Blake Lively’s Boyfriend Thinks He’s So Tough…

July 13th, 2010 // 28 Comments

Here’s Blake Lively walking around New York today with her boyfriend/Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley who felt the need to grope her ass then smile directly at mespecifically me – to rub it my face. So maybe he’s on a network TV show and appears to be in prime physical shape. I write dick jokes on a website that I could easily make Blake Lively the face of instead of these suckers only to get sued for misappropriating her likeness to promote a product without her explicit endorsement. BOOM!

(Didn’t mean to make all you ladies moist just then, but sometimes a man has to put his cards on the table.)

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  1. CuntyChops
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  2. BFD. He knows he is being photographed. Any Randal can grab some ass…

  3. Randal(l)

    if he was a real man he would have gone knuckle deep


  4. What the fuck is a Penn Badgley?

  5. RoboZombie

    Blech! They are both ugly.

  6. Frog
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    What is this douchebaggery?

  7. Gary Coleman

    Hey, who let the kid from “The O.C.” out of his cage?

  8. Frog

    What is this douchebaggery?

  9. Sir Nigel Wigglesworth
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    This fucking asshat has telephone pole legs and straw arms. He’s supposed to be in “prime physical shape”? Compared to what? A sea lion?

  10. Sir Nigel Wigglesworth

    This ass-hat has telephone pole legs and little soda straw arms. He’s supposed to be in “prime physical shape”? Compared to what? A sea lion?

    • Cock Dr

      All women do not necessarily want barrel chested Neanderthals.

      For god’s sake it looks as if he just rolled out of bed. I know it’s summer & it’s hot, but can’t you find a shirt to wear that isn’t torn?

  11. overandoveragain
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    yea but how many times does he have to hear her call him Dan while they’re having sex

  12. Rennie

    Well pro-top most girls like em skinny but toned these days, not huge steroided beasts like Conan the Barbarian. So he does have the ideal body and a cute face. You’ll notice most Hollywood chicks looks like they can benchpress their boyfriends LOL, so if you want to get some go on a diet and suck In your cheekbones.

  13. Nerdbater
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    why is he dressed like a hobo…i dont get celebrities sometimes

  14. Alicia
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    Wait, do you actually take these photos?

  15. LMHR
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    Could his shoes BE any more disproportionately large?!

  16. Andrew
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    Denis shorts, eh? I believe I’m still in 1987.

  17. darksideewok

    yeah atleast ur not wearing jorts in public (jean shorts)

  18. MadPhenom
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    Jhorts? really? he is pulling that wool with NB tennies, black no-see-um socks, keys on a chain clip, and freakin’ jean shorts? sick.

    p.s. blake is smoking.

  19. adudu
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  20. RJ
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    a) Her arms are as big as his
    b) It’s blatantly obvious they know they’re having their picture taken. I’m so sick of two bit talentless fame whores

  21. sunnystars

    elllos son muy encantadores no meperdi ni’ una temporada de gossip girls!!los mejores!!akakajkaka

  22. Patty
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    He looks like he’s gonna be bald and ugly in a few years.

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