Blake Lively’s Cleavage And These Other People At The MET Gala

Photo Boy | May 7, 2013 - 3:00 pm

Posted by Photo Boy

So here’s everyone else at last night’s MET Gala, which was supposed to have something to do with punk rock, but I didn’t see Avril Lavigne there, so that can’t be right. *dodges broken bottles* I guess the point of this event is to raise a shit-ton of money and showcase high fashion, so clearly the perspective of a blogger’s assistant wearing fleece pants is the most suitable. There’s a subtle theme here on who made the cut into this gallery and it’s “Boobies! or GAH!” Next year’s event will be even edgier when fifty grand a plate buys celebs the privilege of wearing Phase Two-themed couture. The kids just can’t stop texting about it!

Photo: Getty