1. CuntyChops


  2. Frog

    What is this douchebaggery?

  3. overandoveragain

    yea but how many times does he have to hear her call him Dan while they’re having sex

  4. LMHR

    Could his shoes BE any more disproportionately large?!

  5. Andrew

    Denis shorts, eh? I believe I’m still in 1987.

  6. MadPhenom

    Jhorts? really? he is pulling that wool with NB tennies, black no-see-um socks, keys on a chain clip, and freakin’ jean shorts? sick.

    p.s. blake is smoking.

  7. RJ

    a) Her arms are as big as his
    b) It’s blatantly obvious they know they’re having their picture taken. I’m so sick of two bit talentless fame whores

  8. Patty

    He looks like he’s gonna be bald and ugly in a few years.

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