Blake Lively Seems Terrible To Marry Is How I’m Going To Read This So I Don’t Kill Myself

If you hadn’t read by now, Martha Stewart helped plan Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ wedding, except it turns out Blake Lively also had eight million details for this thing which makes her seem like a real pain in the ass to marry with awesome breasts that wouldn’t make up for all that, right? (Nod in agreement or die.) People reports:

“She had pages and pages of pictures. She knew everything that she wanted from the very beginning to the very end,” wedding planner Tara Guérard told PEOPLE Monday at the Martha Stewart Weddings Bridal Fashion Week party in New York.
“The problem was she had 250 photos, and she wanted all those elements in her wedding,” Guérard added.

And what were some of those elements? Flowers for the dogs, of course:

[Martha] Stewart said her favorite part of the wedding involved the couple’s dogs, but was coy about what role they played. Guérard likewise was reluctant to give details, but revealed: “I did do some flowers for the dogs.”

Haha, wow, Ryan Reynolds, you just made a huge mistake. I can’t even imagine how bad you’re regretting all this right now, just regretting it so hard. But since I’m a pal, I know exactly what will cheer you up: A nice, friendly round of Hulk & Bubba: The Home Game. You be Bubba.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, Splash News, WENN