Blake Lively’s Breasts Went to Comic-Con

July 26th, 2010 // 52 Comments

I don’t know who exactly’s in charge of security at Comic-Con, but I guarantee my first reaction to seeing Blake Lively arrive would be “Are you fucking kidding me with those things? It’ll be like Auschwitz with boners in there.” That being said, let the record clearly state that the list of things I’d put inside her makes Green Lantern’s power ring look like a queer piece of jewelry that defends the entire galaxy.

POWER RING: “A sweet space condom that doesn’t feel like a condom and makes my shit all huge.” What does that even mean?
HAL JORDAN: Just do it!

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  1. timmy the dying boy


    Ho hum.

  2. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
    i think
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    she is not fit

  3. manny

    what is your obsession with this chick and her b cups?

  4. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    She looks great!!!

  5. sean

    She shouldn’t be showing so much of her breasts in public. Modesty becomes a woman, and would actually make a man desire her more as well as respect her.

  6. captain america

    this is her way to attract PRUDISH AMERICA, folks!!

  7. Not so good

    Can we say YUCK?

    (and before anyone makes a comment….yes I do own a penis and 2 working testis they aren’t attached to me, but I do own them)

  8. Cassie

    Her face is nasty, that is why she has to show those twins off, she has absolutely nothing else to offer society.

  9. Dank

    I dont know whats so great about them. They’re the most obvious bolt-ons i’ve ever seen.

  10. Dank

    And i know i’ve said this before but i could drive a truck through that valley she calls cleavage.

  11. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    is that nipple? nom

  12. They Call Me The Butthole Kid

    I want to titty fuck those things so bad.

  13. PtC

    It almost looks like she has some nip slippage going on in a few pics. Either that or she has strange coloration on her skin. Perhaps it’s just a weird shadow from the odd shirt she has on.

  14. eat the rich!

    another useless whore…….

  15. cant believe nerd-fest is so big it’s on tv now. they had live coverage on G4 the other day.

  16. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    I really don’t think her breasts look nice..they don’t appear to have any natural softness to then and natural breasts don’t sit that high up and bolted on without a bra…although I do think she’s naturally pretty and shouldn’t have gotten the breast enhancement.

  17. Dank

    Fuck you and your fucking spam.

  18. SATAN

    This chick is so overrated by the writer of this site. She’s a 5 at best and her tits do nothing for me.

  19. Did any of these nerds even hear a word she said or did all of their pants explode when she walked on stage?

  20. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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  21. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
    Harry Doyle
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    uh, ya

  22. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    FIRST.. is that a nipple?

  23. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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  24. Nique

    Trying way too hard. She is a pretty girl but she just lost my respect for doing the obvious.

  25. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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  26. Ron Burgandy's Ballsack

    Definitely worthy of a glaze.

  27. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    Massively overrated.

  28. Stinkbomb

    Massively overrated white hole.

  29. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    Blake Lively is a dream goddess. So hot. Never stop posting pics of this gorgeous specimen.

  30. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    she is smoking hot

  31. Liam_A

    Is it just me of have fish’s comments been making ZERO sense lately?
    I reread this post two or three times just trying to understand what the hell any of that shit meant.

    I gave up because I figured Blake Lively’s not pretty enough for me to care anyways

  32. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    HEEEELLOOOO…..come on out and play!!!! Those look like some sweet & tasty titties!!

  33. LuvdaBoobies

    Not a fan of this bitch at all….but have to give it to her in these pictures. Those are some incredible looking titties in these pictures!!

  34. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    man face

  35. Truf

    Hey retards, this isn’t Blake Lively, It’s Anna Torv from the show Fringe. You guys are a bunch of idiots.

  36. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    they are weird, they are kind of large but they have no depth… i’m not being ironic or anything and i’m not refering to her but her breasts… but i speak spanish and i don’t know if anyone gets what i mean

  37. Just A Horny Dude

    Her tits look so weird. What is with these actresses and fake tits that sit like oranges on their chests? No natural shape or drop or bounce. Not beautiful at all. Dumb fucking bitch.

  38. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    brody jenner! blake lively! nice tits

  39. Blake Lively at Comic-Con
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    hmm, the bag strap of the chick behind, and lively’s bangles kinda make it look like she’s being dragged by a chain. hawt.

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