Voice is already cracking down on outlets covering the tweets. Via Page Six:

After social-media mavens managed to dig up the offending messages — which were posted between 2010 and 2011, before Shelton became a household name — we’re told that publicists for the NBC talent show called at least one major media outlet and threatened to cut off access to the show’s stars, and tapings, if it continued to cover the kerfuffle.
Sure enough, while links to stories about the fan backlash and his family’s reaction can still be found on a certain entertainment news site, by Tuesday they led to blank pages.

Blake Shelton has since issued a statement where he tries to pretend he’s just a wise-cracking’ country singer, y’all. He loves everybody! (Unless you’re Muslim or a homosexual wearing Chuck Taylor’s.)

As Lainey Gossip points out, this apology probably won’t do much because the anti-PC crowd that makes up Blake’s fanbase are just going to call him a pussy, and anyone with a brain can see it as an obvious, insincere PR move. That said, making signs that say “GIVE US GWEN STEFANI OR DIE” is probably the wrong response, too, so I know don’t why I made these. There’s glitter everywhere now.

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